My Closet Makeover

Finally, slipped the hamper right under my hanging clothes! That was a perfect little spot for it! 
By nature, I’m a slob. In all seriousness–I’m naturally a messy person. This is not news to my mother, husband, or any other person who knows me well. I usually work in chaos in my office. And my closet.

But I had had enough. It was time to force a change upon myself. And maybe have access to clothes that I couldn’t get to through the madness. 

So I spent about 4 hours one Saturday sorting through and donating clothes & other accessories in my closet & my drawers. And it felt really good to purge. 

The whole idea came to me when I saw these hangers at Costco. 
So here is what I began with: 

Yes, it’s true. My poor husband only uses 1/4 of the closet. I’m so generous with space. 
He’s so lucky to have me. 

The first thing I did was transfer all the hanging clothes to the new hangers, and in the process I filtered through what I wanted to keep and what I should donate. 
The following photo is a perfect example of how I am naturally a messy person. Wouldn’t it have made sense to just keep the old hangers on the bar, instead of throwing them into a hanger pile of tangled disaster? Yes. What did I do? I threw them over my head from the closet and let them fall into a mess.
Work out clothes and bathing suits were removed from the hanging storage next to the hanging shoe storage. 
Shoes and a pair of slippers went to the donation pile.
I believe I donated approximately 15 pairs of pants/jeans. Some I have had for 4+ years.
And then the rearranging began. We don’t have a linen closet, so we keep a few toiletries in our closet. I had to keep that wire storage in there for those. Plus, we have a darks, lights and “special” hamper. The “special” hamper is for my clothes that need to be washed and hung, or washed a certain way. *Lights/Darks Hamper came from Target

Mainly, my goal was to be able to see the hanging clothes that I have. So I wanted those to be placed first.

 Can I point out how small the color section is? And how large the grey section is? :) I used baskets that I already owned to sort smaller items above the clothes.
I moved shoe storage down and gave my husband some space.

Placed the purses that I’m not using in an “out of the way” place.

And slipped the hamper in right under the hanging clothes. A perfect space! 

Are you proud of me? I’m so thrilled with the result. I really believe it has taken some element of stress away from me in the morning since it isn’t a battle to try to find a shirt! 

I mentioned earlier this week on Facebook that I discovered something profound about myself. Here is how it happened.

I had coffee with a friend, and brought her a bag of clothes to see if she wanted to snag anything before it was donated. As we were rifling through it (in the trunk of my station wagon in the rain–how about that visual?), she pointed something out to me.

All of my clothes were inside out. These were clothes taken directly from my drawers, and placed into the donation bag. So that means, they were folded and put away inside out. And I had absolutely no idea that I did that. I mean, it’s a sickness people! Who doesn’t turn their clothes right side out?

We were laughing so hard at the fact that I just learned this fact about myself.

So my second goal, along with the one about keeping my new closet orderly, is to turn my clothes right side IN when I put them away! Like a normal person!
*So I meant “right side out”. . .but there is a right side that goes in too, right? 

Wish me luck. 


  1. says

    great! It looks so sorted right now!I love these flocked hangers! My futur-goal is to sort my closet after the move in three weeks. You inspired me to do a before and after post too! The result will also make me proud of myself – hopefully 😀

  2. says

    First of all, let me just say that I just started following your a blog a couple weeks ago & I LOVE it!! Your hair tutorials are AWESOME!! I spent like an hour the first night just checking out all of your old posts!

    Second, your closet looks great!! Doesn’t it feel awesome to have accomplished that?! I recently just did a HUGE makeover in our master bedroom closet & posted about it on my blog if you wanna check it out when you have some extra time.
    We donated a ridiculous amount of clothing to Goodwill!

    This weekend, I will be heading to my girlfriend’s house to help her makeover her closet as well! Isn’t funny how when the new year rolls around, we are all ready for some organization?!

    p.s. I’m totally guilty of putting my clothes away inside-out!

  3. says

    Applause all around for tackling such a big project! What made me laugh out loud at the very end is that you have vowed to “turn my clothes right side IN when I put them away!” You meant right side out, right? Lol! Sounds like something I would say!I am a new follower and I will keep on following ’cause you’re a girl after my own heart!

