Reviving Slept on Locks

For those of you who can go a day or two in between shampooing–you have probably already learned that dry shampoo is a great way to “refresh” your roots. The concept of dry shampoo is to absorb oil and and add a little lift to day old hair. Oftentimes there is a “baby powder type” of powder that is mixed in with the aerosol dry shampoo that helps absorb oil even more, however if it’s overused your roots can look grey. Probably not the look you are going for.

Some of my favorite dry shampoos are:

*this is what I use in the tutorial
If you aren’t able to go a day in between shampooing, sometimes a dry shampoo can add some bulk to your hair even if its clean. It won’t be nearly as effective as a volume spray or a root lifter, but nevertheless it will add a little product and texture to your roots.

How to Revive your Hair on Day Two!

reviving slept locks- The Small Things Blog


    • Anonymous says

      It looks as though she’s using a coral color. Sonia kusuk (so?) From target stores has a treat one.

  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your favorites! I’ve been trying out a couple because I’m trying…really trying…to not wash my hair everyday ;-/ I tried the Bumble and Bumble one for brunettes and it ended up ruining the shirt I was wearing. I’m definitely going to try your out your favorites though!


  2. Caroline says

    Thank you for this Kate.
    I have a teen aged son on the autistic spectrum. At times he does not do a great job of scrubbing his scalf when washing his hair. With all the teenage hormones swirling around in his body,his hair is becoming much oilier. This is a great solution for him on the days he does a sub par job.

  3. tori says

    oh super cute, i think your hair is so great, it seems to hold every style you do so well.

    i can’t wait for the house tour, i love the colur on the walls, and the armoire in the back ground is so nice!

  4. says

    I just tried dry shampoo for the first time last week (i know, what took me so long?) and I’m loving it for my day 2 hair! Will be on the lookout for these brands!


  5. says

    I wish I had this problem! I’ve finally managed to find the right mix of products to get my Day1 hair to behave (almost) as agreeably as my Day 2 hair.

  6. says

    That was super helpful..I wasn’t sure at all how to use the dry shampoo. I recently went to a salon to get my hair styled (I normally just have a straight boring cut) and I took in a photo of one of your styles I found on Pinterest. I love how it turned out and wish I had gone in earlier! :)

  7. says

    I could not go a second or third day without dry shampoo. Doesn’t matter what products I put into my hair when I style- I’ll always look greasy day 2. I’ve actually been using the new Suave dry shampoo and I’m LOVING it. Smell is unobtrusive and it’s never powdery white in my hair.

    I love your blog like a duck loves a pond.


    • says

      I LOVE the new Suave dry shampoo – the Keratin one in the gold bottle! I also read that a trick to getting to a second or third day is putting dry shampoo in your hair right when it’s clean. I use it in my bangs to prevent the greasies on day 2.

  8. Kara says

    Sitting here with my day-old hair watching this. Perfect tutorial for me today. Always enjoy Mondays here at “The Small Things”! Thanks, Kate :)

  9. Anonymous says

    I have been using baby powder as dry shampoo for a few years. I personally like it, I brush my hair really well after I put it in, and my hair looks great! No grey or white scalp. However I would like to try a dry shampoo! I will look for the brand you have sugested! Thanks for the tip! Always look forward to ready your blog!

  10. Jessica says

    I know you said you don’t typically have oily hair, but would the KMS help with oil absorption for day 2? Or is it just more of a reviver? I’ve tried Tresemme reviving products and it doesn’t help the oily

  11. Anonymous says

    I’m so glad I saw this today! I never wash my hair every day, and I usually go 3-4 days between shampooings. Anything more and my hair gets too dry and starts breaking. I’ve never tried dry shampoo, but after seeing this I’m going to get some!

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! Which one in your opinion gives the least obtrusive odor throughout the day? I don’t mind paying premium prices for hair products; however, I’ve been using Tresemme only because of its great reviews. Problem is, the smell REALLY bothers me (I’m also unusually sensitive to heavy scents in general).

  13. says

    Where are you going in South Carolina? Looks like Edisto Island to me…I’ve gone there twice now and loved it!! And I live in Jersey City, right across the river from NYC (that picture looks like my view on my bike rides!)…you will have a great time on your trip, it’s such a fun place!! Enjoy!!

  14. says

    Great tutorial! What color blush & lipstick are you wearing today? Also what hairspray did you use at the end of this video? Thanks so much for your great blog! ~Shannon :)

  15. Anonymous says

    Ummmm, really? Your second day hair looks way better than my day 1 hair! :) I think it may have something to do with my three little ones and only having roughly, 7 1/2 minutes to style my hair. I LOVE your pony tail tutorial and end up going with that about 4 days a week! 😉 Thanks, Kate!

  16. Anonymous says

    Thank you! This will help me a lot. Thanks to your other videos, I now know how to properly use a curling iron!

