Friday Favorites

This part of a caramel apple. That’s pure sugar down there. Delish. 

I love solid perfume. Sometimes spray fragrance will be too strong, but rubbing some solid perfume on your neck and wrists is subtle, yet noticeable.
My new shirt from Gap
Wouldn’t these be a lovely addition to a gift?
LOVE this color grey!
These are all stunning!


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    I love the top!! I have to say, I am absolutely in love with your blog! I’ve been growing out my hair since I’m getting married in November, and it’s to that point where I had no idea what to do with it anymore. I started using some of your products you recommend, I watched some of your hair tutorials, and it’s like I am a completely new me!! I’ve gotten SO many compliments on my hair! LOVE IT! Thanks!!

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    Great fallish picks Kate! Love the gloves, and your new shirt is so cute! I didn’t know scentsy made perfume…guess I should look them up. Happy weekending to you!

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