Lipstick : my beauty secret

A lot of women have that “final accessory” they put on to pull an entire look together. For some, it’s a statement ring, or a scarf. For me? It’s lipstick. 

I have experimented more with lipstick in the last year than in my entire life. For a long time I felt limited by my blonde hair and pale skin. But I’ve found that lipstick is essential for warming up my face and completing my look. 

It can also dramatically change a look from casual to a little more dressed up.

For example, if I’m wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and clear lip balm, it falls in the more casual category. But all I need to do is add a bold lip color, a floral scarf and wedges, and it dresses my look up immediately.

So my beauty secret to pull my looks together? Lipstick. 

And what is better than just lipstick? Long-wear lipstick.
I’ve tried long-wear lipsticks in the past and put them to the ultimate test. I would apply in the morning, head to the salon for a full day of working behind the chair, which involves talking, eating a quick lunch, and more talking. 

Only a few hours into wearing a long-wear lipstick, I’d be left with flakey color that was cracked and dry. 

It was the worst! I practically needed a lip exfoliator to get it off too.

I recently had the opportunity to try a few shades of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick. They sent me two colors I never would have chosen in the store and one that I actually already owned!

And so, the testing began. I wanted to see how these wore.

After about 4-6 hours of wear, I noticed that while my lips felt slightly dryer, I wasn’t left with flakiness. The color was still nearly as intense as when I first applied it, but a bit of the shine was gone. None had transferred to my lunch as I ate it either, and that was appealing in and of itself. 

After lunch, instead of layering on another swipe of the same lipstick, I opted for a coordinating gloss just to kick up the shine and moisture.

And that refreshed it and gave me a few more hours of wear.

Overall, I was really impressed by the wearability and longevity of these lipsticks. And I found that I enjoyed wearing “Backstage” more than I originally thought! It’s a deep plum/mauve color, and perfect for a high-impact lip!
Be sure to check out Revlon’s Facebook page for more information and updates!
So, what is your beauty secret? 
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  1. says

    I am so glad you reviewed this lipstick! I have bought a few of them and loved it but I have such a hard time finding a color that works for me (I have warm undertones in my skin) but LOVED this lipstick so much just because it can be worn and then I can put my favorite lip balm over it later without having to put more lipstick on.

    Love your blog!

  2. says

    My beauty secret is actually perfume. You can’t see it, but I feel like it adds a great effect. I love that now when my fiance smells my scent, he only connects it to me :) My current scent is Bath & Body Works “Dark Kiss”

  3. says

    My beauty secret is…earrings! If an outfit is more plain, but the earrings are interesting or dressed up, your outfit is SET. Not to mention that earrings are typically on the lower end of pricing ($) as compared to bracelets/necklaces. I do love my earrings, but lipstick is a close second place 😉 Thanks, Kate! smmanley01(at)

  4. says

    My recent secret is tinted lip balm by burt’s bees. I usually don’t do any color on my lips, so the light tint was a good baby step to take. Now I just need to be brave enough and use it more than once a day. LOL! That for the lipstick post, watching you do it instills bravery in me.

  5. says

    I recently discovered that Revlon suede lipstick also and was given several colors to try as well :-) It’s extremely versatile in that you can wear it either matte or glossy with a little foundation on your lips first OR a little burt’s bees. One way comes out matte the other a lovely, balmy shade that also has the added benefit of making your lips look fuller!

  6. says

    Because of you, Kate, my beauty statement has also become lipstick. I used to rarely wear it with the same reasoning as you – my fair skin. I had one go-to color and thought it was the only one I could wear. Thankfully you’ve opened the door to many more shades for me. Thanks so much for your inspiration! I can’t wait to try this Revlon line!

  7. says

    I have to have eyeliner! Not a super thick dramatic look but just a little or I look sleepy and frumpy. But if I just use a little liner I look 1000 times better!

  8. says

    My beauty secret is earrings! I feel like I need them no matter what I am wearing just to finish my outfits. Even just around the house, I like to wear studs or small earrings just to feel more girly and made up!! My email is

  9. says

    I am such a chicken when it comes to lipstick, at the most I wear a light gloss! I think I am scared it will draw attention too much attention to my face, lol. I may have to suck it up and try some though, it always looks fantastic on you! And with that note, my only beauty secret is that I follow your blog religiously and am learning lots……I am kind of a beauty/fashion beginner!

