February Q&A video

The questions answered in this faq video are:

1. How can I prevent creases in my hair when curling with a curling iron? (0:29)

2. How come when I use bobby pins, I get a “kick back” from them and they won’t hold? (1:15) *Diane bobby pins 

3. What do you think about having hair “thinned out”? (2:50)

4. Is it necessary to have matching shampoo and conditioner? (4:53)

5. Do you cut your own hair and are you going to share a tutorial? (6:00)

Click here, or here, to see a few other faq videos!


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    I understand about not wanting to show how you cut your hair, but how about cutting your fringe? I often cut mine, just because I can’t be bothered to go to the salon so often, but some times it comes out better than other times.. =) So I wouldn’t mind some pointers.

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    Kate, I always love your FAQ videos. Listening to your thorough answers and funny anecdotes feels akin to grabbing coffee with a friend…who also happens to be an amazing hair stylist. Thank you! I agree with Nienke about pointers-a lot of us are likely doing trims, layers, bangs, etc. on our own anyway, but I respect your decision to refrain. Keep the great styling tutorials coming!

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    What size did you get your Tailor and Stylist Emerald skirt in? I went with the next size up but it still feels tight. Is yours tight on you?

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    I’m so glad someone thought to ask about using matching products. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a shampoo that intrigued me and passed on it because there was no coordinating conditioner. I think it happened on Saturday as a matter of fact. Sheesh. I think I may go back and buy it.

    Love and blessings!

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    I must still be mourning moving away from my beloved stylist. She cut my mom, sister and my hair for roughly the past 8 years. It’s been almost 2 years and I havent found any one comparable, ability and price. Everyone is so much more expensive in California its hard to afford shopping around. I’ve actually scheduled w her while home for Christmas and of course, she worked magic when all I told her is ‘I want bangs’.

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    Love these videos! Thank you so much for posting them and everything else you put up on this blog. Love it all :)

    Two things – first, your lips are fabulous in this video; what are you wearing? Second (related to the shampoo/conditioner question), what do you think of conditioner washing (no shampoo, just conditioner used to scrub the oil and dirt out)?


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    This is a great FAQ! I also love that you posted the questions and the time they are at the video, because not all the questions applied to me and my hair. Love your blog!


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    On behalf of hair stylists, thank you for not posting a DIY haircut tutorial. The reason you know how to cut your hair is because you do that for a living and have been trained at it. I understand people trimming their own bang area or fringe. But no one asks a Dr how to do surgery or teach them to do their own stitches. Some things you just leave to a professional. I have fixed plenty of DIY haircuts and its not pretty. Cutting your own hair is hard enough even if you KNOW what you are doing, much less if you don’t. :)

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    Great video! Also, I thought I would let you know that they are now selling Kate Spade handbags at the Nordstrom Rack over by Southpark mall. I bought a poppy colored, large Kate Spade handbag for $179 this past weekend there. You should check it out!

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      I’m sorry, not Southpark… SouthPOINT mall, in Durham. I live in Brier Creek, but we will be moving to Charlotte in the fall, so I have the Southpark in Charlotte on my mind haha… brain fart!

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