Casual Falling Braid Tutorial

I’ve been braiding like crazy these days. I think it’s a combination of “casual summer time” and getting my hair off my face in the heat. Either way, braids are cool and this style is much more simple than you may think.

All you need is a clear elastic or two, a few duckbill clips, and maybe a bobby pin or two for  any stray hairs.

dress: Gap Outlet


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    Love that! I love braiding my hair in the summer. I just think it’s an easy, simple, fresh looking hairstyle that I can throw together to run to the store and still look halfway put together.

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    LOVE it!! I am have been trying to braid my hair but it never turns out even close to that nice……practice, practice, practice I guess! Thanks for another great tutorial!
    ~ Kimberley

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    Love this look, especially because it will look great with my naturally curly hair. Thanks for sharing your skills with us :)

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    ok so it’s safe to say you have amazing hair. I mean you say differently but seriously….it’s the most cooperative hair I have ever seen

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    Hi Kate! Congrats to you and you husband on all the wonderful changes happening in your life! Could you do a tutorial on how to blow out your hair with a round brush? I know this may seem like a dumb/simple tutorial, but my hair never comes out the same when someone else does it. It ends up all frizzy and not as smooth. I know it’s not the conditioner or anything, it’s my technique. Please help!

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    Very cute! I have very thick hair that has a small amount of wave in it. I curl my hair with hot rollers and the curls fall out within hours and I have to ponytail it. Can you recommend a product for thick hair that will assist in keeping curls?

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