Phloof & Satin Taupe

Birthday burgers and a fun collaboration

Every once in awhile I like to switch things up with my eye makeup. My sister wears lighter eye makeup than me, and I wanted to try her technique on my eyes. 
*for my daily makeup routine, click here (although a few products have changed)

Since I already had the same products, all I had to do was change where I put them!

Normally I wear Satin Taupe across my lids, Brun in the outer corners, and a little bit of Phloof in the inner corners.

For this look, I wore Phloof all the way across my lids, and higher above my crease, and Satin Taupe in the outer corners. It’s incredible what a difference I think it makes when I don’t wear the darker Brun color.
(all of the eyeshadows I am taking about are Mac)

Pardon the awkward photos. Its hard to show eye makeup without looking asleep. 

It’s good to have a variety of shadows that all work together, so you can make quick changes that feel like a different look without buying new colors.


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Maria DaintyandDecadent says · 06.28.12

Satin Taupe is one of my top favorite MAC colors. It is also really pretty paired with Copperplate on the outer corners and Vex on the lid 🙂


Emily says · 06.28.12

I wear copperplate all the time and vex and phloof! And… I could go on and on. I could oPen my own MAC store

still being [molly] says · 06.28.12

satin taupe is such a gorgeous color! i love the natural look of these eyeshadows!! gorgeous 🙂

still being [molly]

Anonymous says · 06.28.12

I’ve been using these same colors for a while now!!! Love them together…I think I wear them a little heavier than you though.

Free To Be Me says · 06.28.12

I wish Panama City had a place that sold mac makeup! Looks pretty!!

Jenny Wilkins says · 06.28.12

The Dillard’s in Pier Park has MAC!

Sarah Hampel says · 06.28.12

So pretty! Satin taupe is one of my all-time fave MAC eye shadows!


Anonymous says · 06.28.12

Kate, what color blush are you wearing. And this is a very pretty eye-look on you! Gonna have to try it… 🙂


Laura says · 06.28.12

this looks so natural! so pretty! love it!

Ashlin says · 06.28.12

Nice !
I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown & Laura Mercier eyeshadows – but I foresee a visit to a Mac Counter to check some of these shadows out : )

Bare Essentials has an eyeshadow called Queen Tiffany that would look fabulous on you Kate. We have the same coloring & I find I get many compliments when I wear it. It is not a neutral shade as the look you have going here,but more of an outer corner of the eye accent shade. It would be a nice addition to the look that you typically wear. 😉

Anonymous says · 06.28.12

Kate, which lipstick are you wearing here? I cant tell if its that strawberry shortcake by Revlon or not]Thanks Crissy

Melissa {} says · 06.28.12

Your make up looks pretty! I tend to gravitate towards those colors as well. Since I am blonde and blue eyed, I have to add a little something extra on the outer part of my lids. It definitely helps to open the eye up!

Great tutorial.

Melissa from Grin and Barrett

Lindsay Patrick says · 06.28.12

I am a satin taupe girl through and through…my favorite color for my eyes.
The lighter look is great on you Kate!

Lindsay @

Maria says · 06.28.12

I love this look on you! It really does look great. I’m all about lighter colors as well. I don’t want to bring my eyes down too much since they’re really bright blue (most of the time)!

Sarah says · 06.28.12

Besides loving your makeup look, I LOVED your nail polish color! What is it Kate?

Lauren Dark says · 06.28.12

Your skin looks great in these pictures! Love the look.

Anonymous says · 06.28.12

Wow…you are absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m so jealous!

Beth says · 06.28.12

Love it and I really liked your typical colors, but this on
e really emphasizes your eyes! So pretty.

Jackie says · 06.28.12

LOVE your blog!!! last week friday a bunch of us girls from work tried to do a different hairstyle from your tutorials. Today i attempted the double bun and looks good!! 🙂
Another color that I find looks really nice and complements blue eyes is Sable my MAC. Give it a try 🙂

Kristen Fine says · 06.28.12

I knew we were meant to be friends! I wear Satin Taupe most days, too:)

Bonbonroz says · 06.28.12

Very pretty combination 🙂

Louise says · 06.28.12

That combo looks gorgeous with your blue eyes! I really love a more natural makeup look for daytime 🙂

xx Louise
A Little Beauty Luxury

Kellie says · 06.28.12

Very pretty Kate! The light look looks nice on you!

kmac says · 06.28.12

You look gorgeous, not awkward! 🙂

Jamie says · 06.28.12

Gorgeous as always!!! What lipstick are you wearing, I have been searching for a delicate pink lipstick.

Anonymous says · 06.28.12

What lipstick are you wearing try brave from mac

Amber says · 06.29.12

I LOVE MAC products! I would also love to know what lipstick you are wearing! But I wanted to see if you could do a hairstyle tutorial somehow of how to style your hair like Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory’s “The Werewolf Transformation” Episode. So pretty! I love your blog!

Allyson Butler says · 06.29.12

I love this look!

housegirlhaley says · 06.29.12

Satin taupe is probably my favorite MAC eyeshadow. It’s like a magic color or something.

Rain says · 06.29.12

So pretty! I’m also curious of your lip color! Such a pretty pink 😉

Rachel says · 06.29.12

Love this look! I usually stick to Clinique eyeshadows (Copper Penny is my go to color…and the Beach Plum duo when I want to dress it up a bit!) but I’m definitely going to have to head toward the MAC counter next time. A friend of mine recommended MAC’s Naked Lunch and Tempting which I will have to get eventually, but I think I’m going to go with your colors first!

Can’t wait to hear what you have on your lips too. So pretty!

DeLayne Oliva says · 06.29.12

Hi. Hope you had a great birthday. Thanks!

Rubiiee says · 06.29.12

Look gorgeous, somewhat natural as well. I have Phloof! and I have been wanting to get Satin Taupe too!


Casey says · 06.29.12

You look gorgeous Kate! I so enjoy reading your blog and trying to imitate what you do!

SWAKCouture says · 06.29.12

Hi Kate,
Love your blog and the makeup. 🙂 a little off topic: I sent an email about being a sponsor but am afraid that it might get lost in the mix with the vol. you receive. eek! 🙂 am thinking that you might see a msg here sooner. Can you mail me at Thanks! Amina

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 07.01.12

Looks beautiful! Your eyes look so bright!

Miss E says · 07.02.12

awkward? what are you talking about you look gorgeous!!! ps thanks for the tips 😉

Becky says · 07.05.12

I found your blog and love it. You are a beautiful woman, it shows through in your smile and eyes (beautiful hair and makeup totally aside). Thank you for sharing your tips. I have a nearly 12 year old daughter with long hair who really wants me to teach her how to style her hair, but is still very awkward using tools. Do you have any tutorials or advice for teaching a tween how to first learn how to style their hair without damaging it too much? 🙂 Thanks again for everything you have done.

Sultan@lashipix says · 07.25.12

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