umba box number two

dots and stripes

My second Umba box arrived! Let’s take a look at the contents, shall we?
(If you missed my first post about it, click here to read it!)

I have a soft spot for paper goods, ironically. So much of my life is technology-heavy, for convienence, but I could linger in a paper store for hours.

I love the Hunter Boots print from BrightBold&Beautiful! And her shop is filled with other beautiful prints as well. Like this one–I love it. 

The stationary from River & Bridge is adorable too. I love the font that “hello” is written in. She has a bunch of other cute options in her shop as well! 

Finally, the necklace is made by Figs & Ginger. While it’s not my personal style, I appreciate the delicate handmade nature of it. Also? They are located in Ashville which is just a few hours west of Raleigh. And if these were gold, I would buy them immediately!  

I really enjoyed this Umba box. Like I mentioned in the first post, it is a little pricey for a monthly subscription–but I completely understand why. Handmade items are special, and simply cost more to make than mass produced products.

I appreciate the detail and craftsmanship that goes into what I’ve recieved in the box. I have one more box to get as a part of my 3 month subscription, so look out for it next month! 

Questions about Umba box? Click here


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pretty little things says · 02.21.13

I get umba box every month too and ours is a little different this month! xo

Ilyssa Albert says · 02.21.13

Kate, have you thought of partnering with Umbra box? I would subscribe if I knew that I might get a piece of your jewelry. It’s all so beautiful!

Kate says · 02.21.13

oh thanks! We have not considered it but we’ll look into it!

Heather Carson says · 02.21.13

fun! i’ve been thinking of signing up for either BirchBox or Umba…

love that cute necklace, kinda looks like my chihuahua, Snazzy (she kinda looks like a fawn)

xo – heather
This Life Is Yours Blog

Sarah Callahan says · 02.21.13


Chance says · 02.21.13

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Candice says · 02.21.13

Hi! Love your Blog! You once had a tutorial for a style called the “easier than it looks updo.” Is that tutorial still available?

Kate says · 02.21.13

you can find it on my hair page!

Girl of a 1000 Dreams says · 02.21.13

Love the concept! Thanks for posting! I love to see what you get. I’m young and can’t afford the whole box but I think I might head on over and pick up a watercolor print!

LovePink says · 02.21.13

I just ordered the Essie print and the Kate Spade print. 🙂 I have been searching for the right prints to go above my make up table and this is perfect! I messaged the owner to see if she possibly has any lipstick ones too. I guess the Umbra box concept does work. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

Laura Trevey says · 02.21.13

Hi Kate!

Thanks so much for mentioning my Hunter boots print and Etsy shop. It brought me to your fabulous blog. I’m your newest fan…

Laura | Bright Bold and Beautiful blog

Mags Pomichowski says · 02.21.13

The stationary is darling!


Nana T says · 02.22.13

Kate. You should really check out this site. They send out boxes for you to try then you review products in them. You would be perfect for this!! Thought about you and my daughter when I saw this. God bless!

Proper Mom says · 02.23.13

This would be a perfect gift for any mom! Thanks for sharing!


Brittany0129 says · 02.26.13

Kate, you should look in to an Ipsy Bag Subscription. Its like Birch Box, but more makeup than skin care. I think you would like it! And you could blog about it!

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