Love Your Hair

The right hair product can make or break a fantastic haircut.

As a hairstylist, saying that I’m a “product junkie” is quite the understatement. I love trying out new products and mixing and matching until I find the perfect concoctions. There’s such a huge variety in hair textures and needs and, thankfully, there are thousands of products that serve as styling aids to help encourage a great hair day. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of pairing the right product with the right texture in my experience of working behind the chair. I know the feeling of a “good hair day” and really hope my clients experience those more often than not!

ULTA Beauty is celebrating “Love Your Hair” for 21 days, May 12-June 1. It includes hair events, demos, and prizes that are sure to help you love your hair. Everyday there will be a Beauty Stealβ„’ on hair products and tools–a great time to stock up on your favorites or try out something new!
These were some of my favorite products that will be offered during the Love Your Hair event. Abba Shampoo and Conditioner was new to me, but I was pretty impressed. It was light and fresh. I also really loved the silkiness that Orofluido Beauty Elixir left on my ends. I was able to get great volume, which is my measure of hair product success, after using a few of these!


There are so many products to choose from, it’s hard not to find something you’ll love. 

ULTA Beauty is promoting a “hair pledge” for women to love the hair they have for a chance to win free blowouts for a year. I’m a big advocate for loving your hair, so I love that ULTA is encouraging women to look at their hair in a positive light. All you have to do is tweet your hair pledge with the hashtag #ULTAhairpledge and you’ll be entered to win. This starts on May 12th.
On top of this Love Your Hair event, ULTA Beauty and BlogHer have provided a $100.00 ULTA Beauty gift card for me to giveaway to a lucky reader! Enter to win by answering the question in bold (leave your e-mail address in the comment too!)below.
Are you an experimenter, or a “I’ll stick with what I know works” kind of product user? I have my all-time favorites, that I always have in back stock under my bathroom sink, but I love incorporating something new that looks appealing.



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This sweepstakes runs from 5/15/13 – 6/1/13.

Be sure to visit the ULTA Beauty page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!



  1. says

    I think I’m definitely an experimenter when it comes to my hair products. I do go back to certain products, but I always love seeing what’s out there and trying new things. It’s all about finding that “holy grail” of hair products!

  2. says

    I definitely have my old stand bys but I think you need to keep trying new hair products! You may surprise yourself! My friend and I have similar hair so we like to each try a new product, then switch. That way, we get to try two new products! Thank you so much :)

  3. says

    I think I have a pretty healthy mix of experimenter and “I’ll stick with what I know works”. I love the routine of using the same products but every once in a while, I get a wild hair and look for something to spice my routine up.

  4. says

    Although I’m a “I’ll stick with what I know works” person, I find that I need to switch it up once in awhile. I get bored after a few months.

  5. says

    I just switched all of my hair products AFTER watching Kate’s video’s on YouTube! I landed on her page via a link and it was just before my hair appointment. So I showed my hair stylist what Kate’s hair looked like, the layers, the soft curls, which was exactly what I was looking for! She was excited to do Kate’s ideas on my hair! I bought a lot of the products Kate suggested through my Salon, some I had to just fudge because they didn’t carry certain ones. But low and behold I can do my hair exactly like hers! I took photos on Mother’s Day and got a lot of comments about the hairstyle, which is new for me as I usually can not end up styling it like the salon. But with Kate’s videos I was able to do the soft curls and make them stay all day! Thanks to Kate and to Ulta (more product!) I have great hair again!

  6. says

    I usually stick with the standbys but recently got some Alterna shampoo and conditioner samples after making a purchase at sephora and they make my hair fabulous!! My old standby has changed to Alterna now.

  7. says

    I love my old stand bys but also love trying new products. Samples are helpful with that so I don’t risk a lot of money on something that won’t work on me.

  8. says

    I’m still learning what products that I like and love the tips we get from you. The choices can be overwhelming! Thank you!

  9. says

    I am SUCH an experimenter. I recently went through my bathroom to declutter and there was a LOT of hair product that had failed. I like to try new stuff and have thin hair that just doesn’t do a whole lot on it’s own.

