French Fishtail to a Messy Bun Hair Tutorial

Fishtails are not easier than “regular” braids.

Let me just get that out there to begin with.

In this tutorial, I’m showing how to do a french fishtail and blend it into a messy bun. I’ve been wearing messy buns more than ever–I think it has to do with my long, heavy hair these days.

I am most likely to wear this style down, but I like the messy bun as well. If you are looking for a new way to pin your bangs back, consider doing a french fishtail and pinning them to the side!

The two tutorials I mention in the video are linked below: 

How to do a Fishtail

The Messiest of Buns 

top: Hot Mama (similar)


  1. says

    This is absolutely wonderful!! Definitely one of my favorites of your hairstyles!! This may be a dumb question but I have really dark brown almost black hair which is my natural color…no highlights or anything. I feel like when I do braids that they really can’t be seen too well. Anything I can do to keep the braid from blending in SO much?!

  2. says

    I might get brave one of these days and try the fishtail…haha. But I am in LOVE with the messy bun tutorial! I’ve been wearing it regularly since you posted it. (:

  3. says

    i didn’t know there was a “french” fishtail braid… so at first i was totally confused, but i love it! hopefully i will be able to pull it off too! i also love your coral/orange polish, mind sharing what is it?

  4. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely love this! You are so good at taking expert styles, but explaining them so novices can do them too!
    P.S. I hate to be THAT person, but what type of lipstick are you wearing? It is a fantastic color on you!

  5. says

    For anybody who wants to master the regular fishtail plait (i.e., not yet ready for the French version), here are some helpful tips: 1) It’s much much easier to start with a ponytail, 2) It’s also much easier to start with wet hair, and 3) Think of if as “weaving,” more than anything. Bring one section “over” the side, and “under” the other side.

  6. says

    I’m great at braiding my hair but the part that messes me up is that in the end..i have this awful “part” in my hairline where you can see my scalp. I can never seem to braid some of my hair and pull it into a pony/bun/whatever without having that part beside of it separating it from the rest of my hair…help?

  7. says

    I did this last week and got al many compliments from the elderly I work with. I work at a retirement community and none know what a fishtail braid is. It was my first one ever. Thanks for the great look!!

  8. CJ says

    love this style, but I consistently get a bump or loop in my fishtail when I pin it back. What am I doing wrong?

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