These little videos have already had millions of hits, but I thought I would share it here anyway. Have you seen it? I cried from laughing so hard. But I’ve also been told that I have a *unique* sense of humor. :)

Hope this brings a smile to your face. 
Happy Saturday


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    You just made my morning. But then I sent it to a friend and she said she couldn’t even make it through the whole thing. Guess you do have to have a certain type of sense of humor.

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    marcel is SUPER cute- a video that made me cry from laughing is “ultimate dog tease”- (funnier if you actually own a dog) I highly recommend it, and its rated G (you never know these days)

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    A smile!?!?!? HAAA…my boys (8 and 11) and I just watched these and are HORSE LAUGHING! Shared on FB – Marcel Monday! Thanks for sharing something so “off the wall”! Love it!
    (my son especially liked Marcel sitting on the keyboard with zzzzs going across the computer screen!)

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