January Birchbox

On this last day of January, I will finally share my January Birchbox!

I love the Deborah Lippmann “Stripper to go” nail polish remover pads for travel. I’ve collected a few of these over my year and a half recieveing Birchbox, and stash them away for later use!

The Balm Hot Mama blush is a really beautiful color. Perfectly peach, with a subtle hit of shimmer. It’s very similar to this blush, which is very popular and very flattering!

The clarifying shampoo is great to use every once in awhile. Clarifying shampoos can help cleanse hair of excess product build-up and excess oil. This is not the kind of shampoo you want to use daily. Start, if you feel necessary, with once a month.

The fragrance is nice, and the cream is nourishing without being greasy or heavy! 

If you have any questions about Birchbox, click here


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    I got the Clarifying Shampoo too and I admit- I use it too much! I’m a stay at home mom who doesn’t always get to wash her hair every day (ewww, I know), got any good tips for stretching a shampoo? I feel like if I use the clarifying shampoo it stays cleaner looking longer, but you say use it once a month (yikes!).

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      I suggested once a month since most people tend to overuse clarifing shampoos and then tend to be a little drying. Once a week should be fine for you, especially since you are going a few days between!

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      I got it to and I’m obsessed with the smell of it. And even though I know they’re drying I’ve used it often as well. Same SAHM problem, (those 5 minute showers or nothing at all) on the days I used I mixed it in with my regular shampoo just to get that extra clean feeling without stripping my colored and highlighted hair.
      Side note, I think I’m ordering it anyway between the smell and how soft it made my hair!

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    Kate, I recently moved to another part of the US and since arriving, my hair never feels “clean.” It feels greasy even after blow-drying. Perhaps it’s the new climate? Would the clarifying shampoo help in this case or should I just try switching my daily shampoo? Thanks!

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

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    FYI, if you get a duplicate sample, let them know, they will usually give you 100 birchbox points! I reviewed samples from my box and mentioned in one of the reviews that I had received it in the past and boom, 100 points.

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    I love the Hot Mama blush! I also got the clarifying shampoo in my birchbox. Is there a certain conditioner you would recommend to go with it when you use it the once a month or every two weeks?

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    I too learned about Birchbox from you and received my first one a few weeks ago. So it seems that not everyone gets the same items. I got a lip gloss with a mirror on the outside of the tube and I love it. So excited about future boxes! Thanks, Kate! You are SO inspiring. My overall “look” looks better because of you.

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    I have been using that exact brand and color of blush for about a year now, and I love it. I pray they never discontinue it. Guess where I got the idea for this blush? From Kyle on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. that is her go to blush. And I think she is gorgeous, so I decided to order it, and am so glad I did. At the time I was having difficulty finding the perfect blush for me, and I believe I found it.

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    We got the same box this month with one exception–instead of the nail polish remover pads, I got Eyelash Serum. I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed with this month’s box… Sigh. Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

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    The blush I got was the only good thing in my box. :( I really wish there was an option for more make-up and less filler (i.e. fragrances I can get for free at Sephora/Ulta). I got a make up remover pad which isn’t really a multi-use sample but I think I’ll get a lot of use from the blush (three weeks and going!).

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    I started using the clarifying shampoo and ended up having to wash my hair everyday instead of every other day like normal, so I stopped using it. Now that I read this, I wonder if I was using it too often and it was stripping my hair, therefore creating more oil…

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    We got the same box :) I am so glad I read this today, because I did not know that clarifying shampoo was only to be used once a month… I’ve only used it once, so I will safe it for a few weeks before using again!

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    I heard about birchbox through your blog (which i love by the way) but I received totally different things in mine that were all wonderful but I want that blush! Its the perfect shade of peach for this pale skin of mine! :)

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