Fall Nail Colors

Rumor has is this is the nail color for fall. . .
And I just don’t know what I think about it. I never wear “rust” colored anything, so that’s probably why I’m not sure about it. 
What about you? Is this a hit or a miss?
The color’s that I’m excited about wearing this fall are:
{glamour purse}

{Sand Tropez}

{Brand New Bag collection Fall 2011}
{and of course, OPI You Don’t Know Jacque. the perfect grey.} 

On another note, We’ll have a few pendant necklaces, like the one below, in our Etsy Shop in the next few weeks. I love wearing long necklaces with open sweaters. And my sweaters are all grey or navy, so I usually add some “color” to my outfit with my jewelry!

What nail colors are you excited about wearing this fall?


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    I actually bought all of Essie’s all line colors and love them all! Rust was never a color I would have put on my nails but it’s a color I wear in clothes often. I love all things Essie. They make the best colors!

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    I must admit that I’m a little bit of a nail polish snob (Butter London and Essie make me weak in the knees!), but one of my favorite colors for fall is actually a color from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line. It’s called Commander in Chic and I think it’s good rival to You Don’t Know Jacque. Here’s a good swatch:


    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve commented, but I love your blog, Kate! I live in Charlotte and always wish Raleigh was just a little bit closer so I could come to your salon! :)

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    I’ve been wearing glamour purse, ladylike, and opi’s you don’t know jacque.. I also have Carry On and Power clutch but I can’t bring myself to wear a color THAT dark.. I think I might try the “rust” colored one.. I’ve been suprised by what I like and dont like on my nails.. you may be suprised as well! btw LOVE your blog!!

  4. says

    I bought the “rust” color, Very Structured. Once painted on your nails, it actually doesn’t end up looking like the color in the bottle. It dries a light brown. Kind of a let down if you’re wanting that color (like I was). If you’re not sure about a “rust” color, this might work for you since it doesn’t end up that color :)

  5. says

    Not too sure about the rust color. I just painted my nails Essie’s Mink Muffs and it’s a really pretty brown gray- And that necklace is so cute- I love dressing up sweaters with some fun jewelry!

  6. JulieD says

    I just bought Essie’s “It’s Genius.” I can’t wait to try it. I always seem to be drawn to a little shimmer no matter the occasion or time if year. :)

  7. says

    I’m really not s sure about that rust color either… I LOVE all those other colors from the fall collection though!! Essie has a mattifying top coat that I bet would make these look even more fantastic!

  8. says

    I kinda like the rust color up top. I usually stick to pretty bright colors all year. Especially green. My new favorite is this matte top coat I just bought. It is lovely.

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    While I love Essie’s colors,the polish always streaks on me..so frustrating..I wear OPI Bubblebath or London Butter All Hail McQueen on fingers and OPI Red Hot Ayres Rocks on toes.

    p.s. where do you buy your sweaters? I can’t have enough gray&navy..navy is hard for me to find

  10. says

    I actually found a rust colored nail polish in my collection yesterday and set it aside for when I’m ready to change my color. I LOVE all of Essie’s fall line, I’m trying so hard to exercise self control and not blow the majority of my paycheck on it.

    I love fall colors because they always seem to be much more neutral. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure has some gorgeous colors right now, too. I’m on the hunt for grey or olive green though, those are ones I will wear all season.

  11. says

    I LOVE all of the new fall Essie colors!! I almost posted about them on my blog last night. :) I wish I had the money to buy them all though! So fun. :)

  12. Lauren says

    I seriously LOVE all these colors. I’m with you though Kate, not sure i’m crazy about the rust color. I’m more of a neutral colored girl!

  13. says

    I just picked up Very Structured – the rust color – and it isn’t quite what I expected. My husband said it looked chocolate colored. It definitely doesn’t have the orange kick I expected.

  14. says

    I love those colors! The grey and rust are great!! I think as long as it’s kept neat, simple – nails not too long or rounded then it will look modern. I can’t wait to wear my boots!

  15. Ashlyn says

    I bought O.P.I Lincoln Park at Midnight yesterday and love it!!! It’s dark purple and looks great one. Got a little shimmer/shine to it :)

  16. says

    I love your necklace. Can you please post when you will start selling the long pendent necklaces? The one you’re wearing is so cute. I can’t wait to purchase one!

  17. says

    I like the first rust color that you posted–I just bought a pair of cords in that color, but nails? Not sure. I guess I’d have to see it on my hand before I can decide. :)

  18. says

    Rust would be a hard color to pull off for a lot of people I would think. I personally think it’s just all right. But I think it could look gorgeous on some, and hideous on others. I LOVE all the other colors you noted though. Those are totally me :)

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    That “Glamour purse” is gorgeous. I recently bought Essie’s “Chinchilly” and I’m kind of addicted to it-its a lighter version of the OPI “You don’t know Jacques”. I also always fall back on my maroon colors for fall nails.

  20. says

    I prefer to call that color pumpkin. I just got that one and I’m dying to wear it. I have to wait until after my wedding, but after the 16th, I think my nails will be sportin’ that all the time. :-)

  21. says

    I’m really into Essie’s “Chinchilly”. I was at at wedding over the weekend and three other girls at my table had the same color on! It’s very fall-ish and has quickly become by new favorite! Happy fall!

  22. says

    So glad I found your blog, & tutorials! I’ve seen your face all over Pinterest and just now clicked through enough to get here. Also, not big on polished fingernails, I pick at the polish, bad, I know.

  23. vallybrr says

    That rust color will be great with navy and grey. I have this collection and this is next on my nails. I wear a lot of neutrals too, so this will be my color pop.

  24. says

    I bought the Essie Mink Muffs too and when I got it home and took it out of the bag I dropped it on the bathroom floor and it broke :( sad day for me! But I plan on buying more of it and not breaking it this time lol. I also love sugar daddy by Essie I think its more of a summer shade but I can rock pink anytime of the year :)

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