Fall Wedding Attire

I received this email recently and was so touched that she thought to ask me! I get all my style tips from my sister, Reese (she doesn’t know it but we are on a first name basis. and by we, I mean me), and j.crew. 
I’m a rule follower. For the longest time I didn’t think you could do black and brown together. I thought you had to match your purse with your belt. Well not anymore folks! I’ve branched out. I even bought leggings a few weeks ago for the first time.

So this is my attempt to answer. Feel free to comment with any other suggestions!

Hi Kate:

I am struggling to find an outfit for an outdoor fall wedding this Saturday at 6 in the evening. Do you have any attire suggestions? It is on a farm and from what I can tell, weddings tend to be more formal in the evening, however, its on a farm! lol. Here’s the thing~ It’s going to be around 54 degrees or so…Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch! 

Whew! That may be a bit chilly. : / But it could be a lovely setting for a wedding! What were the invitations like? If they were pretty formal, plan on dressing up a bit more than usual. If they were sort of “typical”, then you could get away with something slightly more casual. Is it a sit down dinner, or a dessert reception? All these factors can help you judge how formal this event will be. 

But I firmly believe, it’s better to be slightly overdressed, then waaaaay underdressed. 

So here are some ideas for you:

(Thats my sister!) 
Layers will be your friend. Throw a sweater on over a dress with tights, belt it, and you are good to go! You could even add a scarf to this outfit for a chilly night!

{source unknown}
You can’t go wrong with a black dress. And grey tights are a bit more interesting than black, so that will add a little something extra! And a black blazer, or sweater, could add another layer of warmth. The shoes, though, may be a bad idea. You never know how soft the ground will be at a farm, and you don’t want to be sinking all night. Stick with wedges. Or boots!

All this needs, I think, is a pair of tights to finish it off for a cool evening. But add some statement jewelry and a fabulous updo and your look will be complete! 

This dress may be difficult to add a sweater to, but you could try a fitted blazer. Roll the sleeves up a bit if you want it to be casual. 

This silhouette is easy to “sweater and belt”. Throw on 12-15 bangles, some big earrings and you are complete!

This is probably too casual, but I find it difficult to NOT put a picture of Reese Witherspoon in my posts every chance I get. :) I love the navy she has going on. Navy is not as “formal” as black, but still dressy. 

And if you are feeling colorful, take Sydney’s idea. Keep it simple and classic on top, but play around with a few different colors with the skirt and tights! 

I hope these ideas help! And I hope you have a great time at the wedding! 

Please comment with any other suggestions for Melissa! :)


  1. Anonymous says

    I went to a FARM wedding at this exact same time last year and the temperatures were very low. We had the best time because we dressed for the weather. I layered tights over a pair of polar fleece leggings (you couldn’t tell at all) and wore my leather knee high boots. All the dress options above are great. During the ceremony we still had some sunlight but once that sun went down it was COLD. The bon fire started up, everyone put on there hats, gloves, and warm jackets and had the best time! I was warm and toasty all night long and looked cute. Dont let yourself freeze to death, pack extra warm hats, gloves, and jackets in your car because someone that has not planned so well will be loving you at the end of the night.

  2. says

    I love all your suggestions, Kate! I couldn’t think of any better ones myself. I forget about layering and i’m not a big fan of tights, so wearing them is like a big “ugh” but I do like the way they look with dresses.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am actually going to a wedding at a State Park this weekend so I feel the pain LOL! I have a long sleeve short dress (cobalt blue and blue) – but Kate would you recommend tights and peep toes? I am on the fence! :)

    Steph in Raleigh! :)

  4. says

    haha I’m typically a rule follower too, and I just bought my first pair of leggings that I hope to wear soon now that we are getting some cooler weather. It’s a step out for me!! I love your suggestions above. The black dress with the brown boots and brown purse is adorable. Do you know where that dress is from?

  5. says

    Thanks Kate for all of the suggestions and putting so much time into helping me! I am definitely sticking with a dress, tights, boots, and either a sweater or wrap. Others that are attending are going with something along the same lines. The setting and invitations are rather casual, and it is about the bride anyway:). I definitely love the last look with all of the color, but I feel it may be too bold for a wedding. So I will probably go with a black or navy dress, tights, with some brown accessories and some pretty jewelry! Thanks so much!

  6. says

    I pretty much live in jeans, t-shirts and Converses and my take on dressing up is to make sure my jeans aren’t a pair with paint spatters on them…so I have no fashion advice to offer, but I just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and had to say though I probably won’t get out of my “uniform” anytime soon, I am inspired to gussy up my ponytail now! Also, I LOVE the grey tights with the black. It does add a lot of interest to the look.

  7. says

    New follower here! Found you via a hair-roundup on Babble’s The New Home Ec. Just spent WAAAY toooo long browsing your archives, but I LOVE your blog. I subscribe to alot of sewing/crafty blogs and have been looking for a great hair blog. I never feel like I know what I’m doing w/ my hair :( I’ve already gained some great tips just from watching a few videos. Looking forward to more :) You are sooo adorable BTW – loved reading your “about me” section!

  8. Anonymous says

    I LOVE your blog! I’m a broke college student, but I don’t want to dress like one… You have the greatest ideas on how to have an all around pulled together look… My best friend and I call this “effortlessly put together”. I’ve been able to take your ideas and find “college budget friendly options”. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and ideas!

  9. says

    I just went to an outdoor wedding last week (Minnesota, so 50 degrees!) and it was at 5:30. Even though it was at a golf course, most were not dressed that formal because it was so cold! I wore a cute sweater dress with leggings & high boots! It was perfect! I also brought a big purse & shoved one of those little fleece blankets in there.. it was my lifesaver because I quickly realized leggings really aren’t THAT warm when it’s windy! good luck :)

  10. says

    Do you know who made the 3rd dress, the one black one with the brown clutch & knee boots? I also Love your sister’s dress but can not find it on the francescas website :( So cute!

  11. says

    The dresses shared in your blog are gorgeous. I also got married last week. I got really good wedding ideas online and used those in my marriage. It was fantastic. Now I am looking for some dresses for my wife. I must choose some dresses from your blog.Thank you.

  12. Anonymous says

    What does one wear if the temperature is supposed to be in the 80s??? And I am a little bit older and heavier than these girls. I don’t know if I can pull off a pair of tights, especially if I am sweating like a pig!

  13. says

    I have a special need for something to wear to my son’s wedding. I will be walking him down the aisle.The problems are first of all I am in a wheelchair and have been since about 2 years old, this always makes clothes hard to find. In 2010, I had to have ALL of the lower part of my body removed. I have no body all from an inch past my belly button. Shirts have become all I wear. The operation has left me 2ft3in tall, and still in my wheelchair. Now have to stomas, which is for me to relieve waste. Therefore, I need a shirt that is long enough to the front to look like a short dress. (kinda of like sweater dress) which are as close as I have found to a dress? I was give 4 % change in 2010 to survive this operation. I want to look great for my son’s wedding. My income is only SSI, though I am back in school hoping to change that one day. I want to look like a Mother my son can be proud of. I need help Please.. This is a touching moment, that I almost missed, and had to give up half of my body to be here with him. I can’t go looking like I am wearing a tee shirt. I pray to hear from somewhere. Here is my news story which may help you to know what I look like. I am not wearing the Bucket you see in the video, but there are shots of me without the bucket thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqwJyxtY9jE
    I have been up looking all night, I think God lead me to this site. Please help me to look good beside my son as I roll him down the aisle.

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