  10. says

    I think my beauty secret is a good mascara. I have little stubby eyelashes, so I have searched high and low to find a good mascara that works for me. I am really happy with The Rocket by Mabelline. Oh, and I have to say coconut oil too.

  11. says

    I recently started using primer under my foundation. Where has it been all my life? I don’t know if it is much a secret (I am just slow to the game) but it makes all the difference in my face staying more fresh looking. Love it!

  12. says

    I know I should wear it more often than I do but its lipstick or lipgloss. I look dead when I don’t wear anything on my lips!

  13. says

    It also has to be LIPSTICK before I can finally feel finished and ready to go out the door. It really is the finishing touch. I will certainly try the Revlon brand you highlighted, for coverage, staying power and to be ready for a long day.

  14. says

    I never leave the house without putting on my BareMinerals foundation, which tames my rosacea so nicely, and definitely have to have lipgloss on. I really love Ulta’s SuperShiny Lip Gloss, color #10-Mischief.

  15. says

    Oh I love this lipstick. I have it in “runway” and adore the color. I agree that it does dry out after a few hours of wear, but no flaking, which is wonderful. A little bit of gloss and the color is recharged for a few more hours of wear. its a great thing to have in my makeup arsenal!

  16. says

    My beauty secret is definitely perfume. I Never leave the house without it. You will find me with no makeup and sweats, but better believe I will have perfume on. My favorite it Chanel Chance. I just started a new blog, love yours. You can check mine out if you want…
    My email is

  17. says

    Mine is mascara. Even if I don’t do anything else, mascara will open my eyes and make me seem more awake. However, I’m trying to get I to lipstick but its a little intimidating!! I do love the “backstage” color though. Maybe I’ll give it a go!

  18. says

    I have started experimenting with lipstick this year, in anticipation of my wedding in May. My beauty secret is a good mascara!

  19. says

    I also have blonde hair and very fair skin, so I’ve always been afraid of wearing lipsticks. You’re inspiring me! I need to try it out. That Backstage color is fabulous.

    My beauty secret is Moroccan hair oil. OMG. It has changed my life.

  20. says

    I can skip the rest of my eye makeup if necessary as long as I get a good swipe of eyeliner! I need to get more experimental with my lip color, though…kind of a wimp there.

  21. says

    I have no secrets, I usually just count on my two cute toddlers to distract the attention from me. But, I have found that I really like BB cream. jenniekate(at)

  22. says

    Mascara is probably my little beauty secret- I almost never leave the house without it! And a good pair of earrings can do wonders when you’re stuck wearing nursing scrubs with your hair pulled up off your face every day for work :)

  23. says

    My beauty secret is mascara! I’m fortunately blessed with long, full lashes but even when I’m not wearing any other makeup, I think a light coat of natural looking mascara for extra definition just makes your eyes pop and makes you look infinitely more pulled together.

    I’m curious to try these long-wearing Revlon lipsticks. I’ve LOVED every other lip product I’ve tried from Revlon–they’re one of my favorite brands.

  24. says

    This is great to know! I’ve never found a long-wearing lipstick that I’ve liked, I may have to try this out.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    whitney (dot) c (dot) goetz (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. says

    My beauty secret is to simply be comfortable wherever you are applying your makeup. I have found that if I am sitting on the floor or sitting in a chair in front of the mirror where I am comfortable, I apply my makeup much more carefully and can relax than if I am standing in front of my bathroom sink, leaning in towards the mirror to make sure my eyeliner is perfect. When sitting, you can relax and be more patient with your makeup which creates a much better outcome!

  26. says

    My secret is a good wash and moisturizer before bed. I often don’t have the time to really scrub my face in the morning, so I do it at night and use my Clinique moisturizer so I can start with a fresh face every morning.

  27. says

    My secret is a good wash and moisturizer before bed. I often don’t have the time to really scrub my face in the morning, so I do it at night and use my Clinique moisturizer so I can start with a fresh face every morning.

  28. says

    I don’t really have a beauty secret. I guess mascara and eyeliner (since that’s pretty much my daily makeup routine) would have to be it. :)

  29. says

    My beauty secret is mascara! I’m never seen without mascara on – it’s the one thing I have to have! Thanks for this post, and all of your posts – I love your blog!


  30. says

    my beauty secret is mascara and lipstick. I find that even if i don’t have much time, with a swipe of mascara, dust of powder, and lipstick in a bold color, i immediately have that retro glam look, which has slowly become my staple!

