This post is juicy

My husband, the health nut. 

Okay, if you know him you know that isn’t true. But he is becoming more and more aware of being healthy. Especially when he watches documentaries about food and nuritrion.
Most recently, he watched a documentary (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) about juicing veggies. And he jumped right on that.

We went out a bought a juicer a few days later. Merry Christmas to him! 😉 The new juicer + the electric toothbrush I bought him for Christmas = kind of the least romantic gift ever. . .unless you look at it as a “I want to be married for a long time, so get healthy so you live long” kind of gift. 

He decided to go ahead and start with the Mean Green drink. Here is what he needed:

6 Kale stems
4 celery stalks
1/2 a lemon
2 apples
1 cucumber
and a “thumb” size of ginger

Who knew ginger was so. . .stringy?

I felt really healthy just being NEAR so many green veggies.

 Beautiful little lemon.

There is it. (Look at that plethora of counter space)

Also, please note what is stacked nearly to the ceiling behind the healthy juicer. . 

CUPCAKES! I’ve got 2 words for you: Conflicting interests.

Lets begin with Kale. 

That is GAAA-reen. 

That is what celery looks like juiced.

There is 2 apples. . .juiced.

And 1/2 a lemon.

Look at all the leftover leafiness!

So all these veggies made this much juice:

Of course, we had to try it. It honestly didn’t smell all that bad. I mean, it’s veggies and some fruit!

My husband definitely “enjoyed” it more than me though. But he is exponentially more excited about juicing than I was.

I’m scared.

(here I did the “block with your tongue move” so it looked like I tried it. . .but Justin knows my ways all too well and made sure that cup was empty after the swig.)

So I did it. And it honestly wasn’t that bad. I felt super healthy the rest of the night. . .until I bought a medium popcorn and Coke for myself at the movies. As my dinner.

Grits was even slightly interested in all the ruckus in the kitchen. But he quickly turned his nose up and shook his head after he got a whiff of the Mean Green!

So there was our juicing day. I’ll let you know if we/he comes up with any delicious juicing concoctions.

In the meantime I’m going to stick to roasted/sauted veggies and salad. 

And cupcakes.


  1. says

    I think my husband and I saw the same documentary. We were like about to go out and get a juicer, but then we realized, we may not use it as much! I hope you and your hubs juice and get healthy for 2012! Great idea.



  2. Anonymous says

    I’ve been wanting to kindly steal my mom’s juicer bc she never uses it! Dad had bought her a real nice one and it is brand new still :)

  3. says

    We have been jumping on the “healthy” bandwagon also. And yes it all started with some documentaries. Forks over Knives, Food Matters, The Gerson Miracle all are awesome. I have been trying to decide on which juicer to get, do you like the Jack Lelanne one?

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh! My husband is the same way! We just watched that documentary and now he wants a juicer! He’s been researching for days! Ha!

  5. says

    Hi Ms. Kate! I have just loved reading your blog! I love all of your hair tutorials, they are great!

    If y’all are getting into that you HAVE to go to the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead site… they give a bunch of delicious recipes and great tips! 😀 We watched the documentary together as a family a few weeks before christmas. All you have to is sign up and it gives a BUNCH of great info for free.

    Our whole family has started eating better and finding that it is truly more delicious because of all the herbs we have begun to use to flavor our meals. Thats coming from a teenaged young person and her younger brothers and sisters… 😀

    Melissa: The Jack Lalane is great but I would totally recommend getting the Brevel. My family and I personally own the Jack Lalane but we are saving towards the Brevel which is a lot better. But the Jack Lalane is a great starter! You do get more juice out of the Brevel though.

    I hope this helps!

  6. says

    Let me guess….Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead- we watched that show also and it’s amazing information. We also bought a juicer and did a fast for 3 days- we were wimps to do it any longer but it was an amazing transformation in those 3 days. We plan to do a juice fast about once a month. It’s also great to juice and have it for breakfast or a lunch now and again. You just feel so good getting those nutrients right into your system. Our dog LOVES the carrot pulp. Cannot get enough of it.