  10. says

    I have products I gravitate back to for sure, but I LOVE any chance to try something new and at any given time have more hair products under my sink than is normal. :)

  11. says

    I am kind of an experimenter, but when I do find something I love, I will stick with it for a while. I wish I lived closer to you because i could use a serious hair consultation and the right hair concoction! Thanks for all the giveaway opportunities, but this one would for sure be helpful!

  12. says

    I’m a little bit of both. My hair is curly, and I know what works to get it straight quickly. But if something catches my eye and sounds like it would be great for my hair, I always end up buying it. And that would be why my bathroom cabinet looks ridiculous. :)

  13. says

    I’m an experimenter, and have never had hair products that I use over and over again. My hair has changed so much over the years that I feel like I have to constantly re-train myself how to do it!

  14. says

    Definitely both! I have my go-to products, but I love trying new things that promise the results I’m looking for! Maybe one day that new item will become a staple!

  15. says

    I am always trying new products. I have been looking for more natural alternatives but they don’t seem to work as well. So now I am on the hunt again as it seems my hair has changed as I get older. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  16. says

    I’m on the fence here, I will experiment but I don’t want to waste precious $ so I don’t splurge alot on new products but am always seeing what works well for others to try sometimes. And as everyone else, I always have my old faithfuls on standby :)

  17. says

    I am definitely an experimenter. I usually want to try the “new” thing that everybody is raving over more times then not. My theory is, “there may be something better out there” and I definitely want to find it.

  18. says

    I’m an experimenter as well. My favorite is the Biosilk line so I always have that in my shower. I love that there are a ton of the different products that I can try on my hair. I have been really wanting to try the Living Proof Restore Line! I don’t cut or color my hair so Im constantly buying products for my hair. (I know, most people cringe when I say that) BUT I will buy expensive products that actually work in order to take care of my hair. I consider it an investment rather than a splurge purchase :)

  19. says

    I generally like to experiment because I can never find products I absolutely love love love to buy again. Except recently I’ve been using the Living Proof Full line and I definitely think I will be repurchasing! And I always use Moroccan oil on my ends.

    kpoppe1 @

  20. says

    I experiment. :) I mix it up because I have NEVER found anything that I loved. I need volume, but moisture as well. I am always on the look out for volume.

  21. says

    I think I am an experimenter but there are a few things I can’t do without. Redken blow out lotion is a must have. Makes my hair so smooth and smells awesome too. My fav hairspray is Scruples White Tea. Amazing spray.

  22. says

    I’m not very brave when it comes to my hair. Long, thick and wavy, I used to try to force it to be straight and I used to lose that battle on a daily basis. A trip to a new stylist and some layers along with a product or two and I love my soft waves.

  23. says

    I love experimenting with products…at times I feel like I have way too much products. My one question for you, Kate, would be, how long should I try a project to see if it works for me?

  24. says

    The only thing I tend to experiment with is shampoo and conditioner, based on what’s on sale when I run out and need to buy more! But I know what kind of formula works best on my hair – hydrating but not heavy.

  25. says

    I love to experiment but find myself sticking with the same products for long periods of time until something else comes along. I wish I would remember to try all the products I’ve accumulated on a more regular basis!

    Thanks for the giveaway… my email is in my Google public profile!

  26. says

    I am also a product junkie! I have my favorite ‘go-to’ products, but I like to experiment with others, too! My ‘hair drawer’ is full of products! I just switched my root lifter to Aquage and am loving it!!!

  27. says

    I would like to think I’m more of an experimenter but to be honest I’m definitely one that sticks to something that works. Mostly because products can get expensive and I always hate when I spend money on something and it doesn’t work!

  28. says

    An ULTA gift card would be fantastic, because I always buy all of my hair products there. I have really fine and thin hair after going through a lot of chemo as a kid, but I’ve definitely found my product “concoction” that works for me to plump up my hair. I always use TIGI Your Highness thickening gel creme all over my hair, then spritz some of the TIGI Your Highness root boost spray on the crown of my hair before drying it upside down. After flat ironing my hair, I’ll flip some hair at the crown of my head over to dust on some Osis Dust-It powder before backcombing with a Spornette Little Wonder brush. I finish it all off with a light spray of TIGI Bedhead Masterpiece hairspray. Lately, I have been experimenting with different shampoo and conditioner combinations, and I’m loving the product lines with Moroccan Argan Oil in them. They make my hair shiny, smooth and don’t weigh down my hair at all.