    I too tried this lipstick, in the backstage color (that is what they showed on the commercial as being a deep mauve color) and it was NOT great. It actually looked like a pink/berry shade on me and wasn’t dark at all- and it was gone after 2 drinks, leaving my lips dry and flaky. I was so bummed and quite disappointed with this product. So in an effort to save the $8 spent on failed lipstick, I decided to try it as a cream blush and have found that it’s fantastic! It stays on all day, and is blend-able and has such a great color, unlike many cream blush shades out there. So, overall- I guess I salvaged it a little! =)

  31. says

    love lipstick too! even without a spec of other makeup on, throw on some lipstick and you dont look like such a shlep at the grocery store. lol i have so many beauty favorites…guess my favorite beauty secret would be highlighting and contouring. makes me look like i have a new nose :)

  32. says

    My actual secret is that my red hair is totally fake. But my beauty secret weapon is getting my eyebrows professionally shaped and using the Stila brow pencil to fill in the sparse spots. Having groomed brows makes my whole face look better!

  33. says

    My two beauty secrets are a deep conditioner EVERY weekend- I use Ojon or if I’m on the cheap, coconut oil. I also use Tarte oil every night on a clean face and I’ve seen a big difference already! I just started using Revlon lipstick too (was a Sephora fan before) and I really love their’s more. Revlon nailpolish is fantastic too – it’s my go-to!

  34. says

    Filling in my eyebrows and mascara…I won’t leave my house without doing those two quick things! But now I really want to try lipstick. lisayvette3(@)gmail(dot)com

  35. says

    My beauty secret? Drinking water and mousturizing!! Nothing helps me look more amazing. The condition of my skin can change it ALL for me.

  36. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My beauty secret is I always spray my perfume on my lower abdomen before I get dressed. It’s not too strong or overpowering versus when I spray it on my wrists or neck. I too am blue-eyed and blonde with very pale skin! I use a tahitian gold eyeliner daily. It’s not too dark or harsh looking and it really works for casual (without mascara) or dressy (with mascara) looks! Have a blessed week!!

  37. says

    My beauty secret is using a couple of powders for a subtle contouring. I place a slightly darker shade on the places where shadows would be and then a lighter shade in the remaining areas. Lastly, I hit my cheeks with a rosy blush. It takes 2 minutes and makes a huge difference.


  38. says

    To feel put together, I like to have a good clean looking face. So B.B. cream & a dusting of Bare Mineral powder with blush makes me feel good.


  39. says

    Thanks for writing this! I don’t wear lipstick hardly ever because of that ‘dry’ feeling but may have to try this kind! Also I agree drinking a lot of water sure helps the skin!

  40. says

    I too, love addind a lip color! I agree that it completely dresses up and finishes a look.

    I personally couldn’t go without mascara, but lately have been loving my eyelash extensions! They are pricey, but OMG they make the BIGGEST difference for me! I feel like even without makeup I look far more put together than without them!

  41. says

    I am trying to find a good lipstick color, I like bold, but not too deep or too bright, It is proving to be difficult, I find something but it comes off so easily and and left not cute. I may have to try this lipstick and see who it works.

  42. says

    My beauty secret is eye liner and mascara. I’m a fair skinned with light hair. I feel so color-less and undefined without them. Also sleep and water helps so much with overall beauty. I don’t always get enough of either, but I can tell when I don’t.

  43. says

    I (almost) never leave the house without a little eyeliner on, but if I’m looking to take it up a notch I’ll add a scarf! It brings so much more color to my face and can make a simple outfit look a lot more put together with almost zero hassle.

  44. says

    Midwest winters can be harsh and the winds can be so drying. I am in my early 40s and found the best defense against dry skin in the winter is baby oil! I put it on after my shower and before drying and it helps my skin stay soft all day! I like the scent too!

  45. says

    My beauty secret…never to look into a mirror where I can see my whole face…I put on my makeup by applying my makeup focused on each part, never do I see my entire face…it depresses me.

  46. says

    Mine is to apply a dusting of baby powder to my face, when I’m down applying my face makeup. It helps set the makeup and keeps my face from getting that oily/shine.
    Thanks so much.

  47. says

    I have one shade of this lipstick already and liked it but I am a little scared of lipstick and didn’t know which shade to try next. I saw how pretty “preview” looked on you in the picture and went out and bought it on my lunch break. I cant wait to try it! I also picked up “women’s wear” which is a little lighter. Swatched on my hand it looks nearly identical to preview, but these lipsticks tend to look different on the lip than the hand, so we shall see.

