High Five for Friday

It’s been a lovely week. I’ve been home in Illinois since Monday and cannot believe it’s already Friday. I thought this week may feel long, but it has flown by. David has done great, especially given all the visiting and driving we did. 

Here are my top 5 moments of the week! 

1. My husband and I had a little “date night at a wedding” last weekend. My friend Allyson tied the knot and Justin and I had the pleasure of seeing her walk down the aisle. I’m not lying when I say that I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride, nor a bride that beamed with as much joy as Allyson did. It was truly a sight to behold.

 2. My sister wanted to go a little bit more ombre, so we lightened her ends last night. It was good to be behind the chair again. A part of me misses doing hair regularly, but I wouldn’t trade staying home with David for anything. I’m so grateful to have that opportunity. And it’s fun to do a little hair on the side!

3. I have been dying to give Pure Barre a try for years. I had a client that always sang it’s praises but I never made it over to a studio. While I was home, I saw a Pure Barre nearby my parents and talked my sister into going with me. Let me tell you, that was an intense work out but I loved it. I’m in terrible shape,  and it kicked my butt, but I felt like I could do just about everything. I’ve been sore in places I didn’t know I could get sore in. And ab work-outs post c-section? Those are pretty much impossible.

I’ve already signed up for another class. I really enjoyed it and loved feeling sore afterwards!

4. David and I are flying solo today, and I hope it goes as smoothly as his last 3 flights went. It’s a good thing he’s cute, so when I ask for help I can just flash his face toward the person and say, “please?!”
I think David looks so much like my husband here

5. While I so enjoyed my week “on vacation” with my family, I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine. I’m also very excited for the 65 degree temps we are supposed to have next week in North Carolina. It snowed twice while I was in Illinois and that’s simply offensive.

Hope you had a good week! All these photos were pulled from my Instagram account in case you want to follow along.

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    You and your sister are just too cute! Thanks for always posting positive, uplifting and funny blogs (both of you). What a breath of fresh air! :)

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    I have been wanting to try pure barre forever but we dont have one here! I have been wondering if the videos are any good. Yay for date night!


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    Just cut my hair shorter — and so thankful for your blog because your hair always looks fab! Inspiration for sure. Pure Barre is so fun! 10 minutes in, I’m always wondering why I’m doing it, but so many people have great results from sticking to it! Have a great flight! And I’m looking forward to this warm weather, too!

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    So funny, I often see you in him, but you’re right, he definitely looks like Daddy, too! What a sweet boy. Good luck on that last flight home!

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    You looked so gorgeous for the wedding! Love that dress! I’m so happy to hear you had such a good week visiting back home. I hope you and sweet little David have a safe flight!

    xo Always, Abby

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    You are so gorgeous and your son is the cutest. I used to teach full-time but now I stay home with my son…a few times a month my mom watches my Ben so I can guest teach and it’s a great balance. Glad you were able to get back to work a little bit!

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    Hi Kate, I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog but I’ve been reading it about a year now, and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts. And more specifically to send compliments on your beautiful little guy! He is just the cutest little man! :)

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    I stayed home with my babies for a while too and have since started working one day a week behind the chair! I love it so much! My kids are home with my husband and they get their time and I get my adult time! Best decision I’ve ever made. I love love love your blog and am constantly sending my clients links to your tutorials!

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    I love love that you posted about Pure Barre! I’m in love with that work out! I’m also an instructor and see proof of results in women’s bodies everyday! I hope you continue to go :) The community of women and the work out is amazing! Your little guy is adorbs by the way!

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    I noticed in your pic with you and your husband that you weren’t wearing the necklace you’d picked out previously and I thought it was so perfect with the dress and shoes and was going to ask if you know where it’s from.

    P.S. I read your blog just about every day. I imagine you’re my pretty, hip friend and we chat each morning over coffee.

    P.S. 2 I have a blog, too, and try to post every day. I’ve created a little competition where I update mine then flip over to see if you’ve already updated yours. More often than not, you have. Well played, imaginary friend. Well played.

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    Do you mind sharing what colors you used on your sisters hair? She and I have very similar natural hair colors but I’m a little nervous about choosing a color! Thanks on advance!

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    I tried Pure Barre this past Sunday and I am still sore! I am so out of shape, but like you said, I loved the work out (after… not so much during).

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