    My Twitter entry:

  29. says

    I have a giant basket full of hair products that will argue I’m definitely an experimenter, but I do love my “go-to” products. Ever since watching your YouTube channel I will never be without Kenra hairspray again.

  30. says

    I am willing to experiment but I do prefer to have a recommendation from someone so I won’t waste my money. As far as shampoos though, I’m definitely willing to try new things. Thanks!

  31. says

    I’m a “I’ll stick with what I know works” person.I would like to be more of an experimenter though. Haven’t found a good hair dresser that has inspired me to be daring.
    bveinotte at juno dot com

  32. says

    I tend to experiment. I feel like after so long a product doesn’t work as well for me so I switch it up and eventually end up going to back to old products.

  33. says

    I used to never change what products I used, but in the past few years I’ve gone from one product to another trying to find something that works best for my hair. It’s fun to experiment, but I hate spending money on products and then them not working well for me! Such a bummer!

  34. says

    I think I’m a bit of both. I’ll try something new if I hear good things about it, but I really like to stick to my Joico.

    brendawalter312 (at)gmail (dot) com

  35. says

    I am an experimenter and product junkie- but I think it’s because I’m searching for the perfect product to make me want to stick with something. My husband complains that there are always 10 bottles of shampoo in the shower…that doesn’t include the huge basket of stuff Iv’e tried and didn’t like, or just had to move out of the shower so there was room for a human. :-)

    Also, thanks for letting us know about the sale… getting my debit card & car keys out now!

  36. says

    I’m kind of both…I have a couple products I always use on my hair because I know they work. BUT, I also love trying new ones! Birchbox helps with that bc I’ll get products I’ve never heard of and in a sample size so I can try it out without the commitment of buying a full size product.

  37. says

    I’m a combination. When I find something that I think works, I will use it and only it, only I know I may be missing out on something better. I love to try new products based on a solid recommendation (which is why your blog has been so good for me), but venturing out on my own is overwhelming. I am afraid of spending $20 on a product that ends up not working!

  38. says

    As of late, I stick to what I know works … my hormones have been across the board the last couple years and my hair has taken a beating. I will definitely try something new a girlfriend or hairdresser suggests though. Always looking for that something better. :)

  39. says

    I definitely “stick with what works” since I’ve wasted too much money in the past on products that do nothing for my hair! I’d love to more adventurous, though!

  40. says

    I would love to experiment more, but my budget requires me to use up what I have, like it or not! I’m lucky to have gotten a great deal on some curl cream from Miss Jessie’s… it smells amazing and is my faaaaave. =)

  41. says

    I’m a an experimenter but have still never found a product that works. Sometimes I think I do, but nothing that’s ever held strong.

  42. says

    I have a couple of products that I use regularly like the Enjoy straightener. But I love finding and trying something new. Thanks

  43. says

    I have naturally curly hair that tends to be on the limp side and I love to have volume, yet I still fight frizz! I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect product and have quiet a collection of mousses, gels, curl creams, etc.


  44. says

    Ummm….EXPERIMENTER! All I know is when my hair feels beautiful, I feel beautiful! And I feel like I suddenly have some sort of obligation to tell people what I use if they happen to compliment my hair….kinda like when I get a good deal–I just bubble inside with excitement and have to tell anybody what a good deal it was if they ask!

  45. says

    I am definitely an experimenter. I have fine, thin hair, and I’m always on the lookout for a product that will help with that. Most recently, I found Suave’s (don’t judge me!) root lifter. I wash my hair at night and spray that on my roots, and my hair has so much more volume in the morning.

  46. says

    Thanks to you, Kate, I’ve become much more of an experimenter! (As long as the budget allows, hehe.) You’ve made me a Birchbox fan and an Ulta shopper so it’s been fun trying things steadily over time. You’ve also made me a faithful Aquage and Kenra 25 user, and I’m sure those things I’ll be sticking with for a long time! :)

  47. says

    I love to experiment but sadly it seems as though it never works out! I’m not too wild when it comes to trying new hair products just because I’ve had bad experiences so I normally end up keeping the same products I always use. Because my hair is thick, but sleek, it’s hard to find products to add volume without it being too product-y. Prices for good quality stuff always is a turn off too just because why spend $25 on a styling product that you don’t know will work? I’ve branched out more with hairstyles and looks thanks to Kate, but still weary!