  48. says

    Love backstage. That looks fantastic! My beauty secret (well it’s not necessarily a secret but it’s great haha) BLUSH! Blush makes a huge difference in the look of your face! It draws attention to your face and makes you look warm and awake! It’s such a sweet part of makeup, I just think it makes everyone look adorable and without it your face can look so sallow!

  49. says

    My beauty secret is my eyelash curler – everyone asks me if I wear false eyelashes when I use it!

    I really miss using Revlon products (and Covergirl, L’Oreal, etc.), but I stopped using them recently because they changed their policies about testing on animals. I just cannot bear to use products that have been force fed to animals and smeared into their eyes. Reluctantly, I switched to Physician’s Formula products and love them.

  50. says

    My beauty secret is a great BB cream. I just learned about these and they do five things in one product- love it! Great giveaway!
    thestylefilesblog (@) gmail (dot) com

  51. says

    Amazingly enough, lipstick is also my new beauty secret. It is amazing because up until a few years ago, I was the girl that NEVER wore lipstick. I couldn’t be bothered to reapply so I figured why put it on in the first place. Since I discovered long lasting lipsticks, I have tried several varieties. My current favorite is Benefits Liquid Benetint but I am always on the lookout for more fabulous lips.

  52. says

    360/365 days I don’t wear any makeup…but when I want to put a little on for something extra special I add a little bit of black eyeliner on the outer portion of my bottom lids. I use it so rarely I have the same stick (it hasn’t dried out!) from years ago and can’t remember what brand it is! jasmin(dot)s(dot)darling(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. says

    My finishing touch is a great set of jewelry. You’ll rarely ever see me without a necklace & earrings on. I can bring a plain t-shirt from comfy casual to professional & put together just with the jewelry I pair with it.

  54. says

    My best secret lately is the Suave Professionals Argan Oil line. It’s so cheap, but works amazingly. Thanks for the giveaway!! (

  55. says

    Of course, I agree with lipstick. It’s the best! I am also loving tinted moisturizer. It gives me a glow without looking super made up which on some days I really appreciate.
    P.S. My favorite color on you is the middle one. It makes you look genuinely pretty (which I’m sure you are :)
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  56. says

    My favorite beauty accessory (although I love all of it) would be lipgloss. I replaced lipstick with lipgloss a couple years ago and now I HAVE to have that moisture on my lips constantly because it feels great. If I don’t have it, I feel naked! haha
    (shan d walker at g mail dot com)

  57. says

    I am going to start by saying that I follow your blog for about a year, I have “successfully” recreated some of your hair tutorials with my hair and each and every time received compliments and directed everyone that was amazed when they heard I did my updo to your site. While there are other hair tutorial sites out there I believe yours is the best and easiest to follow.
    At the end of last year you wrote that you will change your gear a bit and will get back to more tutorials and I was really looking forward to it, but am a bit disappointed that I feel that while there are indeed less giveaways on your blog, there are “paid” advertisements for different products. The web is soo full of ads nowadays and when I subscribe to a blog, I subscribe to it because I learn something from it. Now I know and understand that you couldn’t possibly post a hairdo every day, but I also enjoy your outfits, your makeup tutorials, and also your occasional rants about life or posts on your cat. I get the fact that bloggers spend a fair amount of their time working on their blog and it is only fair they get paid some compensation from it and I do not mind occasional product reviews that are in fact paid advertisements but it is only fair to the readers to indicate in the title or somewhere visible before the end of the post, that it is a paid advertisement. This way you give readers the option to read it or to skip it, which in the end shows that you respect their time.
    I still love your blog and look forward to your posts every day and will continue to direct people to it, I just hope you stay true to the initial mission of the blog

  58. says

    My beauty “secret” is eyeliner. I rarely ever wear make up, but on days that I feel like I need an extra boost eyeliner really does the trick. I use a dark green and smudge it in.

    wtiger9 at bellsouth dot net

  59. says

    Two mascaras! Using two different ones with different purposes (ie. lengthening vs volumizing) gives them an extra boost! Layer one on and follow up with the other while still wet.

  60. says

    Cheek stains! Definitely my favorite method of adding color to my cheeks. Absolutely obsessed with tarte’s version, especially the mini sized ones.

  61. says

    My beauty secret is to always wear moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher in it. That way, I won’t be all wrinkly when I am old(er)!

    lisalivingwell (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. says

    My beauty secret is pearl stud earrings. They go with everything, whether it’s a dress and heels, or a t-shirt and jeans, they make me feel so much more put together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put on other earrings and then changed to my pearls. Love them!