  17. says

    I too love the new Suave dry shampoo. They sent me a sample, but I’m really not into going unshowered/dirty hair. Unfortunately this fall I had to have urgent surgery (which required me to go THREE DAYS without showering… are you kidding me??) and since it was my back, even tossing my hair in the sink wasn’t an option. I broke the Suave dry shampoo out and I could NOT believe it! My hair was GLORIOUS day two even in my medicated stupor, and it actually did such a good job cleaning/absorbing oil, day three just needed a couple of spurts and I tossed it into a pony tail and it was very pretty… fancier than my hair most days because of the texture and lift from sleeping. I cannot rave enough about it–it had a great smell and it didn’t weigh my hair down, which is what I was most worried about. I have brown hair, so I worried about the powdered-wig look since that’s usually what happens with dry shampoo, but it really went in clean and no powder! Thanks for these tips, I might just get me a new bottle and go for it!

  18. says

    Kate, I love all your tutorials. They’re so informative & your hair is like the Charlize Theron of actresses. So elegant! Seriously. I’m going to play with my hair now. And I’m definitely going to add Hair Play to my arsenal. Thanks!

  19. Amanda says

    I have tried numerous dry shampoos but found that they all leave a grey/white residue in my hair, since my hair is naturally dark brown. Any suggestions for a dry shampoo that will not do this?

  20. says

    I totally have jumped on the stripes bandwagon and apparently so has my boyfriend. I showed up to Mother’s Day brunch, only to find out that we matched in navy and white striped outfits. We looked very nautical indeed.
    Just bought your blogger nail polish. Excited to try it out!

  21. Anonymous says

    Kate, I love your blog! You have so many original hair ideas, and you’re also a great teacher.
    I have a totally random question: What color paint is on the wall behind you in the ‘after’ photos of this blog post? It’s a beautiful grey/green color. I would love to paint my family room the same color. Thanks!

  22. says

    Would you be willing to post an updated hair cut picture? I’m trying to be brave enough to cut mine but the most recent hair cut pic on your FAQ page is a leeeeetle short for me. Since you’ve been growing it out for awhile now, can we see? I’m not sure how to grab a still from your video or I’d try that… Thanks!

  23. says

    I wish it were that easy for me to refresh my hair for day 2. I don’t know why but even after I use a dry shampoo I still feel like my hair is greasy and disgusting.

  24. Mandy says

    I really like the Ojon dry shampoo….It’s the only one I’ve found that works for my hair without making it chalky! I’ll have to try these, though!

  25. says

    Hello there! I am not sure if you only read the recent comments or can even see the ones dating back this far, but it’s fair to say i have watched this video more than 6 times. Im a little older than your younger sister i think…im 21 and adore this blog. I just read your most recent blog post, and i can’t even imagine writing something so personal and having the courage to share it. I suppose this is why i don’t have a blog of my own, that, and i am most definitely computer challenged haha. But any who, i LOVED it. As hard as it was to write, sometimes, it helps to know that im not the only one who goes through dark times, even if the adversity i experience is different. Which brings me back to the reason i am commenting on this fabulous blog. You should know that everything you do on this site actually matters. Seriously. If i am have a crappy day i will watch one of your hair tutorials…thats probably so hilarious to you ha! But, you appear to be a rational and good humored person and i just love watching them. Often they get my mind off of whatever i’ve been thinking about and i end up trying out the tutorial and feeling refreshed. yes refreshed. haha bet you never thought someone would compare you to a full glass of lemonade haha. I just think you are so talented and its a joy to see what new thing you have posted. truly! if this comment makes its way to you than i hope you think im more comical than weird…although, i find that those two are oddly intertwined 😉 Thanks for the posts, they are wonderful. -Jackie

  26. says

    I scanned through all the rest of the comments to see if anyone else asked this, but couldn’t find reference to how on EARTH you get rid of massive cowlicks on day 2?

    Your hair looked better on day 2 than mine does on day 1, by the way :) I’m a back-sleeper, plus one day when I was 31 I woke up with a MASSIVE cowlick in the back of my head that had never been there before…very frustrating! The longer my hair is, the harder it is to “hide” the cowlick — I’d love to hear how you’d get rid of that!

    LOVE these tutorials; I’m so excited to try ALL your hairstyles! Keep ’em coming!!!

  27. says

    I would love suggestions on how to get rid of bedhead/cowlick/flat spots. I’ve tried wetting and blow drying and it looks ok for a few minutes. Then it separates back into a big line or a flat spot. Any suggestions??

  28. says

    Ooh you mean you’re going to “fix” your self professed “still perfect” hair? Yeah right. If our hair looked like that in the morning we wouldn’t be looking for how to fix morning hair.


  29. says

    Ooh you mean you’re going to “fix” your self professed “still perfect” hair? Yeah right. If our hair looked like that in the morning we wouldn’t be looking for how to fix morning hair.


  30. JNJxn says

    Kate, do you have any tips on maybe a hair oil or something to use on day 2/3 that could revive some shine without adding weight? I adore dry shampoo but I wish I could still achieve some shine that I get on day 1. Thank you!

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