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Double Knotted Twist

First, if you are a reader from Oklahoma and experienced any of the devastation from yesterday’s tornado and storms, I’m so sorry you had to endure that. The news coverage is nauseating to watch–I can’t even come close to imagining what it was like to be there. 
I grew up in the midwest so I’m familiar with the threat of severe weather, including tornados, but I never experienced the damage of one while living there.
Raleigh was hit with a few tornados a couple years ago, and my sister and I happened to be driving through the line of the storms. It was scary, but God protected us as we made it back home–only to learn of the extensive damage downtown Raleigh. 
Those tornados did not do nearly the amount of damage that the one did yesterday in OK, but I remember the feeling of “man, it happens so quickly and you can lose everything”. 
I hope and pray for a miracle and that more children will be found, pets will be reunited with their families, and the transition back to reality will be smooth. 


This weekend, my mom flew down for a visit + to participate in her first sprint triathlon with my sister and I. Since doing the triathlon last fall, I had been itching to do another and got my sister and mom on board to join me!
I ended up waking up with migraine symptoms that morning, so had to pull out at the last minute, but I went and supported them from the sidelines!

They both did very well! I’m proud of their hard work and look forward to joining them in another race in the future!

Before the race began!

First photo of them as triathletes!

So while I didn’t participate in the race itself, I couldn’t help but compare it to the FS Series triathlon from last fall

This race, put on by Ramblin’ Rose, was a shorter distance course, but not by much. It’s aimed at beginners, and only women are allowed to participate. 

The three of us drove the bike course right before attending the meeting the day prior to the race, and we were left shocked with how rough the course was. The road was in really bad condition in some parts (large potholes and uneven pavement), and there were tons of turns (since it was in a neighborhood). There wasn’t really a great place to gain any momentum. We were all pretty disappointed in that. I was surprised that it was course chosen for beginner triathletes–it seemed a little dangerous.

We attended the information meeting so my mom and sister could get a little bit more familiar with how the day was going to go tomorrow. It wasn’t well organized, and it was at that meeting we were informed that “Ramlin’ Rose assumes that you(the athlete) know the bike course”. In other words, they could not give us a straight answer as to whether or not the bike course would be marked. 

We looked at each other in shock. There was no way we could memorize the bike course! There were about 25 turns! That information instilled a little bit of fear and frustration in us, and I was again surprised that this was a “beginner” race. 

The morning of the race, Justin and I set up our cheering spot right near the bike start/finish and we saw a man assembling signs that said “turn here” for the bike course. I was so relieved for the racer’s. 

So, in the end, I think everything came together just fine. No one was lost, and one the race began everything seemed to go smoothly. I was just disappointed in the lack of clarity in preparing for the race.

Again, I did not participate, I simply watched. My mom, sister, and my friend Mary who all participated said they would do it again–so I think that’s a good sign!
*my sister wrote a recap post here if you are interested!

On Sunday night, my mom and I went to see The Great Gatsby. I was enticed by the first preview I ever saw–and I couldn’t wait to see it. My overall thoughts on it? Unimpressed. Yes, it was a beautiful movie as far as the costumes, makeup, hair, party scenes, and “period” aspects. But it was sssssllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwww and long. Too long. Have you seen it? What did you think? 

I DID however see a preview for a Tom Hank’s movie that comes out this October that looks amazing. It’s called Captian Phillips and it’s about this event.

I hope you had a nice weekend! I’m working on my “makeup essentials” video that will hopefully be ready this week!


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Sally says · 05.21.13

Bummer you had to sit out the race after all your work to prepare. It doesn’t sound very beginner-friendly to me… Maybe somebody did get lost… and they are still out biking in the ‘hood… 🙂

Kate says · 05.21.13

haha, that’s possible! 🙂

Brianna Fleming says · 05.21.13

I was fortunately safe. It was originally headed right toward me. All of our hearts are completely broken here in Ok. Please have everyone you know pray for these families that had their world destroyed. I wrote about it this morning. We are still all holding our breath for those kids.


Lindsey Roden says · 05.21.13

The Great Gatsby was SO long! And I personally could not stand the rap music playing during the flapper scenes. I also thought Captain Phillips looks like it’s gonna be great- after all it is a Tom Hanks film so it almost has to be great.

simplysophisticatedblog says · 05.21.13

I completely agree with the review on The Great Gatsby! It was such a letdown!

Abby Ramlo says · 05.21.13

I have to disagree! I thought Leo made a fantastic Gatsby – I couldn’t have imagined his character done any better. I was hesitant, at first, about Tobey Maguire because I thought that all I would see was Spiderman. But, after awhile he blended into Nick and everything was fine.

Do you like Baz Luhrmann (Romeo & Juliet, Mulin Rouge)? Sometimes I think you either love or hate his movies. I happen to be a fan, but I have friends who can’t say the same.

Maybe I’m bias after reading it a few times (it is one of my favorite books), but I think you should give it another shot once it becomes available to rent!

sundaykindoflife says · 05.21.13

I totally, totally agree!

Jennifer Hubbs says · 05.21.13

I was also completely unimpressed!! The costumes were great, but I’m sorry- I don’t think Gatsby should come with a side of rap music! And I know it was his phrase, but they really overused “ol boy”! I was annoyed by the time it finally ended! 🙂 But you are right- the new Tom Hanks movie looks fabulous!

Sydni Jackson says · 05.21.13

I loved the Great Gatsby! I love how closely it followed the book, but I can see how you would think it was slow if you hadn’t read the book.

Melissa says · 05.21.13

My heart goes out to those affected by the storms in Oklahoma. So horrible. So, so horrible. As a parent myself I cannot even fathom what people are going through.

