Homemade Rosemary and Peppermint Foot Scrub

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We’re approaching that time of year where sandals and other strappy toe & heel baring shoes make their way into our wardrobe. And if you’re like me and haven’t had a pedicure in about a 5 months it may be time to give your feet a little tlc

What you won’t find on this post? Photos of my feet. Not because I don’t like them, I think they are fine, but simply because there is no way, NO WAY I tell you, to photograph feet in a “cute, blog-able” way. So, I will trust that your imaginations will fill in the “steps” where my feet are not shown.
First, this is the easiest project you may ever do. And you can create whatever “flavor” or type of scrub you desire. You can swap out salt for sugar, kosher salt for sea salt, peppermint for vanilla, etc. It’s completely up to you.

I was in a minty fresh mood when I created this scrub so I reached for the peppermint essential oil and the rosemary. I was wavering between that combo or perhaps grinding up some coffee beans and mixing a little vanilla in for a coffee scrub. Maybe I’ll do that next week. 

So, grab your ingredients of choice and measure out, to your liking, what you would like to mix it. I like using table salt and kosher salt for a variety in grit.

Here are my rough measurements for a 1 time use scrub on 2 feet.

1/4 cup Kosher salt
1 tbsp table salt
1 tsp coconut oil
2 tbsp olive oil
3 drops peppermint oil
1/2 tsp rosemary

Toss everything in a cup, and stir together. If it’s too dry, add a bit more oil. If it’s too wet, add more salt.

I loved the fresh smell of this scrub and the peppermint oil completely cleared my sinuses as I used in on the shower*. My feet felt smooth and hydrated when I was finished. 

Have you made a homemade scrub before? What are your favorite ingredients? 
*of course, be careful using this in the shower since the oil will be slippery on the shower floor. And use a plastic container, instead of glass, to avoid a potential disaster of glass shards in the shower from a broken dish. This did not happen, but in hindside I should have grabbed a plastic bowl! 


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Ashley Rane Sparks says · 05.14.13

This looks divine! Especially since getting my feet scrubbed at a pedicure place makes me crack up. When I do it to myself maybe I won’t be so ticklish….
Ashley Rane Sparks

Paige McDaniel says · 05.14.13

Love it! I use kosher salt, a coulple pinches of sugar, lavendar and olive oil! I love using this stuff 🙂 Thanks for the post, I never thought of the rosemary before! Great idea!

Nicole Hammett says · 05.14.13

I love the look of this! I am definitely going to give this a try. It looks devine just from the pictures.

Melissa says · 05.14.13

Ooooo…I need to try that! I gotta get my feet pretty for my little brother’s wedding next month. 🙂

I like to do a body scrub of sugar and olive oil in the shower, especially during the dry winter months. Especially right before I shave my legs. Talk about smooth!

Sisterino says · 05.14.13

I bet this smells amazing! And thank you for not posting feet pictures. Baby feet are cute, but adult feet freak me out..haha

eatgreatbegreat says · 05.14.13

Love this! Sounds so easy to make and much less expensive to make your own, then buy some at the store. Can’t wait to try it out!

kristiesbluejeans says · 05.14.13

I am definitely going to have to give the peppermint a try. My latest is olive oil/sugar/coffee scrub and I adore it!

Abramyan Avenue says · 05.14.13

that looks so easy and I bet it smells so good! I would really like to give this a try!
thank so much for sharing…you’ve inspired me to do a little project this weekend!

Delyn Metcalfe says · 05.14.13

Where do you find peppermint oil?

Brandi Alt says · 05.14.13

I love the idea of peppermint! I have made body scrubs before, but never a foot scrub.

Sally says · 05.14.13

I’m liking this recipe and all the possible variations!

Emily (Louisiana Bride) says · 05.15.13

Where do you get your essential oils?

