Half Halo Braids Hair Tutorial


View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today! Not only is it for a highly requested style (originally seen here!) but I asked my dear friend Jordan to help me shoot it so I can offer you multiple angles of what I’m working on!

There are a few irons we need to wrinkle out, or maybe I should say frizz we need to smooth out ::wink wink::, as far as lighting goes, but I really hope this method will help make my tutorials even easier to learn from.

She also shot the final look photos which is why they look so dang good. She’s just the BEST.

*in order to get the look of the braid being on top of the hair, do a dutch braid!

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things__

partial video work and all photos by Jordan Maunder


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  1. Leslie Smith says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    Hi Kate. Long time reader. First time commenter. I loved your snazzy make-up makeover with Maskara a few weeks ago. Was wondering if you’ve ever considered doing a make-over on one of your readers? I would love to have you work your magic on my hair and face. I live less than 2 hours from you, so if you ever get the notion to make someone over, this 38 year old SAHM of 2 would love to be your subject!

  2. Posted July 6, 2015

    Wow, Kate! This is such a pretty look! Thanks for the tutorial… this looks like something I can manage.
    Hope you have a great week!
    The Busy Brunette

  3. Katrina says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    Oh!!! I love it! I know how I’m doing my hair today 😀
    Thanks so much Kate, I’m a long time follower and have always loved your hair tutorials!!!


  4. Hali says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    I know you love the Diana bobby pins but are you using the regular or blonde ones? I want to try the blonde ones but I’m not sure how they compare to plain bronze.

  5. Posted July 6, 2015

    Such a pretty style – might have a go later! Thanks for the tutorial 🙂


  6. natalie says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    I didn’t quite catch the name of your texturizing spray. Can you put up a link?

  7. Kristen says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    I love your top, where is it from?

    • Meredith says
      Posted July 6, 2015

      Seconded! It’s so simple but pretty

      • Amy says
        Posted July 18, 2015

        I, too, love this top! Has a response been given that I am just not seeing yet? I have a couple tops similar but in dark colors.

  8. Anna says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    I would love to see a tutorial for styling straight hair! 🙂

    • Julia says
      Posted July 9, 2015

      Yes! My hair is SO strait and fine. I love these soft, romantic looks, but I tried this one this morning and my hair just doesn’t have the volume for it. I ended up with two limp little braids :(. Smooth&sleek styles work much better for me–I’d love to see some ideas!

  9. Rachel says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    I second the idea of doing makeovers on the regular. You could show how certain products amp up a hairstyle, show the same style but with different hair textures, etc. I’m not sure how that would work out with your liability/business model, but it could generate content. I love how somethings have stayed the same since the beginning your blog, but that you have evolved as well! Love your blog!

  10. evelina says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    This is such a pretty hair-do! I do it fairly often but will now try to ad aside piece with a bobby pin. Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

  11. Jilisa says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    Love all your tutorials! I have been following for a while but this is the first time I have commented. Just wondering where you can purchase the AMika texture spray? I am a licence hair stylist as well and live in Canada. Tha kyou for your time. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Nicole says
      Posted July 6, 2015

      You can get the Amika spray on Amazon!

  12. Nicole says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    Hello! I love your tutorials!! Quick question, are you doing a standard braid or is it a Dutch braid? It looked more like a Dutch to me, but you began by saying it was a standard French braid. Thanks for always having fresh new hairstyles to share!

    • Kate says
      Posted July 7, 2015

      It’s a dutch braid (I noted that in the text!), I just misspoke!

      • Nicole says
        Posted July 7, 2015

        Great. Thanks!

  13. Posted July 7, 2015

    Gorgeous! I’m terrible at braiding though 🙁

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  14. Teresa Murray says
    Posted July 7, 2015

    Hi Kate! I have followed your blog for a year now and really enjoy it! I am a mom with teenage daughters and I am grateful that you are a good role model of a young woman who delights in being feminine, a wife and mom. You present yourself with dignity and grace and make everything fun! Thanks for “elevating” womanhood with goodness! Hope this encourages you!

  15. TAF says
    Posted July 7, 2015

    Really appreciated the tip about holding hair you don’t want included in the braid. I always seem to pick up more and didn’t think of this quick tip. Also like the technique on hiding the bobby pins. I’m not a fan of having them show.
    Great to see the hair tutorials – a reason I started following you!

  16. Posted July 7, 2015

    Loved this tutorial! Thanks for doing it. You always make everything look so easy. I’ll go home and try something you do, and it always looks better on you 🙂 Especially when it comes to placing bobby pins, I’m the worst! But after watching this I went out and bought the texture spray, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 Can’t wait to get it!

  17. Heather says
    Posted July 7, 2015

    Pretty! I love your hair tutorials. I learned so much.

    I know you got this question last time but did your hair fall out after having Luke? My daughter is a month older than your little baby and my hair is falling out in great clumps. It looks so bad. My hairdresser showed me all of the new baby hairs that are growing back in so I look both bald and frizzy. What can help mask that?

  18. Meg says
    Posted July 7, 2015

    Loving this tutorial!! They are the reason I come to the blog. I have a wedding next weekend and I definitely think I will try this. I will be sure to hashtag it so you can see. I have to work on the relaxing the braid part, my first go at it did not quite look like yours. http://mymonochromaticlife.com

  19. misti says
    Posted July 8, 2015

    Hi Kate! I’ve been watching you for several years now and love your tutorials. Could you do a tutorial on your color process. I’m wanting to show my stylist how to achieve your look!!

  20. Claudia says
    Posted July 9, 2015

    Great video! I watched and tried it 2 nights ago, and made it again yesterdaymorning for a wedding. Last night I kept the litthe braids but got all the bobbypins out, and this morning I did a quick comb trough and pinned it all back again. Another day of great hair!

    Only thing is my straight hair, I did have to curl my hair for it to hang nicely. But my hair doesn’t hold curl/texture/anything very good. Nevertheless, this is a great hairstyle!

  21. Danyelle says
    Posted July 11, 2015

    Hi Kate! I’m in the Raleigh area, and was wondering if you had any hair dresser recommendations? Thanks!

  22. sharon says
    Posted July 12, 2015

    hi kate,
    I was wondering now that your hair is longer can u do more tutorials on the longer layers. I can’t get any volume on top and in the back because my layers are so long but I don’t want to loose any length. any suggestions?

  23. Posted July 15, 2015

    I tend to steer towards basic hairstyles; either worn natural and down or natural and in a ponytail. Here and there I may give it a blow dry or maybe even curl it, but I like to be “no fuss”. However, I have been in love with braids, twists, and all of that lately. This is right up my alley! So pretty and if all goes well, I will love it just as much as you do. Thanks for sharing!