Fuschia and a Blazer

Today I’m wearing a few more items from Hot Mama. I introduced this store, that may be new to some of you, last week in this post
*a few of you learned last week not to google “hotmama.com”, but instead search for “SHOPmama.com”. Sorry I forgot to warn you! 
It’s no secret that I’ve developed a deep, deep love for nearly any color in the “purple” range these days. I think Pantone may have really missed the boat this year (Emerald, really?)!

Also, I have finally found a blazer that doesn’t make my shoulders look like the side of line-backers. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been searching for a casual blazer for, honestly, a few years now but haven’t  been able to find one “fitted” enough that isn’t too dressy. 

I’m glad to work this into my wardrobe especially pairing it with “flowy” or looser tops that I wear since a cardigan isn’t’ usually the best match for those types of tops. Something with structure and shape balances out the loose fitting top. 

top: c/o Hot Mama (shopmama.com)
blazer: c/o Hot Mama (shopmama.com)
necklace: c/o Hot Mama (shopmama.com)
jeans: Gap, hand-me-up from sister
wedges: Nine West
nails: Essie’s Califoria Coral
I hope you have had a nice week, and enjoy the weekend! 


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    Thank you for the links to SHOPhotmama.com. Whew! You look great. I love the style tips! Thanks so much..kees this ‘old’ mam from looking like one!

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    My cousin and I stopped in at our local Hot Mama after seeing your last post–we, too, had thought it was a maternity store. The clothes are cute, but we were absolutely blown out of the water by how expensive everything was! The outfits you share are usually much more affordable since they’re from Target or J. Crew Factory (which is oftentimes still out of my range unless there’s a sale). I was honestly really surprised to see such a price difference from the clothes you normally show us. Sadly, we won’t be heading back to that store again–I’m the type of person where, even if I was a millionaire, I’d never spend $100 for a sweater because I know it’s not worth it.

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      When I’ve been in the store, I’ve found their sale section to be pretty large. And, sure, it may not be the kind of store where you stock up on a bunch of clothes–however for “special” pieces (like a blazer for example), it’s nice to buy a good quality piece.

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      I totally agree about investing in a quality piece that will last a long time. The sale section in our store was tucked into a tiny corner, and those prices were still absolutely outrageous. The salespeople weren’t very friendly either. It may have just been a bad experience at our particular store, it was just surprising since the things you recommend are usually so good.

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    Everything about this is perfection….except for the shoes. They’re driving me insane. I LOVE the closed toed ones you have from Target and have been searching high and low for a similar pair. (still no luck lol)

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    I found a similar blazer last year. It’s navy, casual, and as the same ruching on the sleeves. I love it!! I usually just wear it with a plain little tank, but I love the idea of pairing it with a flowy top!! I’m a teacher and often need that extra layer in my cold classroom, but I also like to dress up my casual blazer. Thanks for the tip! Love it!

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    That color looks great with your skin Kate! I love purple too. I can never find a blazer that doesn’t make me look/feel like a football player!

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    I love anything purple too. :-) It’s one of my best colors! So is emerald green, so I was thrilled when it became such a big trend this year, thinking I’d be able to add a few pieces of emerald green to my wardrobe. Um, NO. Apparently it’s only a trend A) at stores I can’t afford or B) in items of clothing that are ugly, ill-fitting, or that I cannot wear a bra in. And I’ve nursed two babies. I NEED a bra. So, sadness. No emerald green for me yet.

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    I picked up a book randomly about Chinese astrology and was just flipping through it while waiting for my boyfriend, and apparently, purple is my lucky color. This reminded me that I love purple and I immediately bought some awesome purple nail polish and have been shopping for purple everything ever since.

    I am also supposed to eat lotus roots for longevity. Oddly, haven’t gone out and found any lotus roots. And apparently I’m supposed to hate my boyfriend of three years. So, you know, maybe it’s not really my lucky color, but it’s still pretty awesome.

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