October Birchbox

I Broke The Rules

While my Birchbox was on time, I am late to post about it.

This box had some brand new things that I had never heard of!

The Delicate Wash is laundry detergent for. . .well. . .delicates. And that serum next to it? It’s a shine and smoothing elixir for your hair. Cannot wait to try that! 
I’m also excited to try that Spackle Makeup Primer. That can make or break how your makeup goes on and stays on.

My favorite item is this Befine Lip Serum. It’s silk. I’ve never experienced a nicer lip serum. 
And I’ve become quite a fan of Befine products! I received this exfoliator a few months ago and love it too! 
Another Birchbox hit! And as usual, I can’t wait for my next one to come in the mail!


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Melissa, The Happier Homemaker says · 10.13.11

I just bought that Bronze Spackle Primer at Ulta and LOVE it!

Lena M. Shepherd says · 10.13.11

I just started following your blog and LURV it!!!
I just subscribed to Birchbox and cannot wait to get my goodies next month…I am a sucker for anything in a miniature size.

honeyinmyheart says · 10.13.11

Thanks to you, Kate, I signed up for Birchbox and my first one arrived yesterday. But I received some different items…do they customize the products to the person or do they just mix it up all random-like each month?

Lindsay says · 10.13.11

Those look fabulous! I have not heard of those yet, but would love to give them a try!

Brenna says · 10.13.11

Thanks to becoming obsessed with your blog this week (seriously, all of your posts are too cute/so helpful), I just signed up to receive my first BirchBox next month! I cannot wait to see what kind of goodies arrive 🙂

Brandy says · 10.13.11

My first box was this month and it had “welcome to birchbox, here are our favorites” in it. Nothing of what you got, hopeful for next month 🙂

Erika Reiner says · 10.13.11

I’ve been following your blog for a bit and love it!
Taking the Birchbox plunge. I have their updates on my Pulse app for my phone and always love what they have to say. Hope it’s going to be worth the $$$.
Can’t wait!

Amanda says · 10.13.11

I got my birchbox too, nothing what you got and the sizes of the samples were very small. Do you get bigger sizes for subscribing yearly versus monthly (I am a monthly subscriber).

Mara says · 10.13.11

I signed up for Birchbox last week…I’m anxiously awaiting next months arrival! Also, I FINALLY found a hairstylist to order me the aquage uplifting foam- used it today, what a huge difference! THANK YOU 🙂

Sara Hertrampf says · 10.13.11

Got mine, too…thanks for the referral! I got two of the same things as you and I’m excited to try them.

Gaengy says · 10.13.11

I am new to your blog and love it! Can you tell me more about what birch box is?

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.13.11

When you sign up for Birchbox you fill out a Beauty Profile which is used to pick your samples! So each box is customized for you!

Laura says · 10.13.11

I got my very first Birchbox this month, and I got the Spackle as well. I usually use mineral powder foundation, but this time I used the Spackle, then used my liquid foundation, and I didn’t see a huge difference. I’m going to give it another try, though.

Chrissi says · 10.13.11

I got my first Birchbox on Tuesday and it did not disappoint! The only thing that both of us got was the delicate wash. I can’t wait until next month!

rachel says · 10.13.11

Oooh! You got different things in your box than I got in mine! I wonder why? I like your box better! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the hair stuff cuz that looks like it would be awesome! I am jealous of your lip serum and cleansing cream! The only thing that was in my box too was the spackle, which I am enjoying! It has a nice, tthin consistency and the tinting isn’t major, just adds a nice glow 🙂

Jessica Jenkins says · 10.13.11

I’m anxiously waiting for my Birchbox, still! It should be here any day now and I cannot wait. You got some good stuff!

Keri says · 10.13.11

I love Birchbox, I usually get mine a little later in the month so I always like that you post about your birchbox cuz then I get an early preview! I hope I get the lip serum too!

Rhonda says · 10.13.11

Wow…this is the first time I have ever seen someone get exactly the same items in their birchbox as I did!

margo says · 10.13.11

i found your blog thru pinterest. i found out about birchbox thru you and got my first one two days ago! i LOVE it! i also love your blog!~margo
p.s. i got laundry shampoo but i actually thought it was shampoo for your hair… until my husband looked at it. good save!

Megan says · 10.13.11

I keep meaning to sign up for BirchBox and just forget! I’ve got to remember this time. On a side note, I am a huuuuge Laundress fan. I use their Wool & Cashmere, Delicates, Baby and Denim detergents. I love all of them.

Kelsey says · 10.13.11

Seems like Birchbox should be paying you since several ladies have joined, I am one of them and I can’t wait to see what they send me.

Reese and Leigh says · 10.14.11

I just signed up for Birchbox the other day- I am so excited! The guy I am dating was less than excited to hear about how many samples I am going to get 🙂

Brielle says · 10.14.11

Just joined Birchbox! What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing

lori says · 10.14.11

My birchbox was a let down compared to yours and didn’t have anything related to my profile. 🙁

Stacy Marie says · 10.14.11

I absolutley love your blog!!! Might I suggest using the Kerastase line of hair products… I have crraaazzzyyy curly hair and it is by far the only thing that makes them tame/SUPER soft! I’ve tried the syrum they have in the birchbox kit… it smells amazing but I feel like it is a bit heavy and I have relatively thick hair

a happy little life says · 10.15.11

I’m really enjoying your blog. My sister has some kind of product subscription and I’m lucky enough to get lots of cool samples in my care packages from home. I really like AHAVA products so far. One of my favorite treats was Moroccan Oil goodies, she didn’t know what it was and passed it on. SCORE for me.
Have a great weekend! Tracie

M says · 10.15.11

Do you love the hair serum? I got it too, a tiny bit goes a long way.

I also got the befine lip serum, I keep using it! It is amazing!

Christina MC says · 10.18.11

I got some different products. My fav being a heat and humidity blaster serum.

PinkLouLou says · 10.19.11

Well well sister.. I just stumbled upon your blog and I believe we share a passion for hair! Great tutorials. Since I am too lazy to ever make any good ones, I am just gonna send people your way when they ask, HA!

I do a lot with “my weave” HA! I have the thinnest hair in AMERICA so I gotta fake it 😉

Cute blog girlie 🙂


Jenny says · 10.25.11

Hi Kate,
Are you signed up for the premium account? I’ve been a subscriber for about 6 months, and the sizes of samples I get aren’t as big as the ones you’ve been getting nor are the brands as good. 🙁

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.26.11

@Jenny: Nope, just the regular account! Remember, your beauty profile will tell them what to put in your box so sometimes that will be different than what I get in mine!

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