The Necklace and The Jeans

I happened to swoon over this necklace from J.Crew. . .
Ain’t she a beauty?

Well, at $120.00 a pop, I couldn’t quite justify that purchase.

But THANKS to my awesome pinterest followers, I was told to go to ebay and see if I can find a similar version there.

And I did. For $17.98. 

So I bought it, pretty much expecting it to be broken, flimsy, or completely off from the picture since it was so cheap. But I was pleasantly surprised! 

It’s pretty darn close.

Top: Banana Republic Outlet, Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet, Shoes: Tj Maxx, Necklace: Ebay, J.Crew look-alike
In other news:

I had been on the hunt for cropped skinny jeans for awhile. But after searching for what seemed like forever, and finding nothing that fit right, I was ready to give up.
In fact, I believe I said to my sister, “I’m going to give up on my search for cropped skinny jeans.”
And then I found these an hour later at Banana Republic Outlet for $29.99.

Here is what I learned from shopping for cropped skinny jeans.

1. Skinny jeans are cut narrower than other jeans. Therefore, plan on going up a size or two to find a pair that fits right but still allows your blood to circulate to your legs. My body type is not straight up and down, I’m much more curvy. So, skinny jeans are not exactly made for me, if you know what I’m saying. I wear between a 4 and 6 in jeans/pants, but went up to a size 10 for the skinny jeans. When I couldn’t get the size 6’s past my knees, I knew there was a problem.
I also hate the look of skin tight jeans. And the feeling. So the size 10’s still “fit” and I can breathe–so that’s nice.

2. Try on a bunch of different styles. I tried on straight leg jeans and just rolled the cuff up to see what they would look like. I tried on “ankle” length jeans. I tried Boyfriend jeans in a size down so they fit better ( a size down since they are cut looser than other jeans). And even after all of that, I still wasn’t finding the look I was going for.

3. Give up on the search and you’ll probably find the perfect pair. My mom, sister and I were shopping in Banana Republic Outlet. I have a love/hate relationship with that store. I like some of their clothes, but I hate their prices. And since I used to work there and reap the employee benefits (read: discount!), It’s hard to stomach a $60.00 shirt that I could have gotten for waaaay less had I not stopped working there. 
Anyway, I was showing my mom a cute top when I passed this rack of jeans. 
“Hey, aren’t you looking for skinny jeans?” she said.
“Oh! Yes! Oh, these might work. . .let me try them on really quick. . “.
And I left with a beautiful new pair of cropped skinnies.

What about you? Is there a certain item of clothing that you have trouble finding? 


  1. says

    Hi Kate – I have the exact same necklace in black and grey, but got it on a facebook page called Accessory Auctions. And it looks identical to the J.Crew necklace. They hold “auctions” on FB every Monday night, 9:00 EST time, they are in TX. You got a better deal, mine was $30, but they have really, really cute things every week. It’s hard to not look every Monday. :) Here’s the fb page link.!/AccessoryAuctions

  2. says

    Girl, I have been lusting after that necklace for waaay too long also (and it has been living on my Pinboard as well) but I couldn’t stomach the price. Thanks for the great tips!! Love your blog!!

  3. says

    I can never find a good pair of jeans. Ones that aren’t too tight and then make you look like you have a muffin top or ones that are too loose then you look scroungy. But I went to the Levi store in LA last Oct. The jeans were expensive but they FIT and they are comfy. Now that I am pregnant I can’t wait to be able to fit into them after the baby is born. Way cute necklace, btw. I wish I hadn’t spend my spending cash this month yet so I could buy it. Hubby put me on a budget! :tee hee:

  4. says

    I still don’t have a pair of skinny jeans. At all. Cropped or regular. I’ve tried them on various times, but they never look right on me. I think it might be because I’m so short (5’0). They are always too long & thus look really silly. I just feel silly in them. I really do need a pair though, maybe someday…

  5. says

    Very cute outfit and love the statement necklace. I just picked up a coral one on eBay. Can’t wait to get it now, thanks Kate! Oh, and thank you LovePink for the Facebook tip.

  6. says

    I too was in the market for cropped skinny jeans. A new H&M opened by our house in Dallas and there they were…….so happy to hear that you had to go up a couple sizes. I was getting a little freaked, but now im in love!!! I wish I lived closer to you (I live in Dallas)….you would soooo be my hair stylist!

  7. says

    Your thoughts on skinny jeans are so true, it took me over a year to find ones that finally worked for me and were comfy…and I had pretty much given up the search. Did you necklace happen to come from Hong Kong or outside the US? I looked for the exact same one on Ebay but the sellers were all in Hong Kong and had 3 week shipping times so I was leery to buy.

