Apps and Tunes

Some of my favorites apps and tunes lately:

1. The James Morrison Pandora Station. If you need chill background music, this is where it’s at. It’s music that calms my soul. 
*occasionally pandora will get a little bored and pick a totally random song to throw in there and I’ve definitely come across Black Eyed Peas on this station. #no
**also, how many times does a girl have to “thumbs down” Adele before Pandora will learn?

2. Dave Barnes, Stories to Tell. Love this dude’s voice. Also, love his ridiculous YouTube videos. 

3. The Fitness Pal app. This is a food and exercise tracker to help you stay on track with your health goals. I like it because it makes me think twice before ordering that grande mocha cookie crumble frappucino with extra whip from Starbucks.
*sometimes I order it anyway

What are some of your favorite apps? (besides the obvious: instagram, twitter, etc) 
My sister and I are headed home next week so I need some apps to distract me while waiting in the airport!


  1. Victoria says

    I love my Fitness Pal too! I actually cancelled Weight Watchers because I felt it was such a great alternative! Yay for saving $$. I also LOVE Dave Barnes!

  2. says

    Really dorky, but my husband and I love the Pirate Battle game! It’s like old school Battleships, but pirate themed.. We play it often. Usually sitting less than 3 ft away from one another 😉

  3. says

    My favorite app(s) are KLove, Our Daily Bread Devotional, Bible 1, Simply Us and my Nook app. I decided to throw in 5 for High Five For Friday! :))

    • says

      Flipboard is awesome. I added in some topics I normally don’t read about and I have learned so much about technology and other various things.

    • says

      Love Love Love flipboard it will sync with google reader…basically you can read all your favorite blogs in magazine format ie Kate is front and center everyday with all her outfits and hair tutorials when I open my iPad


  4. Jessica S. says

    I would be lost without my Kindle actual Kindle stays on my bedside table, but if I am ever out doing stuff and have at least 10 minutes to kill, I can squeeze in a little reading right where I left off the night before!

  5. Anonymous says

    My Fitness Pal helped me lose 11kgs really easily after the birth of my daughter. I can’t thank the creators of that app enough!

  6. Lauren says

    DrawSomething is a very fun app! It’s pictionary for the iPhone. You can play against people you know or random people. It’s all about drawing on your phone! It’s fun because the drawings never look that good, but so much fun! I promise you’ll laugh :)

  7. says

    I just discovered a new favorite – FeeddlerRSS (the free version). It syncs with google reader to put all the blogs you read into one nifty little spot. And you can mark them as read or unread. Big fan and I’ve only had it 24 hours. :)

    I also love PicFrame, Words with Friends, and Sound Hound.

  8. says

    I LOVE Flipboard for my iphone and my ipad!!! You can totally customize which categories you want to read from!! Of course Pinterest comes in a close second! I can get lost on Etsy searching for everything from party supplies to cute decorations! I like keeping in touch with news with my CNN app. Oh and also LOVE Houzz app…..get lost in all the pics of how to decorate, so many great ideas!!!! And I searching through One Kings Lane app, they have great sales! I get my celebrity fix through my EOnline, TMZ, & Fashion Police apps. Have fun on your trip!

  9. says

    I use Caloie Count for my tracking. I like it because it grades you on your choices – I am an over achiever and always strive for the A! LOL My relax APP I love is Scramble Free. I am completely horrible at it and play leisurely, but it it fun. The new songs I am in love with is Mona (younger version of Kings of Leon) and Alabama Shakes. Summer just brings in the rock and roll sound and they have the older feel. Have a safe trip and relax!

  10. says

    I LOVE shop savy-where you scan a bar code and it tells you what store has that item for the cheapest price! AND Gas Buddy-put in your location and it tells you what gas station has the cheapest gas! All about saving $$ :)

  11. says

    PeriodTracker…I recommend it to every woman! You can track your period, moods, symptoms, anything associate with your cycle really. It tells you when you’re fertile and ovulating and predicts your next period. My boyfriend flipped out when he saw it, cause you can track when you’ve been intimate too. I’m bad about remembering when my last period was when I go to the doctor, now I can just whip out my iPhone and give them an accurate date!

  12. says

    Some of my favorite apps are Netflix free app-if you have an account you can watch instantly anywhere…awesome. I also love the One Kings Lane App and Rue La La app – One Kings Lane is for home items/furniture over 70% off and Rue La La is designer clothes 70% off…always fun to browse. A fun one for airports is the Gate Guru. It tells you all the stores, restaurants, and things to do in whatever airport you are in, and what terminal they are in. So helpful, esp if you are traveling.
    The iHeartRadio app is also awesome…if you really like a particular radio station…you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.
    Hope these help, and have an amazing trip!

