Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial

I have a few new eye makeup products that I really like and I thought I would share them with you! I really love my new base shadow, Satin Taupe. It goes on evenly and can be layered for a deeper color, or worn “lighter” for daytime! 

Here is a list of the products I used:
In order of appearance. . . 
Mac eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
Mac eyeshadow in Espresso
Mac eyeshadow in Phloof!
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Black/Brown
CoverGirl Lash Blast in Blackest Black
Ulta Amped Lashes in Jet Black–a few layers of this=great thickness. 

Bare Escentuals double ended brush, Contour & Definte
Bare Escentuals, (white brush) Soft Focus Eyeshadow
Costco Kirkland brand small angled brush (for eyeshadow under bottom lashes)

1. Why do you use 2 mascaras?
Well for one thing, I have the most pathetic eyelashes of all time. I think I have about 10 lashes per eye. It’s really sad. So I’ve spent most of my life searching for amazing mascara. What I have found is CoverGirl Lash Blast is great as a “base”. It adds length and a bit of thickness, but will not weigh my sad little lashes down. Then finishing with a clumpier, thicker mascara adds the fullness I like too! I know, so involved. :)
2. Is eyeshadow primer necessary?
I think yes. It helps the shadow go on evenly and not budge at ALL during the day. I have also used Bare Escentuals Prime Time eye primer, which is serious business. It’s literally like super glue for shadow, but feels like nothing is on your eyes. Perfect for wedding days! I use Mac primer because it’s great and doesn’t require too much rubbing to take it off at night.

For my complete makeup routine, click here
*Amped Lashes is by Ulta, not Sephora. I can’t read. 😉

My scarf is from target!  


  1. says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve always used MAC’s “paint” in the little tubes for a primer, but I’ll have to try the Painterly primer as I have similar skin tone to yours.

    Could you share where you got your bedspread (haha, I almost typed breadspread)? It’s lovely!

  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this post. I love when you post make up tutorials. It made my morning to see this one. Keep them coming!

  3. Anonymous says

    I struggle with eyeliner. Do I do it all the way across my tops lid, half way, should I put eyeliner or like you did shadow under my eye. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how to figure out what is best and any tips on how to get a smooth thin line. I was super impressed that you could apply it with your lid somewhat open.

  4. says

    Thanks so much for this! Eyes are something I feel I can never get right. Either it looks like I’m not wearing anything at all or I wind up looking like I’m dressed up for Halloween!! 😛

  5. says

    Thanks from a girl that loves her Mac makeup, probably because the lady that does my makeup sells it well. I’ve also struggled with mascara and did find the Mac “haute & naughty” it’s a two sticks in one works really well with primer, puts on a thin coat and then u have another brush that puts on that thicker top layer (I have to scrape a little of the extra off the thick brush, bc it’s so much). Love the primers also I think we use the same one, people always ask how to I get my makeup to stay and the paint pots(think that’s what they are called) are the reason. Btw you do a terrific job with ur blog. I don’t follow many. But love yours and tutorials, I’ve sent many your way :) thanks!

  6. says

    I have just discovered your blog!!! And I think I’m already obsessed. I was a Tom boy when I was younger, so when my mom was wanting to teach me all of this, I was not listening. But now that I am older I want to be more girlie but don’t know how! I love the step by step tutorials. Everything I was too embarrassed to ask is right here!

  7. says

    I have a question for you that isn’t hair related so I figure I’ll put it here… I use your hair tutorials all the time and would love to use your make-up tutorials as well but I don’t have eye-lid creases… do you have any special tips for doing eye make-up or creating a look similar to a crease without actually having one? Thanks!


  8. says

    Kate I was just wondering what your cleansing routine is for your face. You have beautiful skin and I so do not. I have been getting breakouts on my chin and jawline a lot lately. I usually use clean and clears line of cleansers but it seems like they have not been working. Any suggestions?

  9. Anonymous says

    I can’t live without Painterly! I’ve been using Satin Taupe a lot lately too. Thanks for the tutorial! Fun as always :)


  10. Vicky says

    Great tutorial! I found your blog about two months ago and I just love it! You have amazing style, be it in fashion or hair or make-up or jewelery! Thanks for sharing such great tips and finds!

  11. says

    You’re not alone! I also use 2 mascaras and have spent most of my life deciding which are best for me. I’ve decided I’m actually a mascara hoarder. I’ve also found that putting vaseline on my lashes at night has made them so much healthier (longer). Maybe its my brain tricking me, but I love it!