  4. says

    Wow! This totally inspires me to organize and clean out my closet. You did awesome! I dont pay much attention to my clothes being inside out when I put them away either…in fact sometime I wear my socks inside out (just the white ones) until my hubby points it out to me :)

  5. says

    HAHAHAHA! Right side IN! I freaking love it. You can’t even type your clothes right side out. Oh man. Best post yet. Also, I need those hangers! It looks awesome.

  6. says

    I didn’t think it was awful before just a lived in space and that’s how they tend to get but it does look a TON better. I am sure your hubby appreciated a little extra space. My color section is pretty small too compared to all the black and gray in my closet too. I have the habit of turning making sure my clothes are turned right side out when I put them in the hamper so I don’t have to turn a whole load of clothes right side out before I fold and put them away. I would say as self discoveries go that’s a pretty harmless one, funny but harmless. Great post!

  7. says

    Great post! As a lover of organization, I’ll admit, tackling any closet is scary! Your finished results look great! I love the light/dark hamper. Just might have to get one of those. Two thumbs up for an organized space. :)

  8. says

    Just thought I’d tell you that I fold my clothes inside out too. I figure if DH can’t turn his white t shirts right side out then I don’t have to either! :) He’s changed his ways but unfortunately now I’m folding my t-shirts inside out now too…. Hmm…. I guess if I’m ever going to wear it I can do it then. :)

  9. says

    I don’t turn my shirts right side out before putting them away either. They’re just lucky if they get put in a drawer or hung up before wearing them again. I know, it’s horrible.

  10. says

    The closet looks great! That is funny about not turning the shirts right side out… but I guess you were just saving time, cause you can always do that shirt by shirt as you want to wear them. Having a mess is the norm around our house too, that’s why I like the saying “A clean house is the sign of a wasted life”. :o)

  11. says

    Great job! oh & btw you save yourself A LOT of time by folding the laundry as is.. if it’s inside out, oh well! See, you’re a time saving genius and you didn’t even know it!

  12. says

    Love it, looks great! I keep a basket at the top of my closet with all my purses in it, but inevitably one falls of the “mountain” and on to my head more frequently then I’d like. What did you end up doing with your purses that you use often?

  13. says

    I have no real plans this weekend and I think I’ve just figured out what I’m going to do with my spare time! I think we’re soul-sisters when it comes to our messiness!!! A neat and organized closet would be an absolute dream for me!

  14. says

    I love it when my closet is organized by color, too. It really does reduce the stress level! I also organize by sleeve length…makes it so much easier to find “that shirt” when you’re in a mad rush in the morning.

  15. says

    I often don’t turn our shirts the right way either…you aren’t the only one! Sometimes, it’s good that they make it off the couch and into a drawer or the closet.

  16. says

    I just purged my closet a couple months ago and organized it! Doesn’t it feel so good?

    I love those hangers, I’m gonna have to scoop them out at Costco!

  17. says

    My husband, who is a naturally messy person as well, ALWAYS takes his clothes off inside out as well. I’ve tried to make him stop, but it’s no use. I always take mine off so that they are right side out so that I don’t have to mess with it (although i do wash pants inside out). Inside out socks are the worst!

  18. says

    I think I have found my denim soul sister. I can never have too many pairs, and I always need more. The neverending search for the perfect pair continues….

  19. says

    I’ve been wanting to organize my closet for a while now! It’s super small & organization is a must in it… I just haven’t mustered up the “want” to do it! Your closet looks great though & bravo for giving hubs a little more room! :)


  20. Dina says

    Hmmmm I think I’m headed to costco to score some of those hangers! Your closet made me laugh since the clothing colors are so similar to mine: white, beige, blue, gray, black and one red shirt(that I never wear) thrown in for good measure!

  21. says

    Wow, looks great! I am quite inspired and our closet is definitely in desperate need of some cleaning out and reorganizing! …..butttttt I think I’ll put it off just a few more weeks till we move {slaps wrist} .. but really, great job, and great ideas!

    random question… where did you get that laundry basket with the “lights/darks”?? one of my least favorite tasks, sorting laundry, lol

  22. Anonymous says

    I’ll be moving in a few months and I plan on having my new closet as organized as possible. Thanks for the tips and the motivation.

