DIY Heart Nail

Well, it’s valentines day. And I’m sick at home with a cold. 

So I thought I would paint a heart on my nail. 

My nails are Shellac-ed with Romanitque by CND.

*pardon my dry hands. It’s winter.
Grab a pink polish, like Flirt (how appropriate) by Essie, and a few toothpicks.

Dip a toothpick in the polish and begin outlining the heart. “Pull” the polish toward the center of the heart by dragging your toothpick inward. Don’t worry if it’s uneven–you can add a drop of fresh polish right on top of the center to smooth it out at the end. 

(I’m showing this on a tissue but you do this on your actual nail)

*less is more here. You can always add more color, but its hard to work with big globs of color.

 Use a clean toothpick to push in any color that seeps out. Less is more! 

Once the heart is absolutely completely dry, coat with a layer of top coat. 

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. says

    The lip butters are definitely amazing. If you order from they have a huge selection of colors. I have a darker skintone so my favorites are fig jam, red velvet and candy apple.

  2. says

    The heart is so cute !!! You know…. I am a nurse and battle dry hands, cuticles and nails year round. Mine look exactly like your (or worse) year round from all the harsh cleansers and multiple hand washing. I swear by Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream. I use it nightly faithfully and massage a dab into each finger. It’s this nice peachy smell and color… wonderful stuff !!! Then I use… are you ready… foot cream on my hands. Yes, that really thick stuff that is meant to soften your feet. It works so amazing on my hands at night ! Love your ideas.

  3. says

    I did the same thing the other day. I used a piece of tape to make a stencil. Just fold the tape in half sticky side out, cut your heart, stick to your nail, paint and remove. Much easier. :)

  4. Anonymous says

    So sweet and easy! I’m going through a cold right now too. We had an easy going, stay home night for V day because of it. It was nice tho!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Thank you for such a cute idea! While I was waiting on my husband so we could go out to dinner, I ran into the bathroom and did this to my ring fingernail. So cute!


  6. says

    I voted for your nail polish color in the Zoya + Birchbox Custom Polish Sweepstakes and yesterday I got an e-mail saying you WON!!! am I right? YEA!!! Congratulations! I cant wait to buy it!

  7. Amber says

    I get my nails shellac-ed and I can’t find the right color at my salon. Did you buy your polish somewhere or have it done in the salon?

  8. Anonymous says

    Where can you go to get your nails shellaced, and what is the process? I have short fingernails so i didnt know ifit could be done…


  9. says

    I love this post! I thought it was so cute/easy!! I posted the link to it on Instyles FB page because they were asking thoughts on nail art. Hope you don’t mind! Just thought other people should check it out!

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