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I’ve mentioned this a time or two on the blog, but have you heard that scent and memory are closely tied together?

I started wearing a new perfume on my wedding day, and wore it for a few weeks afterwards, but then stopped. Now, whenever I smell that scent, I’m brought right back to my wedding. It’s a really sweet memory.

Because I enjoy tying scent to memory so much, I almost want to start wearing new perfumes at ever milestone that David has. I wore a certain robe when he was a tiny newborn, and even though he’s only 4 months old, whenever I put that robe on I’m brought right back to holding his tiny body.
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I tend to lean towards soft, fruity scents when I’m looking for perfumes, but the Pear and Pink Magnolia scent from Crabtree & Evelyn is a beautiful mixture of fruitiness and floral. It actually reminded me of my mom when I smelled it. She always has the best perfumes. 

Crabtree & Evelyn is kindly giving away a prize of a body wash, body lotion, body soufflé, and Eau de Toilette in the Pear and Pink Magnolia scent to one lucky winner! Enter using the giveaway tool below! The prize is valued at $105.00.

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    Also – I know David will appreciate the scent of his mommy when he gets bigger so keep up with your idea! I broke out a lotion the other day that I had not worn in years (like 4 years) and when my 5 year old son was hugging me goodbye for school he said “ooooo you smell like when I was a teeny baby!” it really shocked me because I had not worn the lotion in years! And my mom wears one of my robes when she comes to spend time at our house and when she leaves he sleeps with the robe wrapped around him so he can smell like her. (sounds weird when you say it out loud…)
    Motherhood is wonderful and I am glad you are getting to experience it, too!

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    I am getting married this weekend and I totally stole your “wedding perfume” idea! I’ve been wearing it for wedding “events” like my shower and dress shopping, too. Thanks for a beautiful suggestion!

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    Hi Kate, I’m getting married this summer and have already bought my “wedding perfume”. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I can’t wait to wear it. I’m saving it for The Big Day.

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    My husband bought me perfume for a wedding gift and now I only wear it for special occasions. Every time I wear it I immediately feel butterflies like I did right before I walked down the aisle.

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    …And speaking of “mom” smells….my mother always wore White Shoulders and I can smell it and think of her to this day (and she passed away about 20 years ago!)

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