I probably won’t get to theaters to see Gatsby but I might rent it when it comes out. I remember the story from reading it in high school and it looks like an absolute visual feast. Leo DiCaprio has turned into a fantastic actor and even just from the previews I can see they couldn’t have cast anyone else.

And Tom Hanks rocks. I will be in line to see his new movie! 🙂

*Sparkles* says · 05.21.13

I felt the exact same way about Gatsby! The previews had me hooked and then other than the fantastic music, decor and costumes the movie just dragged. Sad 🙁

kristinwithani says · 05.21.13

So sorry you missed the race but I’m sure they were thrilled to have you cheering them on!

As for Gatsby, I’m dying to see it! But your not so stellar review makes me hesitate to spend full price on a ticket. Maybe a matinee?

Michelle Hypki says · 05.21.13

That sucks that you had to pull out of the triathalon. It sounds like you had really been looking forward to it. However, can I just say how impressed I am with your MOM!! Good for her!

I haven’t seen Great Gatsby yet, but I’ve always been a fan of Baz, so we’ll see. Plus, I love Leonardo DiCaprio. For for me, even if it isn’t the best movie, it’s still a win. 🙂

Shasta says · 05.21.13

Sorry you had to sit out due to a migraine. Hopefully you are feeling better now and the migraine hasn’t lingered like mine usually do.

Stevie C says · 05.21.13

OH, I thought Gatsby was AWESOME! I felt like it captured the best parts of the book, but brought the craziness inside F. Scott Fitzgerald’s head out in the open. I thought it got slow for a little, but for the most part was wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of being at a Gatsby party since I left the movie!

Kayla Gilbert says · 05.21.13

Yay! Thumbs up to your mommy and sister!
Dyyinngg to see Gatsby!!


eatgreatbegreat says · 05.21.13

That stinks that you had to sit this race out! That happened to me once…I was going to run a 5k, and a week prior to the race, I fractured my foot. I was so bummed!

I haven’t seen the Great Gatsby yet. I’m hoping to go this weekend!

brian and kim says · 05.21.13

I hadn’t heard of Captain Philips, but the movie looks great! Thanks for giving the heads up.

dressesforjulie says · 05.21.13

I live about 15 minutes from Moore, and we had a lot of friends who were affected by the tornado. One couple we knew were away on vacation and we saw their neighborhood had been hit. They have three inside cats who they consider “their babies,” so my hubby and I went to see if we could find them. Their house was hit, but we were able to get all three kitties out! A little bit of good news in a lot of bad…
thank you for thinking of Oklahoma.

Kate says · 05.21.13

that’s so sweet, glad the cats were okay! I’d be panicking about my cats too!

spanishkitchenette says · 05.21.13

I’m amazed with your mom: she ‘s so brave! I only run and I’ve hardly thought about any triathlon yet. So, big congratulations to her!

rosanne says · 05.21.13

I had a similar experience with my first (and only) sprint tri many years ago regarding the organization. It ultimately was fine and I was able to largely follow the pack, but the race organizers got lots of feedback on the poorly marked course and improved in following races.

I have to disagree completely about Gatsby! The book is one of my long time favorites and I so enjoyed this particular film version! A lot of critics have had the same response to the movie and I’ve concluded that they haven’t read the book in a while. My first reading of the book pretty much mirrored your thoughts of the movie – dull, too long, and what’s with the constant “Old Sport” usage? But somehow, on my 3rd or 4th reading, the characters came alive and I came to appreciate the spare language – it’s rather the most perfect novella with almost every sentence whittled down to the most essential parts. Toby Maguire’s Nick was spot on with his sort of voyeuristic 3rd party witnessing and Leo was the best Gatsby I’ve ever seen. If you have any doubt, consider the version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow – cold, heartless, and just utterly wrong on so many levels. If that is the standard, Leo deserves and Oscar for his performance. He totally became Gatsby. Tom and Daisy were wonderful, too. I also loved the music – I thought it was such a clever commentary on themes that are still applicable in the new millenium. It’s kind of like a wink to the audience – I loved everything and can’t wait to own it once it’s released on DVD.

If there is anyone on the fence, I would say to see it but be aware that it’s a Baz Luhrmann film through and through. If you hated Moulin Rouge or Romeo and Juliet then you will probably not enjoy Gatsby. I still think it’s a good exercise to read the book first and then see the film.

kaitelug says · 05.21.13

I did the Ramblin Rose a few years ago! I really enjoyed it but ultimately decided I am not a triathlete – I stick to running now 🙂

Paula White says · 05.21.13

Wow, your mom looks like she could be your sister! And congrats to them! BTW – I had to read the novel Gatsby in high school – I could have saved you the expense of a ticket! The book is long and boring too! LOL

Karen Maricle says · 05.22.13

Thank you for your prayers to Oklahoma (Oklahoman typing this-from Tulsa). I didn’t know anyone personally affected but I have relatives of friends, etc. Long-time follower of your blog and love it by the way! Particularly enjoyed your Chicago post as I’m headed there this weekend. 🙂

Melissa Pattee says · 05.22.13

I LOVED The Great Gatsby!!! It’s my favorite classic novel by far!! I thought it was absolutely perfect! Kept all of the theme, tone, and extravagant idealist that Gatsby was. Ugh just perfection!

Ashley Brooks says · 05.22.13

I thought Gatsby was fantastic! I can see how it could appear slow, but to really capture all the nuances of the time period and the emotional intensity of everything that’s in the book, it needed to be that length. I thought they did an incredible job, from the casting to showing how insane Gatsby’s parties were . . . SO GOOD!

But then again, I was a lit major. The Great Gatsby is one of the shortest books lit people will ever read. If you thought this was slow, I DO NOT recommend watching film adaptations of anything by Dickens (except maybe A Christmas Carol). 🙂

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