Casual Half Up Hair Tutorial (+ polka dots!)

This tutorial is a little twist on the Flipped Half Up hair tutorial! It’s a little bit looser, softer and more casual. The bobby pins I’m using are from H&M and were under $3.00! If you don’t live near an H&M, check Target for some similar pins.

*this scarf was a gift from my husband during our trip to New York City earlier this year. If you hold it out, it’s a map of NYC! 
Bobby Pins: H&M
Polka Dot Sweater: Old Navy, similar
Chambray Button Up Shirt: J.Crew Factory
Ankle Zip Pants: Gap
Wedges: Alfani via TJ Maxx
Scarf: Kate Spade 


  1. says

    I LOVE your blog. I have tried MANY of your hairstyle tips and LOVE them. They are so easy to do and I have received many compliments! Keep them coming!!! :)

  2. says

    Just watched the tutorial with my daughter in my lap (love it!)and my daughter says “Wow she’s (Kate) is pretty!” So you have a 4 yr old follower now!!!

  3. says

    I got that sweater in brown with black dots this weekend. I didn’t even think of putting a shirt underneath, so cute! I’m a sucker for anything polka dots! Looks great!

  4. Ali says

    Your outfit is absolutely adorable! I’ve been following your blog and look forward to reading your new posts so much! And, just like Jamie who commented above, I have a 4 yr old who believes you are a combination of a hairstylist and princess. She could not contain her excitement when I told her your name is Kate. Her name is Lily Kate and she thinks it is supercool that ya’ll share a name. We just wish you lived closer so you could do our hair!

  5. Samantha says

    You always have perfect hair/outfits/makeup! I appreciate the tutorials. I have noticed lately that most of your tutorials start with curly hair. Can you please show a few that have straight hair as the basis as I enjoy wearing my hair straight as well.

  6. Kelli says

    Ok, so I’ve gotten pretty good at curling my hair with your method. I’m having major issues with my ends looking fried… even though they aren’t. Even fresh from a cut, they look dry & brittle after curling. Is there something I can do/use to keep this from happening?!? Help me, Kate! (Btw, I love your blog & read it daily. Sometimes multiple times daily, just to check in case you do more than one post…) : D

  7. says

    Hi Kate, I love the way you handle your hair. I have learned so much watching your tutorials. I had let my hair grow out very long with no bangs. I felt the times when I pulled my hair back in a pony tail, I looked harsh. You got me to thinking about cutting bangs. I was visiting my daughter in Atlanta (I live in Greenville, SC) and she was getting her hair cut. I asked if there was someone who might be able to cut my hair. Fortunately, a young girl had some time and we decided to cut a little bangs and bring the length up. I have really thick hair that has a little wave in it. I love my hair and am trying to use your tutorials to fix it. I have bought all the hair supplies you use and they really help!! I love your blog. Thanks for your help!! Nancy

  8. says

    I would also love to see some of these examples actually done with straight hair…I know you always mention that they can be done on straight hair, but I love variety and mostly wear my hair straight so as to prevent a lot of damage, and would like to see how they look done with straight. I also have a lot of hair, so how do you get those bumps to hold with so much hair?

  9. says

    I LOVE that you paired your sweater with the little giraffe necklace! I actually did the SAME thing this weekend when I wore my old navy polka dot sweater! Great minds think alike! Love your blog and your style!

  10. says

    i have the same sweater (different color) and the same button down from j. crew. my question is…when i wear a sweater over the button down, you can see the pockets of the button down through the sweater. how did you get yours to appear smooth?

  11. says

    I have this Kate Spade scarf and love it, but can never figure out what to wear with it, other than straight black, gray, or red. Thanks for showing it in a creative way! I guess I need to be less literal!

    • Anonymous says

      She has professional ones and mentioned that you can find them at Sally Beauty Supply. If you don’t have one in your town you can order online

  12. says

    I love this sweater and I wish Old Navy would get them in again! Also, thanks to you and your sister having outfit posts (I love them, keep them coming!) I fell in love with the giraffe necklace from J. Crew and I bought it! I have gotten so many compliments on it! The best $ I spent on a necklace lately ( I have bought many these past couple weeks! :) )

    Thanks for your amazing blog!

  13. says

    Hey Kate :)

    I’m brand new to your blog and my name is Laura of and currently having my hair done as I’m typing this. Well, sitting under a light anyways. I’m in the lake Norman NC area and love your style and tutorials! You are so pretty and I love getting tips, being a fellow blonde!


  14. says

    I keep trying to layer a collared shirt under a sweater like you did here (I have a similar polka dot v-neck from GAP), and every time I try it, I feel like I look bulky. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  15. Emily says

    Kate, bless you. Its Monday, it’s been a rough day around here AND bad hair day. Been following your blog for years so I popped on here to remedy the latter and this did the trick. So easy even my cowlicks and bad hair cut could handle it :) Day MADE!

  16. Carol says

    This is awesome – you are awesome! Ive been trying to master beautiful “natural” looking hairstyles…just subscribed and like you on FB! :) <3

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