There’s a Duke student in my bed.

I was going to share an outfit I wore recently today but. . . 


My husband got accepted to DUKE for Graduate School!

We have been anxiously awaiting this notification for weeks. It’s been torture. Not really as much for me. . .more for him.

He happens to be a huge Duke fan, and has been since he and his friend Ed pretended to be Duke basketball players while shooting hoops in Ed’s driveway when they were 10 years old. 

So what happened was this:
He imposed this “rule” on himself that he wouldn’t purchase any official Duke clothes until he found out whether or not he’d been accepted. But he shopped. Oh, he shopped. He found the perfect black polo shirt with a classic Duke logo on it. It was going to be the shirt that he would purchase as soon as he got the acceptance letter.
But, they sold out. Like, completely. They aren’t making it anymore. 
So the search for the perfect Duke shirt began again. 
And he found two others that he really liked.
But they sold out. For good.

So he’d had it. He ordered the shirt (pictured above) online as soon as he found it, so as to not be disappointed by another “shirt loss”. So the plan changed and he wasn’t going to open the package until he found out whether or not he had been accepted.

So it sat on the table. I returned from Blissdom, and immediately was drawn to the unopened package waiting for us on the table. 
“What surprise is waiting for us behind that plastic wrapping?” 
I grabbed the scissors and approached the package. 
“You know those are his Duke shirts right? You better not open that.” My sister warned me from the couch. She was at our house watching, of all things, a Duke game.

Phew. Close one.

Last night, I was finishing up at the salon with his mom being my final client of the night. All the sudden my door swings open, and there he stands, my man in shining Duke glory, glowing Blue Devil blue, and making it very, very prominent that he was wearing his Duke shirt. He may have puffed out his chest a bit too.

And so I knew immediately what that meant. He had been accepted. And he finally got to wear his shirt.

I’m so proud of him.

So we celebrated with a Bloomin’ Onion.

And chatted about how cool he was now that he”goes to Duke”.

He may or may not have referenced the Duke Basketball Team as his team.


  1. says

    Congratulations!!! :) That’s awesome!! (well.. not so awesome that he had to wait forever haha) also I think you two are offically the cutest couple ever :) (don’t tell my husband I said that hahahaha!) :)

  2. says

    Congratulations. It is so sweet of u to show how proud u r of him. I was the same way when my husband got accepted at lasalle. Now the tough part begins with his studies. That is partly why i begam a blog. Congrats again. Stop by sometime. Beem following along with you. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  3. Cassie says

    Yay! I graduated with a MS from Duke in 2009!!! Best years of my life…such a great school! Tell him congrats and have fun!

  4. says

    Congratulations!!! That is too exciting! My husband and I are waiting on his acceptance into a PhD program, so I understand the waiting game. So fun! Love the Tshirt idea!

  5. says

    Congrats to him! My brother in laws girlfriend, just started there in the fall for grad school. She loves it!! We have yet to go visit but they have said nothing but good things!! She’s in Cancer Biology Research.

  6. says

    Congratulations!!! I know you guys are super excited. Keep us posted on life and what’s going on. You are a fun and eciting couple to keep up with. Too bad you didn’t live closer. I’d come to you for my hair cuts. :(


  7. says

    Aww! That’s so awesome & precious. I’m happy for him!! And a blooming onion is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate such a success :) They’re my absolute favorite!!!

  8. says

    CONGRATS!! Long time reader, but first time commenter! I couldn’t pass up congratulating your husband. I definitely know that feeling. The wait IS torture.
    While I’m here, thanks for all the hair tutorials! I haven’t been real adventurous yet, but incorporating just a few of your tips here and there have SAVED me!!!

  9. says

    Congratulations! That is such a huge achievement! Duke was my dream school. I have family in the Carolina’s and I’ve loved Duke every since we visited the campus when I was in high school. You both should be super proud!

  10. Kate B. says

    awesome congratulations to your husband!! having the Duke shirts on standby was an awesome idea!! yay!

  11. says

    This is the cutest post ever!! You are such an awesome wife to be so supportive and excited for him! I’m excited for you both and I don’t even know you!!!! Congratulations!

  12. says

    Yay!! Congrats!! It’s so wonderful and exciting! You will be even lonelier when he starts classes…sorry to break it to ya’. But…it will be worth it!

  13. Anonymous says

    Congrats!! My husband attended there, and he loves his ratty old Duke hat!! 😉 Wish I would’ve known about that polo, too!

  14. Dana says

    I just got teary eyed reading your post! Congratulations to your hubby! You must be so proud and I KNOW he’s excited! Love the way he showed up with the t-shirt on!

  15. Anonymous says

    Being a Canadian girl it has always fascinated me when it comes to Americans and their colleges. I wish we held as much excitement and appreciation as you folks do. A huge congrats to Hubby and here’s wishing him loads of success!!

  16. says

    Congratulations! What a feat! I’m from NC and I know how hard it is to get in there. I’m sure everyone that’s heard of Duke knows! Hope you have a great celebration!

  17. Melinda says

    I am not one to usually comment on blogs, but this post made me smile! Congratulations to your husband!

  18. Sara says

    Congrats to your husband! Duke is a GREAT school! I’m excited to root for them Saturday vs UNC. Go Blue Devils!!! Who’s your favorite player?!

  19. says

    Is he going to the business school or another graduate program. My husband just got accepted to Fuqua and it would be great to know a wife in the same class. Congrats!

    • Justin says

      Sierra, it’s the Masters of Engineering Management Program. It’s run by the Fuqua SoB and the Pratt school of engineering.

  20. Lisa says

    Congrats! I’ve been a Duke basketball fan since I was 10 years old and always wished I could attend school there. That’s a great accomplishment for your hubby!

  21. says

    Congratulations to both of you! It is a major accomplishment for him, but as the wife of a medical grad student, I know how much your support and love means and that it is a huge part of your life too. I wish you both the best of luck as you begin the new journey of grad school!!

  22. Anonymous says

    Congrats to your hubby! I went to Duke undergrad :)…and I was the same way – didn’t buy a single Duke shirt until I was officially accepted!

  23. Anonymous says

    I went to Duke to grad school – so congrats from an alum to your husband! I love your videos – so helpful! Keep ’em up!

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