  12. Janice says

    Thank you so much for all the tutorials!! I love them and have spent a lot of time looking at them…they are so helpful. I have a question about your lips…what are you wearing on them? Do you like lip stick and what is the best product to wear at night to keep them moist?

  13. says

    Beautiful! I love love your blog. I tried the “beachy curls” on my hair and it worked! I was so excite. Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks :-)

  14. Leah says

    I LOVE the mac primer in painterly… I literally tell everyone about it! I can do my makeup in the morning, work all day, work out and my eyeshadow STILL will look good when I wash it off at night! I recommend it to everyone! And a little goes a long way! I’ve had mine for almost a year, and it isn’t even half way gone.

  15. Anonymous says

    Kate, I highly recommend Obagi Elastilash to stimulate your eyelashes to grow thicker. It’s a non-RX version of latisse. Only $60, but you could probably find cheaper online.

  16. Anonymous says

    Satin taupe and phloof are two of my favorite colors. I tried this this morning and it worked great. Thanks. Have you considered using a lash primer? I use Dior lash plumping serum and then haute & naughty mascara by MAC and it’s pretty amazing the difference it can make to your lashes. Fuller and longer!

  17. says

    I love the MAC shadows! My favorite of all time are honey lust, bronze, and shale.

    My sister and I love mascara, and we used to use the Covergirl lash blast. But we switched to the Maybelline colossal volume express. It is absolutely amazing; you should try it!

  18. Anonymous says

    I have the same scarf from Target here in L.A., but it’s grey abd yellow- I thought of your blog when I bought it! Wish they would have had the color you have too!

  19. Laura says

    Kate, I recently discovered you through Pinterest, then found you blog, and now I am hooked! I love all the hair and makeup tips! They are great! But I have to ask…where did you get your bedding and accent pillows…I love them!

  20. says

    Kate,the comment you made about your eyelashes made me laugh out loud. I like your blog because you say things how they are…and you remind me of myself. Thanks for making me laugh! :)

  21. says

    Your eyelash drama sounds just like mine!!! I fell in love with Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara. It is amazing. The brush is adjustable…you can turn the end of the tube to make the brush shorter and wider, for thickening, or make it longer and skinner, for lengthening. I love the original Buxom formula, too. Try it!

  22. Anonymous says

    Green! My favorite color for every Season!! Love the earrings. I don’t normally chose earrings with gold, but I would not pass these up.

  23. Anonymous says

    Green! My favorite color for every Season!! Love the earrings. I don’t normally chose earrings with gold, but I would not pass these up. (bullerbabs@cox.net)

  24. says

    Have you ever tried Nars eyeshadow? If so, do you like it? Great colors, but it doesn’t stay on, although I don’t use a primer. I don’t have quick access to Mac, so I might have to order online.

  25. Anonymous says

    A trick I use to help my sad eyelashes look thicker is to actually line the upper water line. (like lift your eyelid with your finger and line…just be sure not to poke your eye out! lol!) It gives it the illusion of thicker lashes at the ‘root’. Just make sure you use a non-smudgable eye liner, or water proof. (I use a Maybelline one in black). …I know it sounds weird to do this, but it’s a little extra that makes those peepers and lashes stand out. :-) …Love your tutorials!!! <3 Lindsey

  26. Anonymous says

    I always heard that your not suppose to curl your eye lashes once you have mascara on because it could pull your eye lashes out???

  27. Anonymous says

    So where did you get your adorable bedding? I’ve seen other people ask this same question on here:)

  28. Anonymous says

    Great tutorial! Completely off the subject, is you cat a red point siamese? I adopted one last year.They are the sweetest cats!

  29. Anonymous says

    Thank you SO much for the eye primer insight! I’ve been using primer for awhile but my makeup still falls off and creases within a couple of hours. I bit the bullet and bought the MAC paint pot and got 8-9 hours out of my eye makeup. It made my day!

  30. Anonymous says

    can you make a vlog of how to put on eyeliner? i would love to see that, i have tons of trouble with the upper lid.

  31. says

    BB 7 pcs travel set is a perfect combination of your make up needs and ease. It is brand new, comes with a free black leather case. The brushes are 12-15cm in length.

  32. says

    Thanks for this. I am so rubbish at eyeliner and so I appreciate seeing how you do it – from the outer corners inwards – which was not what I expected. You have also convinced me to try eyeshadow primer.

  33. says

    Is there a waterproof mascara that you recommend? I use cover girl lash blast every day too, but I know that waterproof is a whole other story.

  34. says

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