  13. says

    Love Dave Barnes – amazing! Totally had the same Adelle problem too. What’s up, Pandora?

    As far as apps go a total time waster is a game called Logos. It has company logos without any letters or writing and you have to guess the company. Other great ones are


  14. Kelly says

    Angry Birds – an absolutely addicting game! It will help pass the time while in an airport for sure. You will get lost in time by launching crazy birds into crazy structures- trust me on this one Kate 😉 I also like a memory game called Copy Cat.Finger bowling is also a fun way to pass the time. lol .. Have a nice trip home !

    • Kelly says

      LOL — ” I’m at a pAAYYphone trying to call home ” does get a bit annoying after a while.. concur.

  15. says

    Lol, I thought I was the only one with the Adele problem. Love Dave B too. I don’t have any other fun apps that weren’t already mentioned but I’ll have to try some of those suggestions!

  16. says

    Besides the obvious social networking apps, here are some of my favs:

    *Spend (budget tracker)
    *Flipboard (tons of free articles…from CNN to Glamour)
    *Dropbox (my go-to cloud storage service
    *Netflix (if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, I’d suggest only using this when you have Wifi access!)
    *Cuptakes (the cutest wallpapers EVER)
    *Kindle (if I’m anywhere without my actual Kindle, this app works in a pinch)
    *Cozi (free, multi-user calendar/to-do list/grocery list that syncs between families to let everyone be on the same “page.”)

  17. Anonymous says

    Yahtzee adventures is really fun (if you like yahtzee). You play against different characters to progress forward. They also have different kinds/styles of yahtzee you can play. Have a great trip!

  18. says

    I really like the Goodreads app. Mostly because I’m a nerd & I love to keep track of the books I’ve read & new books coming out. My Etsy app keeps my inner shopper happy & U.S. Presidents Match ’em Up to keep up with my slight obsession with the Presidents. Again…. I’m a nerd. :)

  19. says

    I also use many of the aps listed here…Draw This and Goodreads. I also enjoy the fun and addictive Where’s My Water and Sudoku. For fitness, I really like Log My Run; you can set it for running or walking or whatever fitness you’re doing, plus plug your music into it and it will keep you company. It logs your miles and maps your fitness location.

  20. Anonymous says

    i love the Fairway game – solitaire-type game. Very addicting!!!
    also, Priorities – tracks everything and can synch to your other calendars.

  21. Anonymous says

    Oh wow! Dave Barnes is amazing! If you get a chance to see him live, DO IT! You get a comedy show with a concert. Can’t go wrong!! Also, my fitness pal is a great app. I lost ten pounds in three months and it made me want to work out…craziness. I love that you can see weight loss progress on the graph.
    Ashley Hughes

  22. says

    We love Dropbox,, Iexercise, and the apps for the 100 pushup challenge and 200 situp challenge. I don’t like working out but these are so quick it’s something easy I can do

  23. says

    I knew there was a reason I loved you and your blog so much!!! James Morrison Pandora station is my regular, along with another 1 or 2, but he’s definitely an almost everyday!

  24. says

    Thanks for all the great replies! I finally splurged on myself last weekend and bought an Iphone. I’ll be looking for these in the App Store:)

  25. Anonymous says

    Cardstar is an app where you can scan the barcode off of all of your loyalty cards (like Petsmart) so when you check out, instead of digging through your wallet to find the card, they can scan the barcode from your phone. Leanne

  26. says

    LogosQuiz is definitely a fun app. Got us all the way to Clearwater and back. By the way, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!!! I am even sporting the cute updo today, thanks to your awesome tutorials. Finally, someone who gets my hair type. Thank you thank you. Keep it up!

  27. says

    I love’s app and Fertility Friend the most but I am also a fan of MFP… when I remember to add my exercise and food!

  28. says

    I use the SparkPeople app, you can track your food and fitness. I also use an app called Get Running…it gets you running :)I’ve also recently started using Songza which is like Pandora but better.

  29. Jackie says

    I’m going to have to check out My Fitness Pal since everyone is raving about it. Also, I will still like you, even if you don’t like Adele. 😉

  30. says

    Fashion Freax :) you can “heart” your favorite outfits and save them for inspiration later, as well as upload your own outfits. It’s a great way to stay on top of your game!