  7. says

    Youre right, just looking at all those veggies makes a person feel healthier. :) I don’t have a juicer, but I do like to drink Naked. I think its pretty much the same kind of things — all fruits and vegetables. I get it at Walmart.

  8. says

    love the expression pictures! :)
    our favorite drink in the juicer is apples, a few carrots and lemons…yummo!
    another fun one is strawberries, carrots, apples, and celery – lots of fruit is what makes them taste “best” :)

  9. says

    Your hubby sounds like my hubby! We got Netflix streaming on our PS3, and he has been watching all documentaries….including a juicing one (sounds like steroids talk, lol) called Food Matters! Hope he sees results!

  10. says

    I don’t know what was funnier, the words or the pictures! I think I’d rather just eat the fruits and veggies. Good luck though. Wow, that was green.

  11. says

    Ha! The cat wouldn’t eat it. That should’ve been your ticket outta there. Kudos to hubs for trying to get healthier … meanwhile, I just ate party mix and diet coke for breakfast. :(

  12. Christian says

    I love juicing! I cannot wait until all of my fav veggies and fruit come back in season at the farmers markets!!!

  13. says

    Hey Kate — first found your blog via pintrest. Love it, and check back, mostly for hair ideas.

    As for the green…my family has been drinking green smoothies for probably close to two years. My mom first read a book called Green for Life. It has recipes. We just use a blender though, and I throw pretty much anything in there, but you have to have a banana. Without a banana, it’s…too green. I like spinach and kale the best for greens and frozen mango or berries for the fruit. Avocado works well to get a creamier consistency. Adding the banana though, will do wonders for the taste. Give it a shot!


  14. says

    I’ve been juicing for years and love it! But, I really came by because someone told me to check out your hair tutorial… I have your hair and saw the pinteret photo…(she has my hair)but it go’s curly and frizzy….lol
    Let me go look into that..
    Happy Holidays

  15. says

    I agree with adding a banana… one of my friends was juicing for awhile and she lost a ton of weight and didn’t get sick at all for an entire winter; she swears it was the juice. She used to use a lot of beets too.

  16. says

    My favorite part of this post is that you took a photo of the “pretty little lemon”…it’s good to know other people get excited about little things like me. My husband gives me the weirdest look when he sees me taking a picture of my dinner or a drawer pull. Glad you get me girl :)

  17. says

    Haha, that was a very ambitious drink to try for the first time using your new juicer! Hopefully future juices won’t be quite as green!
    Love your Christmas decorations! I have a few of those cute silver glittery trees myself!

  18. says

    That is a true green drink – and super healthy….my cousin drinks a similer one almost daily and says the taste grows on you…her kids even drink it. I’m more of a Green Smoothie kind of girl – my kids LOVE it! My fave recipe is:

    handful of spinach
    1/3 pineapple
    1 nectarine
    1 pear

    I don’t juice it, just blend. But it’s super yummy and you could totally add some kale or celery juice to it to up the health factor! Delish :)

  19. says

    I totally caught those cupcakes on the counter before I read that subtitle, haha! I have heard JAck LaLane makes a mean juicer. And, it always feels good to make a healthy resolution, keep it up!!

  20. says

    I totally stole my mom’s very rarely used Jack LaLanne juicer so I could use up some of my Abundant Harvest box each week (PS, I love that box too!) and I was hooked. The green juices look nasty but they really are so good. I love to juice apples, carrots and kale/spinach. I’ve never thought to do cucumber. That’s amazing and I can’t wait to go buy one.

    My boss gave me this tip and I love her for it. Put a plastic grocery bag in your pulp container, if you get plastic bags. It makes clean up SOOO much easier!

  21. says

    My husband is giving me quirky looks for laughing out loud while I read your post! I soooooo relate! Back in the summer, he watched that same documentary and we went through the same process. You are a brave soul. I drank about a tablespoon of the green juice. Eventually the excitement wore off (like three days later). Hopefully your investment will be more beneficial! :)

  22. says

    hahaha! The cupcakes next to the juicer is so awesome!! That is exactly what my house is like; a nice healthy salad for dinner and then 5 cookies right before bed. haha!!