  48. says

    I try to experiment but lately nothing seems to hold a curl with my hair. It doesn’t matter how much hair product I use I just can’t keep styled curls.


  49. says

    I stick with the stuff that’s changed my life, like Moroccan Oil. But I still haven’t found the perfect shampoo or hair mask, so I do change it up every now and then.


  50. says

    I’m an experimenter, but had such bad experience lately that I’ve been stuck in a rut. Would love to try some new things at Ulta!

  51. says

    I’m going to go with a different answer and say I’m a copier. I have my “go to products” and I’m not big on just buying stuff out and trying it but if my stylist goes crazy over a product or my friends are talking about something that works for them – then I’m definitely trying it. I love your favorites posts as well.

  52. says

    Occasionally, I experiment with new products, but I usually go back to my standbys that have been working out for me in the past.

  53. says

    I am definitely an experimenter with hair products. I love trying new creams, oils, hairspary, shampoos and on and on. The problem though is that I am becoming a hoarder!<

  54. says

    My hair usually reflects my stick-with-a-ponytail-holder-and-bobby-pins approach. :) Sometimes I use Garnier Fructis curl spray gel and scrunch my hair to get a pretty curled look. But it usually just goes up in a bun/messy bun or ponytail with my bangs braided or pinned back. I rarely use hairspray. I’m getting back into my windows-rolled-down-while-I’m-driving mode so my hair can get rather messy. :)

  55. says

    I love to try new products but always have my tried and true for back up. I am actually going to Ulta today to buy the Big Sexy Hair root pump and hairspray. I have been wanting to try it for awhile and now it is on sale! woohoo!!

  56. says

    I love to experiment with new products. My hair is naturally curly, but I wear it straight and I am always on the lookout for a product to keep it from getting frizzy in the summer.

  57. says

    I’m an “always searching for the perfect product” kinda gal! πŸ˜‰ I have natural curls and strive to make them look their best – I think sometimes I miss seeing their natural beauty until someone tells me!

    sudritt17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. says

    I am an experimenter, I love trying new things and doing new things with my hair. I am always on the lookout for new favorites ! :-)

  59. says

    “Always searching for the perfect product” is exactly going what I’m going to be doing until I the day I die! So far I’ve only found one “perfect” product and that is in Sebastian Potion 9. That stuff makes my hair impossibly soft and silky.

  60. says

    I am TRYING to become more of an experimenter! I generally do the same things, but would like to learn how to get out of the box more often!

  61. says

    I am definitely a “I’ll stick with what I know works” hair product gal. I love Keune and Bumble & Bumble products. I do try some new things every now and then but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two brands. The work so well on my hair.

  62. says

    I’m an experimenter because I’m still trying to figure out what works for me! Yep, 31 and still don’t know how to do my own hair. Recently I discovered root pump plus by big sexy hair and I’m liking it for trying to get volume-so far so good!

  63. says

    I LOVE trying new products. I am definitely a product junkie. Once I find something I love, I’ll keep it as a staple though :) I have a few staples like Kenra 25! :)

  64. says

    i LOVE to try new hair things! I have hair that can be wavy or straight so i can pick from such a wide range of products. I really love WEN

  65. says

    I would LIKE to be an experimenter, but on a budget it’s difficult. I always have the things that I know work and continue to buy those and will try new things as the budget allows but that’s usually not very common and I’m scared to just leave the regulars in order to try something new in case it doesn’t work and I’m stuck with it until I can by my regular again. I’m getting more into experimenting though and enjoying it!

  66. says

    I stick to what I know. Most of the time, when I try anything new on or to my hair, it does not work out like I thought it would.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  67. says

    I am an experimenter when it comes to hair products! I just can’t seem to stick to the same products I always want to try something else! By the way Kate- is the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment worth the price? I’m curious about it.

  68. says

    I always have a few favorites on hand, but I also like to experiment! I’m always on the lookout for a new must-have hair product :)

  69. says

    I’m a “try everything” type of girl! All the hair products seem to change from month to month and it seems whenever I’ve fallen in love with something, it’s gone soon thereafter. So I keep going from one product to another.


