High Five for Friday

It’s Friday folks!

My sister and I are still in Wisconsin visiting with family and spending plenty of time in the sun.

I’m ready to see my man again, but we have one more day here to do things like this. . .

1. Enjoying this beautiful home on a really disgusting lake. Usually the lake is beautiful, but with the warm winter, early spring and lack of rain, the lake is like pea soup.

So we bought a cheap pool for the backyard and have been swimming in that (I use the word swimming loosely since it’s 10 feet in diameter) real redneck like. 

2. The time spent here is very relaxing, with little makeup and lots of ponytails. Also, quick showers because we used so many gallons of water to fill our pool that the “new” well water we then used in the house smells like sulfur. Nothing like an egg shower to make you feel clean. 

3. Plenty, PLENTY of great food. Both homemade and eating out. Someday I’ll share my top restaurants in the chicagoland area that everyone must try.

4. Spending time with some family.

5. My sister and I sitting on her bathroom floor polishing our toenails with Cajun Shrimp. Major girl time.


  1. Anonymous says

    Where in WI are you?! I live here-up north-and there are some lakes that are totally garbage because of all the farm run off–gross!!! :)

  2. says

    WISCONSIN! I live in Southwest WI. And yes, our lakes are not the best this summer….but we are still boating every weekend! Your visit has probably been very HOT! We are going thru a heat wave! Yikes!

  3. says

    That house is beautiful! It looks so cozy! Also, Cajun Shrimp is one of my all time favorite OPI colors. It’s so perfect for summertime!

  4. says

    I live in WI!!! I live right outside of Milwaukee. It’s been scorching hot here! And let’s not call this area Chicagoland, there are lots of awesome things here that are uniquely Wisconsin!

  5. Lindsay says

    Lovin’ your blog! I agree… Lake Geneva is a great small town for a getaway! Good lake, food, and antiques! Thanks for making my mouth water with that Portillos:) Looking forward to your Chicagoland food blog… Girl and the Goat is our favorite there!

  6. says

    As ANOTHER of your Chicago readers, I second the Chicagoland food post. I love Portillo’s–I take all my out of town friends there, and act like I’m so above it because I’m a local, but I get so excited going there and always eat way too much. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. says

    Love this post! Is it just me or does Cajun Shrimp seem like the color has changed to you? (More red these days) Your pea soup and egg shower comparisons gave me the giggles! :)

  8. says

    The house and lake is so beautiful in the picture! You and lauren got some tan from lot of sun! Never heard of PORTILLOS and I looked up and found there is one here in LA. We will check it out!

  9. says

    Sounds like so much fun! I love Chicago and always have so much fun there. My family takes a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina every summer and I simply can’t wait for it. We go in August and it can’t get here fast enough! Have a great rest of your trip!

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate,
    I know this is off topic of your post, but last night as I stood what seemed like an eternity trying to find something to wear to work, I thought I should ask Kate (since she’s always so adorably dressed and dolled up) to take a photo of her closet to let all of her followers see it. I have a closet full of clothes but still can’t seem to find anything to wear each day. I am thinking I have too many clothes, but not sure what to weed out(had a baby almost 10 mths ago so I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get back into some of my pre baby clothes) so there it is, let us see your closet to see if ours has too many inhabitants. PLEASE :)

  11. says

    SO jealous of your Portillos! I am from Chicago but currently live in TN and there isn’t one around. Love their food. We even had it at my high school and college grad parties, who knows maybe grad school next year too! Enjoy the warm weather and relaxation on your vacation!

  12. says

    I live in Wisconsin and have always wished you could come here to teach me how to do not just my hair but also my daughters!!!!! :)

  13. Anonymous says

    The pictures of the lake remind me of Lake Geneva where my best freind lives. Is that where you are? I stayed with her for a few days last summr and we ate the the most delicious Cuban place in Milwaukee and I loved Chicago.

  14. Marjie Scheib says

    I live in Lake Geneva and the lake has not been effected by the drought! Still as clear and beautiful as ever. But I am thinking you are on Delavan Lake??? Was it a good guess? Nice to have you in our area. Sorry for the heat!

  15. says

    I’m another of your Wisconsin readers and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself in our great state. Hopefully you haven’t melted from the heat and humidity we’ve been having as of late!

  16. says

    So fun! Question… My hair is just a tiny little bit longer then your sisters. And it’s thick… But it’s sooo flat! It has no volume. What can I do about that?

  17. says

    Love reading your blog. I’m way up in northern Alberta, Canada and enjoy being inspired by your hairstyles and make-up. I also love that you put a no-make-up pic on too. You and your sister shine beauty from the inside out.

  18. says

    Aah! You’re in my state! I thought of you as got dressed this week when my husband and I were on a mini-break to Door County… Thank you for all the posts, you’re making the world more beautiful :-)

  19. says

    I love that you can make the best of any situation AND you look great without makeup. Enjoy the rest of your holiday !!! I am heading to NYC in a week and was re reading your post and making a few notes…..

  20. says

    I just have to tell you I just had an epiphany with my hair. I have been curling my hair wrong for 25yrs! And as a girl who curls her at least 3 days a week…thats crazy to me!! I wish I could post a pic of my success…my hair has never looked this good!
    Thank you for being awesome and have a GREAT vacation.
    A newly dedicated follower

  21. Jess R says

    I’m at the cabin on Balsam Lake! I totally hear the quick showers & no make-up with ponytails! I love how sunglasses can hide a naked face look!
    Anyway, the cabin you’re at is beautiful & I hope you’re enjoying some R & R time with your sis!

  22. says

    It is weird that the lake is like that, I live up north by lake superior and we have a cabin in the Barnes,wi area and it is beautiful this year.

  23. says

    It has been so hot here, we went to the pool several times but it was so hot the kids didn’t even want to swim. The heat broke last night finally. The Portillo’s looks amazing, now I’m hungry!

  24. dorothy says

    Ok cheeseheads. You need to hurry back so we can have taco grape night at my place! i’m ready for you. also, i still need to see the new pads.

  25. Anonymous says

    Kate, where in Wisconsin is your family’s lake place? My parents live on a lake that looks eerily similar to the pictures you posted, including the pea-soup-like lake…..

    -Lindsey (a loyal follower of The Small Things)

  26. Jackie says

    Hi Kate, Love your blog! I am from southeast WI. Glad to see you could join us for this crazy hot weather :)

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