  8. says

    I was actually looking at that jcrew necklace too… I love it as well, but wow $120… crazy… I might look for that necklace on ebay now! Thanks for the tip!

  9. says

    Aweseome necklace! Great advice on the skinnies too. I am also curvy and have such a hard time finding skinnies that fit just right. Super cute outfit!

  10. Anonymous says

    I love your outfit so cute!!! But I have issues finding jeans as well because I am a little over 5 feet but I have a short torso and long legs so the short jeans are too short and the regular length jeans are too long (unless you wear with heels) and it doesn’t help that I have a big booty. Sooo I too went on a hunt for good jeans and luckily I work at Belk so I went there first and it was then that I was introduced to Calvin Klein =) pretty much fell in love and they are the most comfortable jeans I own. I also have a pair of Jessica Simpson skinny jeans they are amazing as well!

  11. Anonymous says

    So I read your post and agreed with you – loved the J Crew necklace. Decided to check out Ebay. OMG! Within 3 minutes I won an auction that had 1 minute left. Score. Love the necklace and thanks for helping me liven up my boring jewelry!!

  12. says

    I bought that same necklace on eBay last summer too!! I tell everyone who pins it on Pinterest. I think mine was $40 but still, way cheaper than the J. Crew version. I LOVE love love love that necklace and get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. It is pretty heavy, seems durable, and I love the length. So funny!

    • says

      You are so sweet! Thanks!

      I’ve been realizing I don’t really wear “tight” clothes because a few people have asked if I’ve lost weight. And I don’t own a scale. . .so I’m actually not sure that I have–but either way thats a nice compliment!

  13. Anonymous says

    Kate, I too was searching for that necklace and found it on eBay, however the ones that were up for a decent price said they were coming from China/Japan/Korea and I was skeptical to purchase. Did you purchase yours from a local US seller, or was your necklace from a non-US seller? If so, did you have any trouble with it? Thanks!

  14. says

    Maybe I’m crazy, but have you tried Old Navy jeans? I bought a pair of skinny jeans there. I’m definitely NOT skinny like you (I had a baby, in my defense) but their jeans have a lot of stretch, so I’m comfortable. I bought in my size, which was a shock because I planned on going up a few sizes (same as your mentality). But they fit really well. The only thing is that you really can’t wear them more than a few days without a wash because they just permanently stretch out until they get a fresh wash. Might give it a try?

  15. Sarah says

    Great jeans! Have you tried out the jeans at the J Crew Outlet? I really like the ‘Matchstick’ style – they’re more of a straight leg than a skinny. I’m also on the curvier side and they usually fit me really well. They’re a little more at $40 (they’re priced higher but are often on sale) and you can get a student discount if you have a student ID you can use (or your sister’s!).

  16. says

    Hi!1 Love the necklace too!!! Did you get the one that comes from Hong Kong??? Just checking… I am always very cautious when it ships from outside the US. Thanks so much!!!! I love your blog

  17. blair sauls says

    Next time you’re at Carolina premium, cone to the loft outlet we have a whole bunch of new cute dresses ! :)

  18. Anonymous says

    I loved the necklace as well. And thanks to you pinning it on Pinterest and one of your wonderful followers, I bought it that same day on ebay. Couldn’t believe it came from Hong Kong, but hey it looks pretty good!

  19. Anonymous says

    I found you on Pinterest and I love you!! I’ve watched every video and bought so many makeup items hahah..My husband isn’t a fan now LOL….I think you are so pretty and I would love to know what you do to stay in shape?? You look so pretty in the clothes you wear and I love the dresses, I would love to look like that! Any tips?

  20. says

    That necklace is been on my pinterest board forever too, but couldn’t stomack the price of the real thing. I just ordered one on ebay !!!!! Thanks ! Love those jeans !

  21. says

    I love that necklace! Must look on eBay…

    Thank you for your tips on skinny jeans. I have curvy hips and basically swore off ever wearing skinny jeans but I will try your tips up above and see if my luck will change in this department. Thanks!

  22. says

    Love the necklace! I didn’t realize how large it would be until I saw your photo but it’s the perfect statement necklace.
    I have the same problem with skinny jeans and I’m also pretty curvy (I need more hip room!). Have you tried Old Navy jeans? I wear the Old Navy Dreamer skinnies and straight leg and they fit awesome!

  23. says

    This necklace is SO popular right now! I mean, it’s gorgeous so that’s clearly understandble lol The deal you found was awesome!