Kate says · 05.21.13

They are from Young Living

Kelsey says · 05.15.13

I cannot WAIT to give this a try. THanks for sharing!

jac jewelry says · 05.15.13

Looks delicious – thanks for sharing! I use a homemade body scrub, the recipe for which I found in a Redbook magazine. It is particularly effective in the winter months. I can’t seem to find a link to it online, but here it is, with my modifications in parentheses:

Shower Smoothie*

2 oz wet coffee grounds (I use a French press for my morning coffee, and recycle the coffee grounds from there – love the coffee smell in this scrub, especially first thing in the morning!)
2 oz Epsom salts (I use whatever bath salts I have on hand; if the salt is too coarse, I grind it a bit)
1 ripe avocado, mashed (I personally find that a half an avocado is plenty for one time; if you have an avocado that is starting to go bad, don’t throw it away – use it for the scrub!)
2 oz plain Greek yogurt
Sunflower seed oil (I never have this, so I use olive oil)

*I found that the amounts listed in the Redbook recipe make too much scrub for one time, so I start with half an avocado, a couple of teaspoons of yogurt, and combine the rest of the ingredients to get the right consistency. Also, I usually let the avocado and yogurt sit on the counter for 20-30 minutes before using – otherwise the scrub is too cold. Or, just make sure you warm it up a bit in your hands before scrubbing!

In a medium bowl, mix coffee grounds and salts. In another, mix avocado and yogurt. Combine contents of both bowls, stirring thoroughly. Mix in just enough oil to make a smooth – not runny – paste. Now step into the shower, get wet, and turn off the water. Here comes the fun part: using the entire palm of each hand, vigorously scrub your body from feet to neck for several minutes. When you’re gone, just rinse and glow!

dressthisnest says · 05.15.13

This looks lovely! I went to the spa on Sunday (my mother’s day treat) and had a foot soak that consisted of Epsom salt, dried flowers and dried sage. I think they also had a rosemary version, but I didn’t get to see what else was in it. I love spa at home too!

chrick says · 05.15.13

I made this last night and did it on my sister, brother-in-law, husband, and myself and it was AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

Gemma Chew says · 05.16.13

this looks so fab 🙂 would be such a great gift! xx

Amanda says · 05.17.13

Where did you get those measuring bowls from!? I LOVE them…too adorable…

Kate says · 05.21.13


Heather Scoggins says · 05.26.13

I don’t have any peppermint oil, but I have lavender handy, now I have to make this over the long weekend! I had a pedicure a couple weeks ago, even added the paraffin upgrade for my rough heels, but they are still not so good. Time for a little DIYing. Lol.

Yvette G says · 05.30.13

LOVE Rosemary and never thought of adding it to a scrub – GREAT IDEA – THANKS!!! I just recently got into being a little more home-made so I know what products are being used, and its also fun. Because of my sensitive skin, I made a scrub with Shea Butter/Euro Salts/Grape Seed Oil/Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil. I love it. But I can say I will change it up a little and add Rosemary next time 🙂 For those wondering about ingredients, I got them all at http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com … and they give you free shipping too!!

Great recipe – Thanks Kate!!

katrinakritz says · 05.30.13

Exquisite! I’m trying it this weekend! 🙂

kevin smith says · 06.20.13

Go to footsmart.com They have a few diff kinds and some heel wraps to help with the rough heels too. Good luck and a local CVS should have some Sally Hansen stuff which is good also

Rebecca says · 11.23.17

I am making scrubs and soaks for Christmas this year. When do I add the coffee beans and vanilla and what do I replace it with? Is it just the essential oils? I would think sugar rather than salt for the coffee scrub. So excited!!

Rebecca says · 12.02.17

Hi again, How long can the scrub be kept around since it has dry rosemary in it? I am giving for gifts with another scrub and a foot bath so they might not be used immediately PLUS I want to give them a double batch for twice the enjoyment

treefrog says · 12.04.17

I’ve kept mine in the fridge for over 2 months and it still smells good. I actually used leftover rosemary and mint from making rosemary/mint-infused coconut oil, since it’s ingredients that would go into the scrub anyway. just add salt!

Rebecca says · 12.05.17

Thanks, just for clarification – dried or fresh rosemary?

treefrog says · 12.12.17

oops sorry, just seeing this. Both the rosemary and the mint were dried 🙂

Queentaflora says · 10.21.18