High Five for Friday

Folks. What a week.

My mom came down for a visit and became violently ill with food poisoning within a day of arriving.

We all felt terrible for her. I mean, it’s one thing to be sick. . .it’s another thing to be sick and not be in your own bed.

Justin and I were both stuck down with what we are fairly certain was the Nora-virus last year, and it was the sickest either of us has ever been.

I mean, when we said, “in sickness and in health” during our wedding vows (we actually didn’t say that, we used personalize vows, but just go with me here. . .) , we finally got to see what that meant.

Game-changing sickness. So I truly knew how poor mom felt this week.

Anyway, she suffered all Monday morning/Tuesday, but has been much much better now. She even helped me rearrange my office yesterday. In fact, I knew she was going to make it when she said she began to dream of going to Target and redecorating her home. That’s the doodle I know and love. 

Some highlights of the week are . . .

*can you feel how windy it was this day just by looking at this photo?

My friend Kacia made me this beautiful scarf. I requested a cat shape for the button, and she kindly obliged and made (made!) this cute little wooden cat. 
People keep looking at it when I’m at the store check out, or somewhere that I deal closely with strangers, and I truly want to hear their thoughts.

“Oh wow, that girl is cray cray.”
“What a beautiful scarf. Cats are the best.”
“Nothing screams cat lady like wearing a wooden cat on your scarf.”

I’m assuming most are thinking what I’m thinking, which is, “that is the cutest scarf in all the land.”

But seriously, it’s pretty perfect. It’s not huge where your hair is all messed up and you feel choked, but it’s warm and cozy.

I love these blue earrings from The Dotted Poppy. It was hard to choose between the ones I’m wearing and these. It’s fun to wear jewelry that my mom makes! She’s quite talented ( in more ways than one ) and her prices are fantastic. Check out her shop on Etsy


Made this delicious baked spaghetti last night. This was the third time I’ve made it, and it is truly scrumptuois. I did break a rule the second time and used skim milk (EVEN THOUGH I WAS TOLD SPECIFICALLLY NOT TO) and Caitlin was right, it won’t work. So, follow the rules, would ya? I also added beef because my man needs meat in his meals. 

4. Part two of the series on Blogging goes up next week! 


This, my friends, is so true. 

Linking up with this tiny cutie here.

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. says

    Haha! I love the cat etiquette. We have five of the suckers so I can definitely attest to the validity of it. I’ve basically resigned myself to a life covered with cat fur 😉

  2. says

    I love your blog for many reasons. However, one of my favorite is your love of Cats! :-)

    PS: If I saw you in the checkout line, I would fall into the “What a beautiful scarf. Cats are the best.” Category!!

  3. says

    Good grief you are pretty! If I saw you in the store, I wouldn’t be worried about your crazy cat lady scarf. I would be worried about standing too close to you in general so as not to make myself look even more like a hobo :) Glad your mom is feeling better!

  4. says

    Totally loving the scarf with the cat button! Cat etiquette… Hilarious! I’m gonna have to see if there is none for dogs. First time linking up with Lauren, 26 so excited :) TGIF, Andrea

  5. says

    Ummmm probably going to order some earrings from your momma! I have a pair like that from Stella and Dot, but they were much more AND I really love your blue color. So yeah 😉

  6. says

    Shut the front door – that cat button is great! As a fellow cat lover, I agree on all accounts to things cat-related in your post today – but what got me chuckling was your word choice “cutest scarf in all the land.” Totally. As to the cat-butt-in-face phenomenon, my sis and I were just debating that because of this, my cat is better w/ his long hair because there is a layer of fur protection between his bung-hole and my face when he does this, whereas her cats have short hair, ergo, no layer of protection when they are “sitting” on my lap.

  7. says

    Hey Katie, I am an interior designer from Charlotte, NC and I used you in a design presentation I did yesterday in the Baker Showroom in High Point. I showed the audience how you have linked your work to pinterest and how it has increased your traffic. They were amazed! I am sure you will get 61 ppl checking you out! Love your blog!

  8. says

    HAHAHA. I pinned the same Cat pin the other day. It’s hilarious!

    I love your scarf, but then again, cat pictures appear every other day on my Instagram!

  9. says

    I love the scarf. I am also what you could call a ‘cat lady’. The moment I saw it I was wondering where you got it from!I also love the cat etiquette- I can totally relate!

  10. says

    That baked spaghetti looks AMAZING!

    I have to correct you though, only because my name is Nora, the virus is the norovirus. I had it just a few weeks ago and definitely don’t want my name attached to that most HORRIBLE virus on earth!! 😉

  11. says

    Haha! You are so cute! Love your thoughts on what strangers are thinking about your scarf. :) It is pretty cute!!

    I have a doggie… but that comic is SO him! Except the shedding & (obviously) the litter box one! :)

    LOVE the earrings! Will check out her shop!

  12. says

    Hi Kate,
    I have been researching chemicals in cosmetics after I brought out in hives shortly after using a new Quo face moisturizer. I have come across a site that details cosmetics and their toxicity. I just wanted to point this out to you because after researching some of the cosmetics I use, a lot of them can cause endocrine disruption. I didnt know what that meant but it relates to chemicals that throw off hormones – it can also cause infertility. I remember reading your blog last week about your fertility clinic appt and just thought I’d pass this info along to you (seeing as how you use a lot of makeup on a daily basis). I hope you find this information helpful.

  13. says

    Thank you for the link to the spaghetti dish. I will definitely be making that soon. Love your lasagna recipe so I’m sure this will be great too:) The scarf looks like it was made to go with your eyes. Beautiful! Love the cat too!

  14. says

    Just a suggestion for the next time you make the spaghetti dish (or any spaghetti type meal)… Instead of beef, use Italian sausage. My fiance and I both grew up eating spaghetti with beef, but I was diagnosed with a beef allergy when I was 32. *sob* I wasn’t willing to give up my tasty spaghetti though, so I started using Italian sausage. Now my fiance won’t consider eating it any other way! SO. TASTY.

  15. says

    Thanks for the link, Kate! :) Oh and I discovered something the other day about the recipe–if you add more pasta, you can use skim milk. I used 12 ounces and it worked out just fine (although my mom thought there wasn’t enough sauce for all the pasta, but I didn’t think that at all). Hope that helps for next time!

  16. says

    Ooohhh I love those earrings! I hope she makes more for her shop! The scarf if very pretty and the cat button does NOT scream “Cat Lady” !

  17. says

    Love the scarf! Loved the earrings too and as I found the post as I was missing some girlfriends I ordered 4 pairs as gifts!

    Thank you for your blog – I love the hair tutorials also – in a week I have done 2 of them!

  18. Shae says

    Kate, you are just the cutest! Love your blog! I used the above spaghetti recipe shortly after reading this post way back in 2013. Since then I lost the recipe, and the link no longer works. Do you happen to still have it????? 😁🍝

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