  70. says

    I love trying new products, but I learned long ago that I dont change my shampoo & conditioner except between two brands. My hair just works better that way.
    Love your blog!!

  71. says

    I’m a stick with what I know works kinda girl! With that said I’m trying to learn how to do more than just the plain-jane straight hair… so maybe that will change as I go!

  72. says

    I’m somewhere in between… I’ll try new things, but if they don’t work GREAT in the first couple tries its back to the tried and true.

    meganastecker [at] gmail [dot] com

  73. says

    I am always experimenting!I have naturally wavy hair and need products to control frizz without weighing my hair down. With summer just around the corner, I need some new ideas to make my hair pretty in humid weather!

  74. says

    I’m definitely an experimenter! I love trying out new hair products and I always raid the travel size section at Ulta to test new products out. kjlingen(at)gmail(dot)com

  75. says

    totally and completely an experimenter… in a small town..not always able to find new great things w/o ordering…but i love to try new products…someday i’ll find the best amazing ones!

  76. says

    I’m all about trying new things. I think your hair evolves kind of naturally when faced with new things everyday, to me it only makes sense to try new things, so you can get more “Good Hair Days” than not!! Love Love Love your blog by the way!!!

  77. says

    My experimentation comes in bursts. I think I hit ruts of complacency where I just straighten my hair everyday or put it in a ponytail — no creativity, no experimentation. I think I’m getting better at being consistently excited about my hair. I’ve learned some new styles and textures, too.

    It’s amazing — I’ve had my hair for almost 23 years and I’m just NOW figuring out its full potential. (A lot of it is thanks to you, too!)

  78. says

    I love trying new things! But it is nice to have the old standbys that you know work when you are in a rush.


  79. says

    I love trying out samples,but have a hard time buying new items because then I am stuck with a full sized product that I might not like.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  80. says

    hate to say it but i’m an experimenter [with tons of unused products] who goes back to her old ways and does nothing except twist it up. though when i do let it down and its dry, it does give my hair some wave.

  81. says

    I am definitely a combination of both “tried and true” hair products and changing it up every few months. I have naturally curly, color-treated hair, which I sometimes wear straight. I find each season and hairstyle requires a little something different!

  82. says

    I like to experiment, but having curly hair I find I am constantly disappointed (too frizzy, not enough hold, too crunchy, etc) so I always end up going back to my tried and true…

  83. says

    I love trying new things for my hair but sometimes I don’t want to waste money if it is not good…It’s a toss up for me.

  84. says

    I just moved and forced myself to throw out all the hair products (and makeup) that I bought, tried and found something new before I could finish. Ulta is my weak spot, back when they sent quarterly freebies I was always shocked to see how high my points were… ignorance is bliss :)

  85. says

    I used to be an experimenter but now I stick with what works. It feels boring but I try new styles that you put up on a regular basis, that helps!

  86. says

    Im definetley an experimenter!!!!
    I love that Birchbox lets me experiment beyond my hair though, so that’s my favorite type of exploration! But I love reading magazines and blogs for new products and ideas!
    I actually have and LOVE the Orofluido Elixer!!! (I used it today even!) It smells AMAZING!!!

  87. says

    Funny that it’s all about hair and loving it today, because I have been working on getting my hair to love me back, haha. The past few days I haven’t been styling it, and I am sure some extra conditioning product with the ULTA gift card would make it love me even more :)

  88. says

    I have my go- to products but I’m always trying new things to see if I can “love my hair” more! I recently tried the hair lift by Ocsar Blandi that you mentioned on the blog and I do like it,but I’m still trying to get it into my perfect product mix. I’m not sure if I’m using too much or not enough, still working on that!

  89. says

    I sometimes like to try out new shampoos/conditioners, but I’ve had trouble with oily build up so I have to be careful about what I choose!
    mlhypki (at) gmail (dot) (com)

  90. says

    I love trying new products and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve when I leave Ulta, because I get to wake up and try it all out the next day. Sometimes that is all I need for a little pick me up. I love that Ulta will let you return something if it doesn’t work for you (which rarely happens for me lol) I would put that 100.00 to great use in 5 mins. flat!!!