    Another necklace that I am personally wishing I could have is veryyy similar from a local Charlotte jewelry company called “Towne and Reese”. Their “Harper” necklace (hah…I never stood a chance from the name alone) is gorgeousss and $50. The necklace is on back order right now because it’s so popular but I am in line for the April shipment! <3 Check it out!

    • says

      Hey Harper,
      I have a local jewelry store in Raleigh NC, Blue Sky Accessories, we are currently moving into a space on Lake Boone Trail. I have the Harper Necklace in stock and would love to get it to you. You can check out some of my things on Pinterest, under Blue Sky Accessories or you can come by my house anytime and shop!

      Let me know if you are interested.

      -Danielle Baskin
      Blue Sky Accessoroies

  24. Anonymous says

    Love your blog!!! Just like some of your other followers, I’m wondering if you could let us know which seller you bought from on eBay. I’m a little leary of overseas sellers too. Thanks so much.

  25. says

    I know you get a bunch of comments and emails, etc. I was the first comment on your post yesterday and would love it if you could take a minute to answer it! Love, love, love your blog and hair advice.

  26. Lee Ann says

    I also have trouble with finding skinny jeans. I need petite, but all I find in petite are bootcut. I’m also curvy-need more in thighs and backside, and I also have a small waist. So it’s the same old story… too big in the waist, too tight in the seat.

    • Anonymous says

      Try and fit for your hips and tush first. You can always take the jeans to a seamstress to have the waist taken in. Hope that helps :)

  27. says

    I had a great deal of trouble finding a white blazer. I just ordered one because I couldn’t find one in the stores, and I hope it fits…

  28. Anonymous says

    Love your new look for less!! It’s fabulous! I also have the very same love/hate relationship with Bannana Republic.

  29. Claudia Vega says

    Love the Necklace!!! I had pinned it back in December on Pinterest and I left my page open on accident, my boyfriend saw the necklace, found it on e-bay and surprised me with it a few weeks later! I love it so much, I always get tons of compliments when I wear it!

    Kudos to my awesome boyfriend hehe :)

  30. says

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I finally feel like a pin can be moved to the finished category! (I know it’s a stretch, but if you saw all the crafty stuff I pin but never do, you’d agree that I should count this. LOL)

    I fell in love with the yellow one in the store, but I never wear yellow. My sweet husband told me to buy it, but when I looked at the price I just couldn’t bring myself to walk it up the to the checkout girl. Especially in yellow! So NOT a part of my typical color pallet.

    I ordered that bad boy for $14.99, and can’t wait for the mailman to bring it to me.
    Love you blog even more now.

  31. Megan says

    Kate, I’m a little bit more curvy than your figure but I still have the same issues with the skinny jeans. Have you tried jeans at Ann Taylor Loft? The jeans are definitely geared towards someone NOT in their teens anymore and more women that have a normal body shape. Sometimes they are a bit pricey but they have sales at least every other week.

  32. Anonymous says

    Very cute outfit! I always have trouble with any type of pant. I’m curvy in the thigh and booty region :) May have to head on over to Banana Republic Outlet and check out those pants! Thanks for the tip on going up a size…don’t know why but I never thought to do that!

  33. Anonymous says

    Kate, I definitely echo the sentiments of everyone above – great find and cute outfit! And I, too, love your blog and have shared with several friends. Oh – and I’ve tried several of your hair ideas and have gotten a lot of compliments! The one thing that really jumped out at me with this post was that maybe you need to go UP a size (or 2 or 3) to find something that fits properly. That’s a hard pill to swallow for so many girls/women out there. But once I got over the size/number factor and bought what actually FIT, I’ve been so much happier (and way more comfortable!).

  34. says

    Kate, hello! I found your blog a few weeks ago and am now obsessed. You’re one of my daily blog reads. 😀 I am in the process of growing my hair out after YEARS of being short and you’ve been my inspiration. I really appreciate all of your videos and tutorials. I love your style!

    Thank you very much for the tip on this necklace. I too have had my eye on it but couldn’t drop the $$$ that JCrew was wanting. But, thanks to you, guess who else is getting a blue baubble!?!??!?

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
    Texas hugs~

  35. says

    Jeans! I have the same problem. My thighs are so huge compared to my stomach and nothing fits me! I have to buy them to fit my trees I call legs, and then they are huge and falling down at the waist. Maybe I should give up on my search as well! :) Yours are cute though!

  36. says

    Kate, as usual your hair and outfit are adorable. The necklace is great!!! It is a perfect fit for you!