  63. says

    Mt beauty secret is don’t be afraid to have strong defined eyebrows! It is super strange, but my eyebrows are my most complimented feature!!

    newlywedded (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. says

    I love the look of these, but sadly cannot wear them. One of the moisturizing ingredients in them is aloe, which I am severely allergic to. They look great on you though.

  65. says

    My beauty secret is two different types of mascara. I have long long eyelashes and like a full and even longer look, so when it comes to mascara, I will do one to two coats of mascara, let that set, and then do another two coats of a different mascara. One mascara usually being a lengthening mascara and then another being a volumizing mascara. My e-mail:

  66. says

    My beauty secret thanks to birch box is frownies hydrating spray. I put it on just out of the shower and when I go to do my make up I have a more dewy look. LOVE IT!!

  67. says

    my beauty secrets are:
    1) cream blush {it lasts on my cheeks SO much longer, giving me a healthy glow throughout the day}
    2) under-eye concealer
    3) confidence! if you don’t feel confident, you can forget about looking pretty.

  68. says

    Mascara is essential, whether it is the only thing you have on or a compliment to the rest of your makeup. Always use black (unless you’re doing soe color and then I would still say try to layer over the black). I use two, one coat of the Sephora brand atomic volume then covergirl lashblast. It is amazing what mascara can do for your eyes.


  69. says

    Mascara is essential, whether it is the only thing you have on or a compliment to the rest of your makeup. Always use black (unless you’re doing soe color and then I would still say try to layer over the black). I use two, one coat of the Sephora brand atomic volume then covergirl lashblast. It is amazing what mascara can do for your eyes.


  70. says

    My beauty secret is a sincerely happy smile. It is free, it always fits, and it matches any shade of lipstick. Plus it makes you feel good too!! Jenwimberlycs(at) gmail (dot) com

  71. says

    My beauty secret is a sincerely happy smile. It is free, it always fits, and it matches any shade of lipstick. Plus it makes you feel good too!! Jenwimberlycs(at) gmail (dot) com

  72. says

    My beauty secret is my mascara. I use colossal water proof by maybelline and a regular eyelash curler. It’s what i put on at the end and it always pulls my whole look together and for days that i’m in a rush just doing these two steps with a little concealer is perfect.

  73. says

    I ran out and bought this lipstick right away, only to be MAJORLY disappointed. I don’t know how you can say it stayed on while you ate and drank. I took one sip 10 minutes after I put it on and it all came off. I have always respected your opinion on products and bought many things due to your opinion. But not anymore. What a waste of my money!

    • says

      April, you know you can return cosmetics that you don’t like, right? Always keep the receipt. Products that work for some, may not work for others.

  74. says

    My beauty secret is mascara…. a little bit of that and I feel that my eyes will sparkle a bit more and I can confidently go through my day.

  75. says

    Eyebrows are the key to my look. If my eyebrows aren’t done, I feel like I look unfinished. I love your blog, Kate. Thanks for taking the time to share your tips with us. :)

  76. says

    Years ago, someone told me that after applying my makeup to lightly dust my face with baby powder to help keep oils away and to leave a nice shine free look. I’ve done this for years and never had any acne problems and I always get compliments.
    Thanks so much.

  77. says

    My beauty secret is to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. Beauty starts from within.

    Katie Roch

  78. says

    Eyeliner. I never leave home without it. I am so pale and have blue eyes, so eyeliner gives me a little color and makes my eyes pop.

  79. says

    You are beautiful. :) My beauty secret is “less is more”. I like my natural beauty to show instead of having too much make up.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  80. says

    In the winter months, and any time the nighttime lows dip below freezing, I sleep with my humidifier running. This keeps my forehead from developing a nasty read dry patch that no lotions or oils seem to cure!

    14earth at gmail dot com

  81. says

    My beauty secret is to be natural. I find I am sexier as me then hiding under makeup. I won’t lie though I do freshen up with some make up when I go out. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  82. says

    I keep a couple of spoons in the freezer. After a sleepless night, I place the cold spoons on my puffy eyes to correct the problem before I apply makeup.

  83. says

    For me, it is less is more. I have never used makeup except for some lipstick, and at 74, I have clear skin and virtually no wrinkles. Not what the cosmetic companies want to hear!

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  84. says

    My hair is so dry so once a month I put a conditioner on my hair and sleep with it on overnight. When I wash it off in the morning my hair feels smoother

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  85. says

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  86. says

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