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This is one of my favorite straightening products to use on any texture. On the package, Redken says that it’s made for fine hair, however the “sister product” that was formulated for coarse hair, called Power Tame, is awful. It’s sticky, heavy and leaves a film on the hair.

So I just use Sheer Straight on everyone. 

Sheer straight is light but effective even on the coarsest of textures. And if you need extra straightening apply a layer of Sheer Straight, run it through the hair, and then apply a thin layer of Slim Supreme on the hair. 

So go ahead, beat the humidity, and rock some straight hair this summer.


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Tawny says · 07.05.12

Thank you for sharing! I have been rocking wavy hair all summer,I’m going to try this!

MICHELLE CURRY says · 07.05.12

I love Sheer Straight!! I used it often when I was in the Salon ๐Ÿ™‚ I also loved Vinyl Glam!

helen tilston says · 07.05.12

Thank you for this. I shall try it – today is very humid and my combination hair needs taming

Have a glorious day

Helen xx

Diana @ The Chic Life says · 07.05.12

Ooh la la. I’m always on the look out for a great straightening product. Thanks for the rec! ๐Ÿ™‚

April M says · 07.05.12

I love the Aquage Straightening gel, but I may have to try this too.

carla5555 says · 07.05.12

Sounds great!! Question, is this sulfate free? I just did the Copola keratin treatment but this sounds so good!


Anonymous says · 07.05.12

I love this product too. Really works great on my waves!

Brittany Walsh says · 07.05.12

Need to try this. The humidity has been killer in Wisconsin and all I can do is throw my hair up in a top bun. Thanks for the info!


Brooke says · 07.05.12

This post came just in time! I’ve been researching products to try. I’ll put that list to the side and get this asap! Thank you!

Rachel says · 07.05.12

I’ll have to try this! I straighten my very curly hair, and since I live in the South, I fight a year-round battle with humidity and frizz.

Riley Rabasco says · 07.05.12

What do you think of Guts 10? http://www.redken.com/products/styling/volume/guts-10 I have been using this for a while and I think I may be using too much; it leaves my hair feeling really dirty.

Applebypie says · 07.05.12

The more I try Redken products , the more I love them…and not too expensive either! Going to give this a go.

Rachel on a Sunday Afternoon says · 07.05.12

Perfect – just posted on my blog that I am searching for a product that will help fight humidity!! http://www.onasundayafternoon.com


Amanda says · 07.05.12

I have power tame after a hairstylist recommended it and that stuff is awful I have used it a few times but mostly it sits in a box of products I don’t use. I will try sheer straight though ๐Ÿ™‚

Lily says · 07.05.12

This is why I love your blog Kate. It is so nice to have a reliable resource as a guide through all the gazillion hair products out on the market today. My stylist is very loyal to the very few brands that her salon sells. I’m a hair product junkie- I need more than just Moracan oil products or a very expensive product line from France. lol

Rachael {all things beautiful} says · 07.05.12

LOVE your blog! A friend of mine just introduced me to it. I love finding and testing new beauty products so this is right up my alley. And I love trying new hair ideas but have a hard time coming up with them so this is going to be great. Your newest follower ๐Ÿ™‚

Kelly T. says · 07.05.12

Hi Kate! I am sooo happy I found your blog! I have a new hair style today because of you. You are absolutely adorable! Thank you sooo much for all your tips!!! I can not believe all the great stuff I can now do to my hair because you make it so easy. Thank you:)

Lee Ann says · 07.05.12

Will this staighten your hair(somewhat) without using a flat iron? My daughter has wavy, yet very frizzy hair, and it drives her nuts! However, she doesn’t like to straighten her hair because it is also very thick and takes her forever to do it.

Brenda says · 07.05.12

I’ll have to try this combination! Right now I use Glass and Thermal Resist. It works fine in the winter and when the summer isn’t super hot. It’s not holding up in this crazy humidity we’ve had lately though.

Anonymous says · 07.05.12

I’m looking for a good product to use before straightening hair. Have you ever tried any products by Thermafuse? Someone mentioned the HeatSmart Serum-Dry Oil Treatment. Thoughts? Thanks!

Melissa Wade says · 07.05.12

I use this too…you are soo right about using the one for thin hair! I can’t wait to try your other suggestions along with it because this product alone doesn’t do it for my hair….my hair is still REALLY frizzy.

Sea Stone Journal says · 07.05.12

I’ll have to try this. I have curly hair and like using a leave in straightener to relax my curls and keep them all together (weird I know). I love Redken products too.

E x


Em says · 07.06.12

I LOVE Redken’s Anti-Snap leave-in treatment. I have REALLY thick hair (thank you, Italian grandmother) which frizzes when there’s humidity and has an ugly wave if I let it air dry. This stuff makes my hair super soft and doesn’t feel greasy at all (I use a quarter-sized dollop because I have so much hair, concentrating it on the ends). I think I need to start investing in more Redken products!

Jeremy and Megan says · 07.06.12

I’m not usually a redken fan, but this looks like a redken product I must try!! ๐Ÿ™‚

xholleewoodx says · 07.11.12

I really love this stuff! My hair is super damaged from bleaching it so much, so I try to keep my flat-iron usage to a low. The Redken Sheer Straight helps my hair be flat from blow-drying it and then I really don’t have to flat-iron it.


Best Flat Iron For Hair says · 07.17.12

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Emmy says · 06.26.14

Looks like they discontinued this. Any other suggestions? My hair is crazy frizzy.