  31. Anonymous says

    FOODUCATE is the best app! It assigns a grade to almost every food in the grocery store. You just scan the bar code and it gives it a nutrional grade.

  32. says

    Vox. It’ll turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie. What’s the point? Just trust me, download it, and use it while driving. It’ll put Siri out of a job ’cause she’s just so darn inferior.

  33. says

    Vox. The app turns your iPhone into a walkie talkie. What good is this, you might ask. Just get it. Then use it while driving. Voila! Siri is out of a job ’cause she’s so gosh darn inferior! :)

  34. says

    I love Pandora…and my every day go-to app is Bloglovin!!! All my favorite blogs automatically post there and I catch up on them when I can…sometimes while standing in line at Target! ;}
    OH MY WORD…as I am typing this, listening to the James Morrison station LITERALLY Adele just came on…I am laughing out loud!!! And now…hitting the thumbs down button!
    Happy going Home week!!!! Enjoy!!!

  35. Anonymous says

    Endomondo – track how far you have walked/run, your speed, distance, calories & it maps the area.
    Ovuview – tracks period, symptoms, moods, predicts next period & time when you are most fertile.
    Words with friends – game that is similar to scrabble

  36. Tish says

    Pandora decided to “throw” in a change of songs during mile 16 of a recent marathon and I thumbs downed so many that it wouldn’t let me skip anymore:)!. I was stuck with this horrible, dark, slow song with 10 miles left to run:)!!…Other than that instance I love it:)

  37. says

    I love my classic bubble breaker App. But if you need some great music and fabulous videos, you should watch Lindsey Stirling – Shadows / or Lindsey Stirling – we found love. So great Youtube videos!!!!!!

  38. says

    Nexercise. You turn it on and choose whatever exercise you’re about to do and it monitors your movement which at the end converts it to points. Once you get a certain amount of points you are awarded with coupons. I’ve gotten coupons for greek yogurt, bath and body works lotions, etc.

  39. says

    10000000% agree with the thumbs down on Adele! Can’t stand her! If I never hear the song “Someone like you” again it will be WAYYYYY to soon! Thanks for all you share Kate!!

  40. says

    I ♥ My Fitness Pal!! I used to to drop 30 pounds and KEEP it off. Who needs Weight Watchers, anyway? I love Pandora, too. I use it to discover new workout tunes and at Christmas as background music as well.

  41. says

    Yelp; EmojiHD(you can add cute little pics to your texts); colorsplash (you can play with colors on your photos); Lose It; and packing pro. Have a fun trip!

  42. says

    Lose It. I use this app to follow my eating habits. It allows you to track your allotted calories each day and enter workouts.

    I also love Grocery IQ to create my shopping lists…it even lets you categorize by store and aisle!

  43. Anonymous says

    My friend just out out an app called Pharos that allows you to mark your location and allow you to get back to it (e.g. A scenic landscape, hidden running trail, or dive bar). When you search it, the picture has a blue background with a lighthouse.

  44. says

    Songza is like a way cooler version of Pandora. You can get really specific with your playlists and they don’t throw random songs in there. You can choose playlists by activity and the each activity has many many many options. Lots more fetus I haven’t even tried yet.

  45. says

    I love RunKeeper – tracks your average speed, distance, your current pace and calories burned. I listen to music while I run on my phone and every 5 minutes, RunKeeper updates you with your stats. It’s a great way to find out what a consistent and comfortable running or walking pace is for you (and I’m NOT a fast runner) and I love that I don’t have to fiddle with my phone to find out this stuff while running…just wait 5 minutes and the app will tell you. :)

  46. says

    How funny! It seems like no one else listens to James Morrison but that is my go-to station! And Pandora probably keeps playing Adele because they can’t believe you don’t like her!! They just keep trying to change your mind :)

    If you’re a regular Starbucks customer, then the app is a must have. I’ve also been playing a lot of Hanging with Friends lately– great time waster :)

  47. says

    I like Dotti (a restaurant helper where she has figured out the nutritional info along with the old and new WW points).

    Don’t know if it’s available in the States but I love the CBC (canadian version of NPR) app. They put a lot of their shows there. If you’ve got wi-fi, it’s a great way to catch the shows that are playing while you’re at work!