  91. says

    Oh goodness! I am definitely a try anything and everything type of girl! I bet I have about 30 products in my cabinet that I rotate for use. Regarding Ulta, I spent $70 there yesterday on just Big Sexy Hair products alone. A girl can’t resist $10 hair products that good!

  92. says

    I really enjoy trying new hair products but I have some stand-bys when I’m short on time. My hair is so fine and lacking volume that I’m always trying to find something that will make it bigger :)

  93. says

    I love to experiment but recently found that the Bumble and Bumble straightening balm is amazing – better than living proof even! I love finding a great new product.

    lauren.luhrs @

  94. says

    I don’t try very many products, but I’m learning that I need to use them to achieve certain looks. I won’t just go out and buy something new unless someone suggests it. I really like the idea of the Orofluido Beauty Elixir!

  95. says

    I’m usually a stick with what works for me… but for years I was a HUGE experimenter! After all this time and so much product, I stick to my regulars, but am open to new things if I think it will work.

  96. says

    I’ll re-buy products that I really like but I also love to try out new products. I’m not loyal to any particular brands but it’s fun to test different items within their range.

  97. says

    I usually stick with what I know works, but sometimes if my stylist uses something different that I like, I’ll try it too.

  98. says

    I’d say I’m a mix of an experimenter and sticking to products I know I love. I’ve recently broken out of my comfort zone and started using different products when I do my hair curly, I think I always stuck to the same ones because I knew I wouldn’t get frizz with them – however, they made my hair crunchy. So I started experimenting and it is addicting!

  99. says

    I love to experiment and try different products. But often, I go back to what I really find works best for me.
    Thanks so much.

  100. says

    Definite experimenter. Always looking for products that can make my hair look better I.e. VOLUME! Love Abba shampoo and conditioner, but haven’t been able to find it for years. Glad to know I can find it at Ulta. Thanks!

  101. says

    I like trying new products based on reviews. I often find new faves that way. I rarely pick up something random though. But, I always have a stash of faves under my sink.

  102. says

    When I find something I like, I stick with it. But I am forever on a search for finding new things I like. This means I have tons of products.

  103. says

    I am totally an experimenter. I have a basket full of half empty products that I forget I have…but it is now coming in handy since I have small kids and shop for hair products a lot less.

  104. says

    I’m definitely both. I have thick curly hair that can definitely get out of control during these NC summer months so am always looking for that ‘perfect’ combination to leave it soft & frizz free, but I love my devacurl conditioner & definitely have my fall back products that have always served me well!

  105. says

    I like to buy new products when my current products runs out. I don’t try new things if I have a whole bottle of another product left at home (due to cost), but I would love to experiment more!!

  106. says

    I’m an experimenter! I have yet to find the “perfect” product for my thick, corse hair so I love trying out new products to see if they may be “the one”. The hardest part is making myself finish off products before moving onto the next thing!

  107. says

    I feel like I try new products somewhat often, but haven’t quite found the perfect concoction yet. My hair seems so dependent on weather and water. When I travel, it can be great or really bad.

  108. says

    I really like to stick with what works because bad hair days STINK but when you talk about products you love I’m willing to try them because I trust your opinion! I’ve found some great new hair products from doing that!! Thanks!

  109. says

    I love experimenting! Right now I’m a fan of the Not Your Mother’s products. I found them through someone’s Pinterest pin!

  110. says

    I have naturally straight, fine but thick and limp hair. I love trying new products and love to buy the products my stylist uses at the salon. This causes me to have several half used products in a basket in my bathroom cabinet. :)

  111. says

    I love love love trying new products, and seeing what’s out there. My hair is naturally a more “dry” texture, and I use heat on it every day, so I look for products with a lot of hydration and moisture. Someday I want to try Wen, but I’ll get a small bottle to make sure I like it :)

  112. says

    I am very much of a “stick with what I know” person when it comes to hair products especially. When I try new items, I am usually disappointed and end up with a cabinet full of unused products.

  113. says

    I usually use whatever is on sale and I am pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new products. I love experimenting and I’m on the never ending search to find a product to tame my curly red locks :-)

  114. says

    I definitely like to experiment. I have so many products in my medicine cabinet because I buy something new before I even use up the other product — it drives my husband nuts! I just recently bought Big Sexy Hair’s root pump and hair spray and I am really liking that so hopefully I have found those ‘staple’ items. Today I bought the Lanza shampoo, conditioner and oil and I am looking forward to trying it out in the morning.

