How to fake a thicker lash line


There are a few steps that I always take when I’m applying my makeup. For example, I always apply moisturizer but I only sometimes apply primer. I always curl my eyelashes but I only sometimes use lash fibers to add length.

Tightlining, or applying eyeliner as close as you can to the area that your lashes grow from, is now a daily staple in my routine. I never used to think about it, and occasionally I would get comments from readers suggesting that I do that because you could sometimes see a gap between my liner and my lashes. I have thin lashes, and I just didn’t “major” on that part of my makeup routine.

More recently, I’ve been liking the lighter look of just a dark or black eyeshadow as eyeliner versus a heavier line of a kohl pencil or gel eyeliner. But I was missing the definition for my lash line!

So my latest eyeliner routine is as follows.

  1. Wet an angled eyeshadow brush, press it into a dark shadow, and glide it across my lash line. It will dry a bit lighter, and I like to give it a good minute or so to dry.
  2. Pick up a gel or clay liner, I’ve been loving this one, and press it into the base of my lashes, from the top and the bottom. Don’t drag the brush! Just press it in. This will create a “line” from where your lashes grow, and ultimately fake the look of a thicker lash line.



I love the definition it gives without looking too heavy along my upper lash line.


Even on super light makeup days, I’ll use this trick for eyeliner and just swipe a little mascara on. It makes a huge difference to me and is a great trick to use this summer!

The gel eyeliner I used for this look is Tarteist Clay Paint Liner and I used this brush.

You can read more about another one of my favorite daily beauty products here and a drugstore lipstick option here!

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  1. Nancy says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    Ive been doing this for awhile now. Love it! Love your blog!
    By the way, love the top. Please tell us where to get one!

  2. Janna says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    I really like this look for an everyday daytime look! I live in Florida,so heat and humidity are always huge factors in my choices for makeup and hair -especially makeup. I’ve found liner placed tighter to my lash line wears a bit better for me.

  3. Melanie says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    PLEASE tell me what is on your lips – it’s perfection and I must have it! 🙂
    Thanks for posting everyday!!

    • Sue says
      Posted May 17, 2016

      Yes! I love the color. What is it.

  4. A New Old Fashioned Girl says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    I will have to try this today, eyeliner is my worst enemy when it comes to makeup, so I’m always looking for tips.
    Thanks for the help!

  5. Laurie D says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    Great advice! I’ll have to try this for sure. On another note that is completely unrelated… I was wondering if you’ve ever tried the Beachwaver curling iron. I would love to see a review or tutorial of it. I have one and LOVE it. It’s really user friendly. I just got the new one with the larger barrel because I love my other one so much. Anyhow, just my 2 cents!

  6. Posted May 17, 2016

    I have hooded eyelids, so tightlining (on the bottom only) has been the only way I can wear eyeliner without it looking too heavy. I’ve also recently discovered that the only way my lashes stay curled, is if I use waterproof mascara. I used to avoid it because it’s so hard to get off, but I recently discovered the Too Faced Mascara Melt Off, and it’s the ABSOLUTE BEST thing ever!

  7. anon says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    I was wondering what dark eyeshadow you used in this technique? It looks great!

  8. Dana Lindholm says
    Posted May 17, 2016


  9. izzy says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    my problem with tightlining is that a few hours in, the liner will smudge into the area under my eyes, giving me dark circles. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how my eyes are shaped?

    • Jamie says
      Posted May 17, 2016

      Same issue here! It’s difficult for me to find a mascara for this very reason, too!

      • Jess says
        Posted May 17, 2016

        I have that problem too but a couple things that helped me were: I don’t use any undereye cream when doing makeup-nothing even the slightest bit oily. I also don’t bring my concealer all the way up to my lower lash line, I leave the tiniest space. I also use Urban Decays waterproof mascara-it’s the only one that lasts all day without smudging-even other waterproof mascara runs on me.

  10. Kim says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    Looks great! Thanks for the tips!

    Kim .. Summer Road Trip ESSENTIALS!

  11. Posted May 17, 2016

    Such good tips, I always tight line my lash line due to having really short lashes, but will definitely try out the eyeliner trick.

  12. Jabeen says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    This is a great tutorial! Thanks 🙂
    Jabeen x

  13. Tami says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    Nothing to do with eyeliner…but equally important… On Snapchat you wanted some healthy meal ideas. I have one! I dump raw spinach on a plate and top with a little orzo and some grilled salmon. Dress it with a vinegrette and a bit of shaved parm cheese. Easy! And my kids love eating orzo pasta with a shake of grated parm on it with some crunchy veggies and fruit for lunch. This is my go to Kate. Good luck with your meal tracking! I’m rooting for you!

  14. Kristi says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    It’s amazing what a difference it makes!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  15. Ashley says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    THE TOP!!! WHERE OH WHERE did you find it?? LOVE LOVE LOVE

  16. Rhonda says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    I really want your shirt! Where is it from?

  17. Jamie says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    Your top! Please reply!

    • Ashley says
      Posted May 18, 2016

      yes yes yes…. please tell us!!

  18. Courtney says
    Posted May 17, 2016

    What’s on your nails?? They’re beautiful!

  19. Bridget says
    Posted May 18, 2016

    What do you use for a face primer? What are your favorites?

  20. Susan says
    Posted May 18, 2016

    Lovely look for Spring & Summer!

  21. Barbara says
    Posted May 18, 2016

    Another great tip i recvd from both Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy reps is to put the gel liner under the eyelash – inside water line on top lid. This works great to add volume also!

  22. Sara says
    Posted May 26, 2016

    Where is that adorable top from?

  23. Kirsty Zielke says
    Posted August 8, 2016

    Hi Kate,

    what nailcolour are you wearing on the picture?

    Thanks in advance

    Best wishes from Berlin (Germany)