Winter White

I picked up this white(slightly cream) sweater at H&M the other day. $24.99. I know.

Do you shop at H&M? My two staple dresses, one in grey and one in black, are from H&M. I love them. But sometimes that store can be a total miss. 

I love the flared sleeves. And the fact that they are 3/4 length. 

Sweater: H&M, Winter 2011
Jeans: J.Crew Flare, Fall 2011
Shoes: Target, Winter 2011 (taupe version of my fav. grey shoes!)
Belt: J. Crew outlet, Winter 2011
Scarf: Old Navy, Summer 2011
Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet, Winter 2011

 I like a creamy white better than a bright white in the winter time. 
Do you wear white in the winter?


  1. Anonymous says

    I like white in the winter. I agree that a cream is best for that time of year. I love the prices at H&M but I don’t shop there much because it is so unorganized! That makes me crazy which trying to find something.

  2. says

    Love the pictures! That sweater is adorable! I really like the flared sleeves as well. I think the creamy winter white is defiantly a
    better choice for this time of year but I do have one white sweater that if paired with the right thing I think looks good.
    Do you take your own pictures with a tripod or do you have someone snap them for you? What kind of camera are you using?

  3. Tiffany says

    Very pretty! I love the belt with it. I like the the cream color in winter. You wont have to worry about what jewelery, shoes or scarf to put with it because everything goes.
    And your hair is beautiful, as always!

  4. says

    I agree about the creamy white instead of white-white. I just find that the creamy white has a ‘warm feeling’ touch to it :)

    cute sweater. I agree that the store sometimes can be a let down.

  5. Laura says

    Hello! I recently started reading your blog and can I just say you rock! It is so nice to come across a blog that is light hearted, fun, fashion and style filled from the perspective of a Christian. When I began reading your blog I immediately enjoyed it. It was filled with great hair and fashion tips that were honest and for real woman. Then I got curious and read your about me section. Thank you for your honesty about your faith and your commitment to serving our Lord and Savior first. It was a breath of fresh air. You see I am the wife of an associate pastor/student minister. I love fashion and beauty items but I know that is not where my beauty and value come from. My beauty and value comes from my God, because I know this it makes things like beauty and fashion fun and not frustrating. Thank you for providing a place where discussion of these things is fun and modest. I feel 100% confident in recommending your blog to the youth in my life because I am sure that you know where true beauty comes from. Thank you again.

    Also I am a huge fan of winter white (creamy white or bone white). In fact my favorite purse is my Michael Kors in bone. Don’t worry I didn’t pay anywhere near full price. :)

  6. Anonymous says

    I love the shoes! Are they the heels? I saw some at Target when I was shopping there last week.

    I agree with some of the others. I don’t usually shop at H&M because I hate having to shift through the racks.

  7. Anonymous says

    I have a couple white shirts for layering under stuff like vests but I have some cream sweaters as well. I haven’t shopped at H&M before but never hear much about it so thought maybe it wasn’t that great. I’ve been really into New York and Company lately :)))))

  8. says

    That sweater is absolutely to-die for! I love it! I usually never shop at H&M (the one near me is always so crazy!), but I may have to stop by and pick up one of these sweaters. You are rocking it!

  9. says

    I just bought the same sweater last weekend while visiting NYC! I wore is with brown pants and got sooo many compliments, it’s my new fav! I too love the sleeves the best!!

  10. says

    I LOVE wearing white in winter :) I always think it looks so clean and fresh against the snow. H&M is also very hit or miss for me. Sometimes I could buy the whole store and other times I can’t even find a hair clip I want to bring home with me.

  11. says

    OMG I love your blog! I just discovered it via Pinterest. You post about everything I love (cooking, fashion, hair) I can’t wait to watch all your hair tutorials, I have extremely thin, fine hair and find it difficult to fix most days. Hoping your tricks will help!

  12. says

    You are just too cute! I love your blog! It’s the only non-papercrafting blog that I follow and I always look forward to your posts. I love that shirt and I too love 3/4 length sleeves, even in the dead on winter. :)

  13. says

    i dont really oay attention to the ‘white rules.’ or sandals rules (in LA sandals are a MUST nearly year round). i’ve always said, if you want to wear it, you can pull it off.

    and ps – i’m finally getting the hang of the bouncy curled under hairdo! woot! granted, my hair still flattens about halfway through the day, but i’m getting there =)

  14. says

    Hi, Kate. I just found your blog and have to say I am so excited…and thankful…for all these great tips on hair, fashion and make-up! Thank you for giving us the inside scoop on how you look so great.

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