  23. says

    I did the same things two weeks ago! I spent hours going through all of my stuff, and I ended up with four big bags for Goodwill. It felt so good! And yet… I know there’s more that I should be donating. Baby steps. 😉 Good job, Kate!

  24. says

    LOL, my OCD would not let me get away with putting clothes away inside out!
    Maybe you could try and sell your old stuff to make some $$? Or you can bring some of the name brand items to a consignment shop.

  25. says

    Kate….amazing! My husband and I are in the process of a closet makeover. I have done the purging part {the mental picture of you tossing hangers over your head cracked me up} and my husband is in the process of adding/building some more shelves in an empty space In our closet.
    I have to say 1.) I keep my closet pretty neat and organized but its starting to become user-UNfriendly and 2.) I couldn’t sleep at night if my shirts were inside out…haaa, but otherwise, we have many similarities. My husband too is blessed with my gift of generosity, and uses about 1/4 of the space in our closet {He’s a saint!}, my purses have their own shelf as well {it’s loaded, even after the purging}, there is a bit more color in my closet, but my go-to pieces are always black or grey…and I want more, ha,and then, I have the same white plastic hamper you have…its just a regular ole hamper but it does the job and my husband and I are the only ones who see it.
    Enjoyed your post, and its obvious by the comments that this is Closet Purge/Organize/Makeover Month! Cool!

  26. Danielle says

    I would have never thought you were a messy person! You look like you have it so “together” (people think this same exact thing about me). So it’s SO comforting to know other people have messy closets. I just did this to our closet too and every time I walk in now I’m so proud of myself! LOVE the Target hamper. Definitely going to get this.

  27. says

    Before I moved out on my own, I was a complete slob. You couldn’t see the floor of my room ever. It was covered in ankle-deep piles of clothes, purses, shoes, papers, dishes, you name it! Ever since I moved out I have become a neat freak. Except in my bedroom! I still let clothes pile up and explode out of the closet. Best of luck to you on your goals, Kate!

  28. says

    I loved everything about this post! Hilarious. And the end result is so rewarding. Are you still loving the hangers? I had something similar and hated that I couldn’t just pull my shirts off the hanger because they always stuck! I think you’re adorable.

  29. says

    Awesome Job Kate! I did a closet purge a few weeks ago and am having some friends over for a Switch and Bitch next week. I lcan’t believe how much I got rid of. I like your hanger idea. I saw a set of 18 at Homegoods. They have them in different colors. I’ve read that they take up less room than plastic hangers. Do you think that’s true?

  30. says

    Wow! Your husband actually gets space IN the closet??? My husband has to put his clothes in the office closet! Another good idea is to turn all of the hanging clothes backward, so the hangers are facing toward the outside of the closet. At the end of the season/year, donate the clothes you haven’t worn. The hangers still turned the wrong way will show you what you haven’t worn.

  31. says

    I should use this as inspiration to straighten my closet as well! Mine looks so much like your before – including all the gray! My fav color!

    It looks great!

  32. Anonymous says

    Great closet makeover!! I NEED to do this!!! I am in LOVE with your bedding.. would you mind sharing where it’s from???

  33. says

    OMG I am the messiest person ever AND I fold my clothes inside out. My mother always comments when she sees me doing this. I believe that the two are linked! LOL!

  34. says

    Hahaha I feel like I have met a new friend! I just took a peek in my closet and through the tangle of clothes I realized a majority of them are inside out. Oh dear, looks like I have some hangers to buy!

  35. says

    I am naturally a messy person too, that just revamped her closet. Well…mostly I picked the boxes up out of the floor. Next part is actually hanging up the clothes in my closet that are all over the laundry room! ha!! Maybe a little inspiration is what I needed!! We shall see!
    ~Kim @

  36. Anonymous says

    If you’re familiar with you should submit this post. She weekly features people who organize and revamp for inspiration!! Great Job :)

  37. says

    Looks great!!! I love those hangers.. they don’t take up as much space as the platic ones. Your husband’s area looks like my husbands… poor guys!! :) Now I’m craving a little closet re-do.