  115. says

    I like to experiment with products on occassion! Though I mostly just stick to shampoo & conditioner, a leave-in split end treatment every once in a while, and a good hairspray to cement down any flyaways when I do an updo. I’ve had very long, very straight hair most of my life; I’m so used to seeing it flat against my head, that I think it looks odd with any volume! Maybe someday I’ll break myself of that habit. πŸ˜‰ Right now, though, I’m on a strict budget, so I’ll be sticking to my low-end shampoo & conditioner. Good ole V05! Just not in the budget right now to experiment.

  116. says

    I have my favorite “go-to” products, but I’m also always on the hunt for the Holy Grail, especially when it comes to providing volume!

    Love your blog, Kate!

  117. says

    I have a few staples but am always on the look out for products to help with frizz. I have curly hair and live in the South!

  118. says

    I go through phases with product for my prone-to-frizz hair.
    Definitely not a habitual user of any one thing except a light glossing over with coconut oil.
    At mid-life, I am looking for a new do, and wish I lived in Raleigh.
    Well, at least for a day or so. :)

    {{* *}}

  119. says

    Are you an experimenter, or a “I’ll stick with what I know works” kind of product user? – Well, I am a “try til I find the right product” kind of girl. I have been rather mean to my hair and went from Black to bright honey blonde, so damaged is an understatement, so I have to ‘try’ several products and change them as my hair gets healthier.

    Here’s my tweet:

  120. says

    I like to experiment with products, and am fond of friend (or professional) recommendations. As a girl who would roll her hair in velcro rollers before class in college everyday, I can attend that I LOVE good hair! :) And the more volume the better, as far as I’m concerned, too.

  121. says

    I am having a mini 1/3 life crisis and desperately need a change for my hair. This would be the perfect way to jump start a new look. Thanks for all you do!

  122. says

    I tend to stick with what I know works for my hair. I have very thick, wavy hair that goes crazy with the littlest bit of humidity. To say its a challenging head of hair is an understatement!

  123. says

    Definitely an experimenter!!!! I get bored of the same thing all the time. However, I do have a few products that I always keep on hand because I know they work.

  124. says

    I am definitely an experimentor! I do tend to use the same products a lot because they work best until I am able to find something better. A lot of time I am guided by scent.

  125. says

    I’m usually a stick with what I know kinda girl. I’ve found most products don’t do what they promise they’ll do so I hate spending money on them!


  126. says

    I’d love to be an “experimenter” but I don’t like to spend money…so I actually don’t use (m)any hair products! Or make up! Besides my shampoo & conditioner, the only product I’ve purchased in the past 4 years was a can of dry shampoo…which I love! :)

  127. says

    im definitely a stick to what i know works kind of girl. i always want to try new stuff out but by the time i look into new products theres something new out there! i definitely need to be more adventurous though! (

  128. says

    I go in phases. For a while, I just stick with what I know. But every once in a while, I’m an experimenter! :) kroltgen (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. says

    I have long, fine hair and have yet to find a product that I love enough to stick with. So, I am an experimenter for sure! I hope one of these days I find my holy grail haircare routine.
    prettipenny @ gmail dot com

  130. says

    My hair style is basically stick to what I know but after kids and the constant change in weather and hormones, I’ve been on a search for something that works continuously with my hair type, as far as products go, I’m an experimenter.

  131. says

    I usually stick to what I know works. There’s sometimes a day in there where I feel up for something different, and then I usually hate it and go back to my old ways again, lol.

  132. says

    I think I’m in between. There are times when I just stick with the tried and true. And then I get bored with that and look for something new.

  133. says

    I’m a stick in the mud and stick with what I know! It takes some real convincing for me to try new products…but it seems that if they are “Kate Approved” I’m MUCH more likely to but them. (Probably because many of them do awesome things to my hair) Thanks Kate!

  134. says

    For 30 years I have had short hair and began growing it out and have always used whatever to wash my hair and haven’t used conditioner, until growing it out. Would love to try this!

