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I’ll be honest, the very first enticing thing about these products was the packaging. I stumbled across One Love Organics while I was perusing various beauty blogs (find my blogroll here), and upon discovering it I spent nearly 30 minutes clicking around and learning everything I could about it. I liked their mission, and the fact that they focus on quality ingredients and advanced methods for creating a really fantastic product.

Ever since my skin cleared up completely (which I think is mainly cause from using Arbonne products), I’m hesitant to add anything new to my skin care regimen. I look for gentle, natural and “clean” products to test out to keep things as simple as possible for my skin. One Love Organics fit all of those requirements.

The Supercritical Chia is oh-my-gosh hydrating with absolutely, absolutely no shine/greasy residue. I have dry, dehydrated skin that can get oily from lack of moisture (over-production), so keeping it hydrated with the right products is essential. One little drop of the Supercritical Chia on the outside of my nose, and on the dryness around my chin/cheeks, is all I need. My skin absorbs it immediately, and I don’t see a hint of dryness the rest of the day. I use it morning and evening.

The Love Springs Eternal is a light youth preserving serum. Just like the Supercritical Chia, and every One Love product, there is not a single hint of residue. I dot it on my forehead, a dot on each cheek, and one on my chin and then rub it in. It feels fresh and light. I only use this at night. 

Morning Glory has become a favorite hydrating and refreshing product to use right after the shower. It’s a bit of a toner, brightener, and stimulator all mixed in one. I apply a few drops before applying my makeup primer and love the finish it gives my skin. 

I’m so glad that these products work for me, and have only benefitted my skin thus far. I’d have to say my favorite is the Supercritical Chia, simply for the hydrating benefits. 

If you are interested in trying any of these out, click here. Or, I’d recommend purchasing the sample pack for only $4.95. Maybe slip it into your Mother’s Day gift? Or keep it for yourself, your mom will never know. 

*I did recieve these products as a gift, but all opinions are my own. I enjoy reviewing things and sharing it with my readers in the hopes to “do some of the homework” for you 🙂


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eatgreatbegreat says · 05.02.13

I’ve heard of this brand, but never tried it. I have acne prone skin and I too am concerned when adding new products too my regime; although, these sound really nice. The Supercritical Chia sounds pretty cool. I love that it’s hydrating.

Kate says · 05.02.13

It’s really great—I’d recommend looking into the sample pack(only $5!) to try out the products at first!

Amanda Gail says · 05.02.13

ordered! I’ve been using Arbonne for about 5 weeks & have experienced such a wonderful change in my skin, too. <3 <3 <3
looking forward to trying the sample kit of this!

Amy Earl says · 05.02.13

Their Skin Savior Balm is the most amazing stuff on the face of the earth. Never mind that when I use it at night I wake up with a healthy glow, but I’ve used it to smooth my hair a bit, I’ve out it on little scrapes and they heal right up and everything in between. I got a small jar in my Birchbox about a year ago and am just about to order my second full size jar. Love, love, love it!!!

Kristyn says · 05.02.13

So, I have the worst skin possible. I am almost 30 and still break out quite often. I had one breakout on my chin that was the biggest thing I had ever seen. They just pop up all the time, randomly. I am currently using Clinique but I am open to trying something new. I also use my Clarisonic once a day. I guess my question is with the Arbonne products. Did you do the full series of Acne products or did you do the vitamin supplement, or both? My poor skin needs help!

Gabe says · 05.02.13

Hi, Kristyn! My name is Gabe(short for Gabrielle) and I’m an Arbonne Consultant. I would love to help you! I can send a sample pack of our Re9 line. It’s our most exciting line yet. It has 9 amazing botanicals which = results.

My email is


Melissa says · 05.02.13

I’m kind of in the same boat as you, sweetie. 🙂 Nearly thirty with acne-prone skin still! May I offer a tip that helped me? You are probably being too rough on your skin by using the Clarisonic every day. Having acne isn’t always a sign of tough, oily skin. Sometimes it’s a sign of sensitive skin. It was for me. I only exfoliate twice a week now, either with a scrub made with jojoba beads (none of those apricot scrubs! so bad!) or with an enzyme peel (I got a bottle of Artistry’s from my mom and adore it).

Gabe says · 05.02.13

Hi, Kate! How awesome your skin cleared up using Arbonne. I’m a Arbonne consultant and was wondering which products you use. Have you done a review on your Arbonne regimen? You probably have a consultant, but if not I would love to help you.

Love your blog and style:)

Kate says · 05.02.13 Reply
Gabe says · 05.02.13


Leann says · 05.02.13

Which Arbonne products do you use? There are so many!

Kate says · 05.02.13 Reply
Leann says · 05.02.13

Great Thanks for the reply! 🙂

Suzanne LeRoux says · 05.02.13

Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for featuring our products. Pure, plant oils are really amazing at clearing up the skin and keeping it clean, nourished and all the while staving off the wrinkles. And you are so right, keeping skin hydrated prevents an overproduction of oil, calms the skin and helps achieve balance. I wrote an article about plant oil and what it does for all skin types here:
Thank you again so much for helping spread the word on our brand.

Augustina Glasz says · 05.05.13

Hi there, do you know where in London (United Kingdom) I can get these?

Sarah says · 05.02.13

I’m sorry, I can’t take it. It’s one of my pet peeves:

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Kate says · 05.02.13

Thank you for pointing out a spelling error

Seemal Khalil says · 05.02.13

Kate you’ve been blessed with a beautiful face and oh god your smile! Take care of it 🙂

Anna Sinclair says · 05.02.13

These look fantastic! I can’t decide what to try…I’m lucky enough to have a retailer here in Oregon, may have to check out the products in person this weekend! 🙂

Carly Bradshaw says · 05.03.13

love the Arbonne shout-out! I’m a new consultant and love to hear about real people with real results 🙂 Can’t wait to try a sample pack of the One Love Organics!

Marcileia says · 07.09.14

Hey Bonnie,Good to meet you today but I’m sorry it was under such circumstances.Hope the rest of your ride home goes beettr.If you all are ever back in Atlanta, feel free to say hi.

Maxi says · 07.21.14

I’m registered for our National Convention at the end of July. Can’t wait to recoennct with fellow consultants from all over North America and to see the new fall product launched. It is such a boost to a slow business to attend conference. I know what ever it costs to attend I can recoup if I implement what I learn when I get home. Great place to meet a pacing partner, too!

Carolyn says · 05.03.13

These sound like great products, I would love to try!

<3 Carolyn

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Gemma Chew says · 05.03.13

These look great! You’re right, I would totally buy it just for the packaging! 😉 xxx

Joannie says · 05.16.13

I have just started using the One Love products. I ordered the samples to try out. I have been very happy so far but wanted to see if you experienced any breakouts?

Roger Richard says · 06.05.13

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FiftyTwoThursdays says · 02.06.14

Check out my review on my blog! I’m obsessed with the Skin Savior!!