The top 5 mistakes I’ve made as a Blogger (online class)

I’ve really learned so much about blogging in these past 2.5 years. Whenever I talk to someone who is interested in starting a blog, or growing their blog, these 5 mistakes I’ve made come to mind. I want to explain how to avoid them, and in turn, how to be a better blogger! 

I’ll cover sponsors, content, monetizing, editing and more.

I’m excited to be teaching another class on the Influence Network on Monday evening at 9p EST! This is an online class, meaning you can log in and watch from anywhere! If you haven’t attended a class before, basically after you sign up you’ll get an email with a link to view the class before it starts. You must have access to a computer with a fairly decent internet connection. You do NOT need a webcam. You will not be seen or heard during the class. You can interact with me via a chat box within the classroom.

There will be time at the end of the class for Q & A where we can discuss anything that was covered in the class.

If for any reason something comes up and you can’t make the class, you’ll get a recording of it that you can watch at a later date! 

For more information + where to sign up, click here!


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    Big Mistake: having loyal readership and mentioning a compelling topic, and then having the people who made you a successful blogger pay for it. I think it’s fair to ask people to pay for “what to do!” but…. it’s really tacky to ask someone to pay to listen to you talk about your mistakes, especially since there’s no way the gauge the quality or depth of your talk. Count me out.

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      Don’t listen to this person, Kate. You are teaching a CLASS. Is a college class free? No. Then this class shouldn’t either. This is just a post to let your readers know, if they are interested, they can join the class.
      Everyone who loyally reads anything you write or has watched any type of video you have done knows the quailty will be amazing and it will definitely be worth it.

      Love everything you do!

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      Sew, I can appreciate that you have your own opinions about offering a class that attendee’s pay for. I’m also glad that you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts in the comments of this post. While I do think charging $10 for a class is a relatively nominal fee, it seems that you find that to be quite outrageous.
      I offer free content on my blog daily. I even offer “live blog chats” that are free to anyone who wants to watch. I’m not saying these things to “justify” this class, but simply to remind you that the main/typical content of this blog is free.
      This class is taking up extra prep time, and I’m grateful to be compensated for it. In addition to myself being compensated, the network on which the class will be hosted was not free, and there are certain bills/costs that need to be covered to offer said class.
      Again, I’m not trying to convince you to change your mind, I’m simply responding to your comment to give you more information.

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      Such a great response, Kate! It’s your time, and in a way, YOUR business. Love the blog, hope you make a little extra cash for some baby necessities with this class. I’m sure it’ll be helpful.

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    SEW, if I’m not mistaken, Kate’s target audience for this class is new or aspiring bloggers. It certainly doesn’t seem like she is trying to rip anyone off. I respect the fact that this is a business for her, and if she wants to charge for her expertise, then she has every right. MANY successful blog-based businesswomen charge for consultations/ webinars (Lara Casey and Emily Let are the first to come to mind). Let’s all agree that it’s great that the hair tutorials and such are all free…after all, THAT content is what made Kate a success.

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    I do love blogging tips–it would be especially nice to hear from you, Kate, given that you had over 18,000 followers (not sure where your follower widget went. . .but I still get the feed into Blogger anyway :) )!

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    Apologies Kate but I completely understand SEW’s comments. It’s very misleading to have titled this ‘Top 5 blogger mistakes’ which any aspiring blogger is desperate to find out, only to discover you have to pay to find them out. I completely understand your need to charge to cover resources and the time you have given up to write the post, but the title implied the answers would be in the post. It’s misleading and disappointing, and not at all how many of your readers would have thought you would behave.

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    Despite what others have said, I am very excited to attend your class! I have been a member of The Influence Network for few months now, a follower of your blog for over a year, and I have been waiting for you to teach another class! (I’m really hoping that maybe, just maybe, the Lord will provide a way to attend the conference!)

    You’re such an inspiration!

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      Thank you! “anonymous” brought up a valid point that I wish I had realized before I hit publish. Again, lessons learned.

      Hope to see you at the conference if you attend!

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    I think the comment is unnecessary and rude. Kate I think what you’re doing is amazing and personally for the amount of work that goes into it is, under priced! I have seen classes on blogging go for much more! I trust the content of the class without attending yet be uses of the reputable content on your blog. People just like to complain. Ignore them, you’re blog is amazing!

    Oh and congrats on find out your having a boy! I just had my first, a boy, 3 months ago!!!

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    Wow, what a great idea, I love learning from other’s mistakes 😉 and wow, I cant believe the mean things people feel free to write on-line…But as always Kate, you have handled the mean comment beautifully. I hope I would be able to do the same if someone left a comment like that on my blog! So now I’m learning from your good example as well! Off to find out the cost of the class, and to see if it would fit into my schedule! Hope you are having a great day!!

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    I have wanted to start a blog for awhile, but feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start and whose advice to follow….have you seen the number of people with ideas on blogging? I am quite interested to hear what you have to say. Considering what I am paying for college courses your fee is a steal! Thanks for sharing what you know.

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    SEW, I am curious to know if you work? If so, do you work for free? Or do you collect a paycheck at the end of the week? I find it hard to believe you have never once sought out compination in any way for your time and expertise. I’m guess you just have time and no expertise, which would explain your negative view of someone simply trying to make a living. My goodness it’s only $10.00. If you want, I’m happy to lend you a helping hand and send you sufficient funds…

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    woohoo! I’ve only been following your blog for a few months but I love it and love getting my email notification every day! :) I look forward to the class and thanks for offering it! I’ll gladly pay the 10 bucks

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    Hello Kate, I too am in love with your blog and am very excited for the class. I saw where it said in your post that if for some reason we cannot make the class on Aug 5th that we would receive a recording of it. Would this be via email? I just want to make sure that I can receive a recording of it because I have a meeting earlier that night that has the potential to run into the time of your online training and I don’t want to miss it! so if you could let me know about this that would be great.. and keep up the awesome work!

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    The only thing I am upset about is missing this class!!!! I am OBSESSED with Kate and love ALL that she shares with me :) Yes, ME! I feel like she is just teaching me and I get all the AWESOME wisdom from her :)

    Is there a way for me to buy this web class recording?

    Thank you for being wonderful YOU!

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    The links are mostly broken and I find myself completely disappointed that this class is no longer available. Count me in, Kate, if you should choose to teach another class in the future.


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