  48. says

    I am loving all of these app suggestions! :)

    Here are some that I use often and LOVE: YouVersion (Love the Devotional Plans they have!), Nike+ Running (Cost $1.99 but it is really neat) – It will allow you to post to facebook and every time someone likes your status or makes a comment, you hear a cheer on your phone. Haha… That keeps me going!, and Relax Melodies FREE – This helps me to sleep when my husband is snoring way too loud! :) My favorite combo is Heavy Rain and Storm – very soothing!

    Have a great trip!

  49. says

    Thanks for the Dave Barnes tip, I checked him out on my pandora, great voice! My favorite app is Sound Hound. When ever someone asks who sings this, sound hound will tell you and also give you the lyrics!

  50. says

    I work at a college and brought in Dave Barnes to do a show last spring…what a fun guy! He did such a great show and he is even funnier in person. My current app favs (other than social media) are: MyFitnessPal, Mint, Gas Buddy, Trip Advisor, Words w/Friends, Audible, and YouVersion.

  51. Anonymous says

    Zip list! I’ve been loving Dave Barnes for a decade now. I can’t believe people still don’t know about him, because he’s ah-may-zing!!!!

  52. says

    I’m in marketing, so as a tech nerd, few of my favorites are Evernote (changed both my professional life and personal life…and I really mean this), Spotify for music ($10/month gets you the ability to create playlists you can use on your iPhone for just about any artist & song ever, completely legitimate and legal – I no longer need to pay to download music–perfect for commute or gym!), Dropbox, and Snapseed for on the go photo editing. And Moxie is the most addictive word game ever. :)

    And as much as I’m annoyed that Martha Stewart is claiming on Twitter that her new crafting iPad app will help you learn graphic design (eyeroll) …it’s actually a really fun app to play around with, VERY well done- would make a great tool for collages to share w/ family via social or email!

  53. says

    I really like iFood. It’s a great recipe app…that even makes your shopping list for you and will put the items in department order. You can also scan items you already have at home and it will help you come up with a recipe. For me this is a must have, since I am not very domestic!

  54. says

    iswifter is well worth the $4.99. It’s a browser you can use on sites with Flash content. Yes, it will work on the iPad and iPhone! I used to get so annoyed when I couldn’t view things on my iPhone!

  55. Anonymous says

    All women stalk is a good one! It has all kind of advice makeup & health, etc. I use Hulu plus ALL this time to watch my shows. BUT there are abc, cw, & abc family apps!

  56. says

    After reading this (late, I know!) I decided to check out James Morrison’s station on Pandora. I absolutely love it! Usually I have to skip or thumbs down something by the third song, but so far every time a new song comes on you can hear me say, “Ooh, I love this song!”

  57. says

    Totally coming in late here, but I too LOVE Dave Barnes!! I even created a Dave Barnes Pandora Station. :) My pastor is his father. How cool is that?? I like the amazon price check app and Old Navy’s Snap Appy. You scan the Old Navy logo and get coupons to use instantly.

  58. says

    Totally coming in late here, but I too LOVE Dave Barnes!! I even created a Dave Barnes Pandora Station. :) My pastor is his father. How cool is that?? I like the amazon price check app and Old Navy’s Snap Appy. You scan the Old Navy logo and get coupons to use instantly.

  59. says

    Totally coming in late here, but I too LOVE Dave Barnes!! I even created a Dave Barnes Pandora Station. :) My pastor is his father. How cool is that?? I like the amazon price check app and Old Navy’s Snap Appy. You scan the Old Navy logo and get coupons to use instantly.

  60. says

    Totally coming in late here, but I too LOVE Dave Barnes!! I even created a Dave Barnes Pandora Station. :) My pastor is his father. How cool is that?? I like the amazon price check app and Old Navy’s Snap Appy. You scan the Old Navy logo and get coupons to use instantly.

  61. says

    Totally coming in late here, but I too LOVE Dave Barnes!! I even created a Dave Barnes Pandora Station. :) My pastor is his father. How cool is that?? I like the amazon price check app and Old Navy’s Snap Appy. You scan the Old Navy logo and get coupons to use instantly.

  62. says

    Perusing through your blog and came across this posting/thread about apps. I would like to add my two cents and I’m not sure if you will see it! I love “ShopKick”!!! you earn “kicks” (points) from walking into stores, scanning items and swipping through the app. Then you can “spend” the kicks on gift cards to Target, Starbucks and more!!! You seem to shop at Target alot as do I and I frequently trade in my kicks for a $5. or $10. gift card while I’m there, it goes right to your phone as a barcode and the cashier scans the barcode on your phone and intantly….you just saved $5. or $10. bucks!!!!! Check it out. It’s free!!!

  63. says

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