  135. says

    Oh Kate! I am SUCH an experimenter!!! My hair texture is very similar to yours….BUT I struggle to keep it curled. Witch stinks, b/c I love BIG hair, but the curls inevitably fall out within an hour….I’ve just switched shampoo to Schwarzkopf shampoo (sulfate free) and conditioner….I am not sure how much I like it yet…but I will see it through. Might have to switch back to KMS. Any suggestions?

    God Bless…

  136. says

    I tend to experiment a lot with products, mostly because I’m useless with dealing with my own hair so I’m always on the lookout for something that will make my hair look like someone with talent did it.

  137. says

    Honestly before following your blog I stuck to the basics. Now I have purchased several new products that you have featured including Kenra Volume 25 and Aquage Uplifting Foam. Thank you for helping me broaden my hair-izons. Ha ha!

  138. says

    I stick with my tried and true styling products- biolage curly creme. I experiment with new shampoos and conditioners.
    cgies25 at hotmail

  139. says

    I’ll have to go with Im a stick with what works kinda gal πŸ˜‰ I’ve never really experimented with my hair much due to lack of confidence it will turn out good. But Id love to start!!

  140. says

    I’ll have to go with Im a stick with what works kinda gal πŸ˜‰ I’ve never really experimented with my hair much due to lack of confidence it will turn out good. But Id love to start!!

  141. says

    I’ll have to go with Im a stick with what works kinda gal πŸ˜‰ I’ve never really experimented with my hair much due to lack of confidence it will turn out good. But Id love to start!!

  142. says

    I am always willing to try new products – my problem is I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing!

  143. says

    I’d consider myself an experimenter. I, like you, get birchbox every month, so I use the samples I get there to experiment. I love trying new products and seeing how they feel in/on my hair!

  144. says

    I will try new things when it comes to hair products but they have to not be too far off the path that I usually am on with regards to the products. So I guess if it is similar I will try.

  145. says

    I love/hate trying new things….I have curly hair and feel like I’m on a never ending quest for the perfect product!
    lilcalliesmama at hotmail dot com

  146. says

    I’m a total experimenter. I always purchase something new except for my favorite Loreal mascara which I always fall back on.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  147. says

    I am an experimenter usually. Actually I need help! I tend to pick things up randomly–some I like, others sit there unused.

    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  148. says

    I’m always trying new products on my hair! I’m really looking to find a new favorite sulfate-free line of hair care that’s college budget friendly!

  149. says

    I’m always looking for new products to find a great healthy look for my hair! Currently in search of a sulfate free hair care line that’s college budget friendly!

  150. says

    I’m always trying new products on my hair! I’m really looking to find a new favorite sulfate-free line of hair care that’s college budget friendly!

  151. says

    I’m the type of person who mostly sticks with what I know. I love to try new products only if they come highly recommended by others or if I find a great deal on them.

  152. says

    I am hesitant to try anything new, but I love when companies give away trial sizes- risk free sampling! Thanks for hosting!

  153. says

    I’m an experimenter for sure but since I am, I have found those products that I find myself going back to all the time! If I hadn’t or don’t continue to experiment that how else can you find out wht works best for you right!?!? Lol! I have two large baskets FULL of hair products from curl products, to glosses, oils, shine serums, masks, repair fixes, texture sprays, shampoo/conditioner, & who can forget the other stuff like headbands, sashes, clips, bands, barrettes, bobbies, manes (yes I said manes!! Lol! So 80’s I know!!) Than of course 3 curling irons, 2 straightners, one blow dryer….I’m a hoarder with beauty supplies I can’t help it! & don’t get me started on my second obsession….nails!!! Haha!! πŸ˜‰ GL ladies!!! Thx for the opp to win!!

  154. says

    I used to be a stick to my favorite products persons but as I’ve gotten older my beauty needs have changed and I’m really experimenting right now trying to find products that work best for me.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  155. says

    I am more of a stick with what I know works person. Hate it when a fav gets discontinued or changed in some way! Love my rut! LOL
    14earth at gmail dot com

  156. says

    I have always been this type “I’ll stick with what I know works” kind of product user”
    I Pledge to start trying new hair styles and products to learn what works best.

  157. says

    I’m a stick with what I know works kind of product user. I’m not a changeable person and once I find something that works, I like to stick with it.