Voluminous Waves

I’ve found a new, and semi-quick, way to give your hair lots of body and loose waves. The key with this style is taking really large sections, and clipping them with duckbill clips to cool. It’s not very different than my Setting Curls tutorial, except the finished look is looser and softer!

*I’m using a 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron by Hot Tools

volum waves

Purple shirt: Target, Sweater: Gap


  1. Britt says

    Kate, do you ever leave your hair straight? At the beginning of your hair tutorials, when it is straight, you look super cute.

  2. says

    I love this tutorial and especially love the volume you’re able to achieve at your roots. I have a question about Aquage Uplifting Foam. I have thick hair that’s a little on the coarse side that hangs to about bra strap length in the back. Because it’s so thick and heavy my roots are pretty flat. Do you think the Uplifting Foam would work with my hair type?

  3. Haley says

    I love your hair! But I have naturally curly hair (I straighten it every day). I would love my hair to do this but I really can’t start out with hair as straight as yours unless I straighten it first. Do you have any tips for doing this hair style with naturally curly hair and not having it take an hour to do?

  4. says

    Awesome! Your hair is so shiny and bouncy! I´m absolutely in love with it!I brought a curling iron the week before last and it works like a charm and I really love it and feel so pretty with curled hair! Best thing ever!

  5. says

    I bought Aquage Uplifting Foam and have tried it a few times. The times I have used it my curls always seem to fall out faster than when I have not used it. Do you think it is just because my hair is so long? It is about to my bra strap down my back and I have fine hair.

  6. says

    fun, can’t wait to try it, my hot tools curling iron came today!!

    My question is, i just also bought some more kenra 25 ( have to agree best hairspray out there), but as a bonus it came with a root lifting spray, have you even tried it? just wondering. I also use Aquage, and i love it!!!!! you changed all my products ahahh

  7. says

    I love it! I want to curl my hair SO badly, however my hair does not hold a curl whatsoever. I can curl it, and literally 5 minutes later the curl is gone. My hair is super fine, and pin straight. Got any tips in order to get my hair curled?

    • Danielle says

      Yes, use Kenra Thermal spray on each strand before you curl it. This stuff is magic. My daugher has fine stick straight hair and this is the only stuff that allows it to hold curl at all!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I have gotten many new hairstyles from you and they always get complimented, of course! I have a question about the duck-bill clips, would bobby pins going in vertically suffice or do you strongly recommend the clips? Thanks so much!

  9. says

    I have naturally very curly hair, but I have the hardest time getting my straightened hair to hold big curls. I have tried hot rollers and lots of hair spray and a hot curling iron, but they always see to fall out. any suggestions?

  10. Marina says

    You mentioned washing/drying your hair at night, then sleeping in a pony for volume? Any tutorial for that coming up soon? I would love to try that, but I think it would make my hair flat.

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. says

    I have hair that is about an inch or so shorter than your. I tried this for two days with a 1″ curling iron (instead of 1 1/4″ since my hair is shorter) I must not be doing something right. It appears I’m having trouble separating my curls for some reason. Any suggestions?

  12. says

    You have THE best hair…hands down. I need to get some of this Aquage foam (for one). When I curl my hair it feels like the waves/curls always end up looking “chunky” or separated even though it starts out looking nice. Tips?

  13. Anonymous says

    I am absolutley inlove with your hair! I have hair kind of shorter than yours but where extensions cause ive always wanted that long look just didnt want to wait for my hair to grow! haha, but I guess my question is can you use bobby pins to hold the curls instead? I would think you could but I was just making sure!

  14. Anonymous says

    Your videos provide a great tutorial. Here’s my suggestion for making them even better: Stop saying “kind of” in every sentence or every other sentence! (And to a lesser extent, “sort of.”) It makes the videos so hare to watch!! Watch a bunch of your videos yourself and count how often you say “kind of” or “sort of.” It’s a terrible verbal crutch/habit. And it weakens your point every time you use it.

  15. Anonymous says

    love your tutorials your awesome for shareing…thats funny didnt know you needed grammer lessons to do hair…..lol

  16. Jess says

    love your blog! I stumbled onto it from Pintrest and will be an avid reader from now on. I too have medium length hait and always feel bored with what I do with it. Now I have so many options! Thanks!

  17. Anonymous says

    Stumbled upon your blog while looking for hairstyles on Pinterest and I love your hair tutorials! I used to do my hair the same way and mine curls beautifully with a curling iron just like yours. I also have medium hair and like a lot of volume. I’ve let it grow out for two years now and this week I’m getting it all cut off! I want to go back to this style, but my hubby is military and we’re overseas so I only have one choice of a salon on base. The stylists are pretty incompetent and need specific instructions. I like the length of your hair in this video, but I might go an inch shorter. I can’t tell how short your layers are, though, and that is one thing the stylists here always need specifics about, otherwise I end up with a mullet. So how would I describe this?

  18. says

    You hair tutorials are absolutely amazing! For this specific look, when I tried this my curls were a little more defined then I would like them to be. Am I holding the curling iron in too long?

  19. Joanne says

    Love your blog. I have shoulder length fine, straight, and relatively thin hair and it is layered. I used a 1″ curling iron and i loved the results! I went to dinner with a friend and she stopped the conversation to say how beautiful my hair looked. I will be using the same technique for this weekends wedding festivities! Thanks so much for your information!

  20. says

    I like hair tutorails. Yours looks so easy to do and quick…I do have longer hair, but I think it’s going to be easy, I’ll try today. Great to find your blog.

  21. says

    OKay, so when I try this technique I get to the part where I loosen up the curls with my fingers and I always end up with a frizzy fro. I have pretty long, thin hair. Any advice?

  22. says

    Love this! I just wanted to know, I wash my hair everyday and condition it too, on the days that I like to curl it, you think skipping the conditioner would help the curls stay intact longer?
    Also, you’re using a ceramic plated curling iron right?

  23. says

    Love the tutorial, just wish my hair would hold the curls. Its so frustrating spending all that time curling it and then they just fall flat :(
    if you have any recommendations I would love to know

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