  23. says

    We just watched that 2 weeks ago! My husband is a triathlete and health nut! We bought our mean green ingredients today! So excited for the benefits of detoxing!

  24. says

    Ugh. I dated a guy who got super serious about juicing, and let’s just say I. was. not. pleased. Finally, I began getting my own fruits and juicing, which was better but still not great. Give me a smoothie any day.

  25. Samantha says

    I didn’t see anyone else post this but, the thought popped into my head and I don’t know if it’s even possible… Juice a cupcake! (:

  26. T.J. says

    If you saw that movie, I’m guessing you have streaming Netflix. In which case I would also recommend the movie Fat Head, which is quite entertaining as well as informative.

    Honestly, I didn’t care for Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The second half of the “documentary” felt more like a contrived infomercial for a specific brand of juicer. Plus, they didn’t do anything to show that specifically cutting back to NOTHING but juice was the cause of the gain in health benefits. The two men in the movie both had an autoimmune disorder, and by extension they were also eliminating most inflammation-related foods, like SUGAR and WHEAT. I wanted to reach through the screen and tell them, “It’s okay; you can have a steak and a salad! You don’t have to drink that nasty stuff! You’re going to get diabetes drinking all your carbs like that!” But they were on the t.v. and couldn’t hear me…

  27. says

    Hi Kate!! My name is Katy Monaco. I’m Cas Monaco’s niece. I think you might know her from your church, The Summit. She told me about you and your blog and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you share. I live in Portland Oregon. Thank you for what you do. XXOO

  28. says

    Hi there! Just found your blog through pinterest and LOVE it! I too am a christian, and my husband is a health nut as well and we just watched that documentary- juicing ever since! Ha! And I totally would’ve gotten a coke and popcorn at the movies as my dinner too- makes my hubby crazy but opposites attract, right?! :) Glad to start following your blog. Ps. Love the hair tutorials..doing one tonight for my anniversary date!

  29. says

    MY husband also immediately bought a juicer after watching the ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’ documentary. He did a straight juice fast for a week and a half until his eyes were so blurry he couldn’t see. Uh yah. So now he does the fast for a day or two a month. He is diabetic and does see results from fasting. (carrots and green apples are my fave combo to juice!)

  30. Anonymous says

    I have the same juicer and followed the 7lbs in 7 days juice diet and I lost 10lbs and feel fab! I now have juice every morning. First few days were a killer and I felt awful but after that I was so full of energy it was unreal.

  31. says

    Good Grief you get a lot of comments! :) I love this documentary – Matt and I watched it together a few months ago too (thanks netflix!). But even more so, I LOVE my juicer, and that recipe. I think it is so yummy. I get into obsessive juicing phases every so often. Thanks for spurring on a new one! Gotta go get out the juicer :)

  32. says

    I’ve been juicing for about a month. Here’s my absolute FAVORITE recipe…
    half cantaloupe
    1 cup strawberries
    1 1-inch piece ginger root
    1 orange, peeled and quartered
    1 grapefruit, peeled and quartered
    1/4 cup natural yogurt
    1 Tbs. wheat germ
    Juice all fruits, then whisk in yogurt and wheat germ. The yogurt makes it creamy – like a creamsicle! (recipe from The Juicing Bible)
    Happy juicing!

  33. says

    I did the same thing after watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I went out and bought a juicer and did a 10 day juice fast. And after the 10 days I actually felt GREAT! LOVE juicing and I also do smoothies. Kale is soooo good for you! LOVE your blog BTW!

  34. says

    OH and I meant to tell you to add strawberries to the Mean Green or use red apples to make it a bit more tolerable. (well it helped me get it down better anyway!) Juice on! :)

  35. says

    it great how this documentary has inspired juicing in so many people. ive been juicing all my life but when i saw that movie I knew it was time to get the juicer out again and i haven’t looked back.

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