    I must say what I like best about this post is that for once you are finally looking straight ahead at the camera. You are so pretty and I could never figure out why you are always looking away or to the side and up. Thanks for the great pictures!

    Thanks again for the best of everything!

  37. says

    I just purchased it myself, so I thought. I got an email this morning saying they removed the listing. Did anyone else have this problem? So sad, i really wanted it. I used the same seller! Shelley, did you get that response?

  38. Megan says

    For those of you who are curvy and looking for good jeans, I love he sexy boyfriend jean at gap. They fit great and are crazy flattering and slimming through the thighs. Check them out!

  39. Chelle says

    Super cute outfit! I am always on the hunt for the perfect jean! I love the really expensive brands and they fit me like a dream, but I just have a huge issue paying almost $200 for jeans! Any favorite brands I should try out?!

  40. says

    Lulu I got the same email this morning from Ebay. However, I got a shipping notification prior to that email. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it still got shipped!

  41. says

    I have a TERRIBLE time finding any leathery-looking boots that go up my calves – I was cursed with what I like to call ‘Flinstone Legs”. Anything that’s designed for larger calves are either riddled with elastic or a horrible design.

    Any recommendations?

  42. says

    I’m built like you and had basically given up too. But I recently found cropped skinnies (in WHITE- curves’ mortal enemy) at Target! They are mossimo brand. I’ve gotten tons of compliments! They actually make my hips look so much slimmer, even my hubby noticed. I went up a size, like you said, and they are perfect. I love them!

  43. says

    Alison, I received the email from ebay as well! I had already received my email that it had shipped and already got the tracking number! I tried to email the company to ask but have gotten no response.

  44. Anonymous says

    I’m looking for a denim bolero. I want a short one that only comes to the bottom of my bra. I wear an XS which makes it even more difficult. Can’t find one anywhere. :(

  45. says

    I love this outfit Kate. I saw that your shoes are from T.J. Maxx, but can you tell me what brand they are? I am so picky about wedges and those would be so perfect! Thank you so much!

  46. says

    I couldn’t get this post out of my head and I found myself on eBay the other night. I ordered this necklace in yellow and can’t wait to wear a little sunshine. Love yours! Thanks!

  47. says

    I just ordered this necklace also and so can’t wait for it to arrive. Thinking about ordering it in the yellow myself Brook! :) Thanks for inspiring me in making some much needed changes in my wardrobe Kate! You’re adorable!

  48. says

    Very cute outfit. I too avoided “skinny” jeans for quite some time. I am curvy and larger than a 4 or 6. I have found that “jeggings” are a really great option AND are way comfortable due to the stretch. JC Penney’s A.N.A. brand are between $20 and $25 and fit amazing. They ‘hold you in’ and have a more of a skinny jean look than a legging look. Try them on sometime.

  49. says

    I am in love with your shoes!! I know you listed that they were purchased at TJ Maxx. Do you think you could tell me the brand of shoe it is? I am going to try and track a pair down!

  50. says

    I bought the necklace on Ebay, also. Finally got it yesterday and it is beautiful! Now I just have to find something to wear it with 😉 Hahaha! Might have to got to Target and get the coral cardigan you blogged about a few weeks back. Or I would love to find a good, black maxi dress to wear with it!
    Thanks for all you tips. Yours is the only blog I read everyday!

  51. says

    While plenty of folks are willing to buy counterfeit merchandise, it’s not an intelligent thing to blog about or publicly promote. It’s illegal! I’m a lawyer and know what I’m talking about. The seller is breaking the law, and you broke the law by buying the necklace. In fact, several companies have successfully sued eBay for being the conduit for sellers of illegal merchandise. Consumers get sued in civil court and even prosecuted criminally occasionally for buying counterfeit merchandise. Buying this stuff is a risk. Blogging about it and actively promoting the company is just dumb.

  52. says

    I have been looking for a maxi dress that I can wear a bra with, that is SIMPLE and that is under $50! I am short so I figure once I find something I like I can take it to a tailor to shorten it but GEEZ!! I don’t want a crazy pattern and I don’t want something tight. I swear I have looked EVERYWHERE! I just ordered one from UO so we will see how I like it! :)

  53. says

    I have similar trouble finding skinny jeans. I am pretty curvy at a size 16 and usually just use my skinny jeans when I wear my knee high boots. So after giving up my search for properly fitting skinnies I found a great tutorial to help me make my own! I found a pair of jeans at Goodwill that fit my booty well and followed the instructions to narrow the legs. I am very happy with my $5 skinnies! 😉

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