  38. Anonymous says

    I was seriously planning to clean out my closet this weekend too! Now, this is my final motivation to just do it! By the way, my husband only gets about 1/4 of the closet space too!

  39. Anonymous says

    Reading this post was like reading about myself. I reorganized my closet several months ago with the flocked hangers and, like you I also threw the old plastic ones in a big pile that had to be cleaned up later. My closet is also color coded (which is really handy!). The reason I decided to comment is because I also hang my clothes inside out! I hate taking the time to hang them right. I hate to tell you this, but I have to do a mini reorg every couple of weeks in order to keep mine neat.

  40. Anonymous says

    Your first picuture or your clothes on the new hangers brought tears to my eyes. I love a organized closet. I’m great at organizing things and making them look neat in their place. I’m horrible at maintaining it! When it comes down to being rushed or I’m just felling lazy, forget it!

  41. says

    So how do your new hangers save on space? I’m a little confused on this one because you would still have your clothes bulking up the space right? Am I missing something? And PS, I don’t know a husband out there that gets more than 1/4 of the closet, I think that’s a unwritten rule that has to be followed when you say “I do.”

  42. says

    hi kate! i just found you this week… did’nt even realize you were missing did ya?…and i am so inspired by ya!!! i am in love with your grey purse in the 5th picture hanging furthest to the left… where did ya get it and what brand? i too have no color in my wardrobe except for jewelry and shoes! love- ellen :)

  43. says

    Well, I found out today that we have two things in common. 1, I also put clothes in drawers inside out sometimes and 2, I am gravitating towards gray a lot when it comes to clothing. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to organize my closet. Maybe one day I’ll actually get it done.

  44. says

    Kate, I applaude you!!! I have 2 sisters, one older and one younger and I was/am the messy one. My brain does not naturally know how to organize so I always asked one of my sisters to help me/do it for me and they always nicely did because they wanted it to look neater. Being the middle child I was always sharing a room with one of them. So I just can’t tell you how encouraging this entry is to me. As ALL of them are. Thanks for what you share!!

    Katy Monaco( Cas’s Niece)

  45. Anonymous says

    I just did this, too. It looks great! My poor husband isn’t in our master closet anymore bc I kept it so messy he got tired of trying to get his stuff out…. :( Also, I have the same hamper from Target. I have 2 toddlers and instead of lights and darks, I turned it around and hung a pic of them on each slot for them to put their dirty clothes in. It really helped add a little order to my laundry routine and it was exciting (for the first couple weeks) for them to put their clothes away.
    –Lauren T

  46. says

    This has given me a little bit of inspiration! Hmmm…we have a closet that basically stays shut because it is a nightmare. I might have to start sorting through it! I also love that hamper with the lights/darks… although I’m trying to picture my boyfriend actually separating his clothes out. haha

  47. says

    I am just like that. I’m naturally messy, and thrive with a little bit of mess, even if it drives me crazy. I make hanger piles just like that… I don’t put all my clothes inside out but if they come out of the dryer inside out I don’t switch them before I put them away. I’m sure there’s a support group for people out there like us.

  48. says

    It looks awesome – and feels so great to purge! I’ve been on a big purging kick myself and it’s soooo great! I tend to be messy too….but am really trying to make the effort to find a place for things and keep them there

    On another note..I know some people hang their clothes inside out and flip them right side once they’ve worn that piece – and in 6 months they donate everything that is still inside out as they obviously don’t wear it. Maybe you were subconsciously doing that 😉 {just trying to help a girl out}

  49. says

    I intentionally hang my things inside out. It helps keep the “hanger nipples” invisible to cut out some ironing. I think I’m a genius! :)

  50. says

    No, the inside out thing isn’t abnormal! I used to be a wodnderful clothes-folder…before I had kids. Now, I typically just leave it, especially if it’s my husbands. He can do that himself, considering I washed and dried the clothes, and did all the kid clothes as well. I love my husband, but when it comes to folding clothes…it’s something I choose to let go!

  51. says

    I’m inspired. thanks. Question, I bought those grip hangers and hated that it’s a pain to put clothes on and off because the fabric sticks to the hanger, do you find it annoying? I didn’t buy more because of this. lemme know. thanks.

