Two Lies and a Truth

You know, behind the blonde hair-sprayed hair and cat-hair covered clothes lies a pretty odd gal. Not “odd” in a bad way, but just. . .well. . .unique? Don’t get me wrong–I’m not fishing for compliments here! In an effort to share a little bit more about myself I thought it would be fun to come up with a little quiz/game of random facts about my life. 

So, you need to guess what is true. Okay? Good luck. Keep in mind I was/am a unique individual.

This would be a good photo for a caption contest, eh?

1. As a child, I wore a watch and thought:
a. a small ant worked inside of it and would turn the dials. I would leave crumbs for him at the dinner table so he could eat.
b. the time would only change if I looked at it. So, anytime I wouldn’t be looking at my watch, it would just remain on the time when I previously looked at it.
c. when my watch died it would also be when I died

2. The pet I most wanted when I was in elementary school was:
a. a kitten named “baby kate”
b. a monkey named “crumbs”
c. a giraffe named “affey”

3. When I grew up I wanted to be:
a. a zoo-keeper
b. a teacher
c. a writer

4. In high school, I was on:
a. the pep club squad
b. the yearbook team
c. the cheerleading squad

5. In college, the odd job I had was:
a. computer room assistant
b. radio dj
c. operator of the shuttle bus line AKA “the drunk people picker-uper”

6. In college, a classmate once told me:
a. I looked like a modern day dolly parton
b. I looked like a modern day june cleaver
c. I looked like a modern day lucille ball

7. As a child, I thought I could be on a talent show because:
a. I was double jointed in my thumbs
b. My veins in my right arm are so visible I could stop blood flow by pressing on my arm and then watch it continue as I let go
c. I had the little dipper laid out in freckles on my back

8. As a young adult, I was convinced that I once saw:
a. an alien
b. a green ufo
c. an asteroid come flying toward the earth

9. In college, I considered this major before settling on philosophy:
a. education
b. spanish
c. political science

10. Up until what age did I believe that “sniping” was a real thing?
a. 11
b. 16
c. 25

Tough enough for you? 

Just to give this post even more purpose than it already has, I’ll sweeten the deal by offering a $20.00 Target Giftcard to whoever guesses all the right answers first. I will go through the comments and find the first winner manually. If no one wins, I’ll pick the winner by choosing the first person with the best score.

Answer in the comments below like this” a,a,a,a,a,a, etc.”  

*target has no clue who I am and doesn’t know about this awesome game. 


  1. says


    I hope the vein in the arm thing was real, because I don’t want to be the only kid that thought that was super cool!

    purelyawesomeliving at

  2. says

    a (they’re pretty smart, you know); b (I think every girl wanted a monkey and a pony and we thought that was normal:); b (it was easy to practice because you could boss around your sis!; a (you’re definitely that encourager girl); c (because this takes a special kind of ‘be in charge’ person); b (this one’s tough – I’m going with b); a (we seem to know the oddest things about our bodies!); b (you mean these aren’t real??? ET made us all believe!); a (it’s that teacher thing again); c (when your husband told you…and that will be the case with all my kids, too – haha!)

  3. says

    C, A, A, B, B, A, C, A, B, B (I really hope you have a little dipper in freckles so I’m not the only one! Mine is on my arm though. I always used to tell my mom that if I was ever kidnapped as a child that they should look for girl with the constellation on her arm in freckles!)

  4. says

    This is hilarious!
    C, C, A, A, C, A, B, B, B, B

    I also should note that I’m immediately doubting myself because there are way too many of the same letter in a row.

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