  52. says

    OMG I am such a nerd and love coordinating my closet by color. It makes it easier to choose outfits! Not that I’m now fast by any means, but certainly quicker! :)

  53. says

    Thanks for sharing! I think we are separated at birth. I’m messy too, but undertaking a closet change too right now — converting the smallest bedroom (formerly the office) into our closet/dressing room, and converting my former walk-in closet to the office storage. So far so good! I’m going to check out those hangers eventually.

  54. says

    I too wash/fold/hang my clothes inside out. Washing them that way is easier on the color and finish. I fold and hang them that way to keep lint from clinging from other clothing, and those annoying bumps from hangers are less noticeable.

  55. says

    Sometimes I think we are twins! I am a Christian, hairstylist, blonde with a similar cut as yours, from central IL, Target lover, married, around the same age, love crafty/sewing projects, and also naturally messy. Crazy. I love your blog and often tell friends and clients to check out your tutorials.

  56. Bethany says

    You are absolutely darling! I am so thankful I found your blog! You are really great! God works in awesome ways, doesn’t He? I love it! Bethany

  57. Joann says

    My husband and I planned to reorganize our closet this winter, thanks for giving me the motivation to get moving on it!

  58. says

    I too get so much grief from friends and family about folding my clean clothes inside out. I mean why does it matter? Either you turn it the right way when you fold it or when you go to put it on. Don’t sweat the small things. Also love your blog!!

  59. says

    Hilarious that your husband still has all the white plastic hangers! Hehe. I love your blog, I just discovered it last night from pinterest, I’m from Illinois and just moved to Georgia… I love hair and Jesus too! Haha okay this is sounding like a singles add. Have a blessed day!


  60. kjf9 says

    My fiance grew up with the rule that if your clothes were put into the clothes basket inside out, they would not get washed until they were right side out! i’m just like you, I didn’t realize until the other day when he pointed it out to me (as he was helping me fold clothes) that I was putting them away inside out! So now I try to turn them right side out before I even put them in the laundry basket…even socks…they are the hardest part! haha!

  61. brandi kirk says

    However the clothes come out of the dryer I fold them inside out or not. Nothing strange about that. :)

  62. says

    When you have the time, remove everything from your closet and sort them accordingly. There are those that you no longer need which can be donated, there are others that you do not use frequently while there are items of clothing that you often use so they should be placed where they would be easily seen.

  63. Yolanda says

    Kate, how did you decide what clothes to purge? I am having such a hard time deciding. I get something out then say “no i’ll keep it because I can probably get back into it when I lose my baby weight.” Well it’s been 10 mths and I’m tired of even waiting so I’m ready to just go through all my clothes.

  64. Laura Howe says

    I re-did my closet last year with some Ikea storage pieces. It’s like having a new lease on life! My mornings are soooo much less stressful now that I can actually find all my clothes.

  65. says

    So I just came across this post ( I follow your youtube videos but haven’t checked out all of your blog.) I do the same thing with my clothes when I fold them. What can you do? Ha

  66. says

    awesome just inspired me to do mine !!! I too belong to slobs anonomous ! LOL Its kinda funny cause typically I am know for the girl who doesnt leave te house with my make done to perfaction , clothes and hair , but would be horrified if people actually saw my personal space ! LOL

  67. says

    I keep my clothes color coordinated too. I totally don’t feel right when it’s not that way. I would naturally be a extremely messy person as well, but I’ve decided to keep that in check with OCD;) I’m way less stressed when everything is in place when I walk in. If it’s all in place, I hear happy music in my head.
    One of the best pieces of advised I’ve read for keeping messiness in check clothing wise is doing a load of laundry a day. It’s so much easier than a huge pile at the end of the week. Thank you Flylady for that.

  68. says

    You are not the only one with closet organization issues. I always had one until my sister came by and saw how badly my closet needed some TLC. She helped me out and it was really quite a difficult task that I do not want to experience again. So, I try my best to keep things in order now. This will surely inspire cabinets NJ lovers out there. Anyway, color coordination is one good practice! Thanks for sharing!

  69. says

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