Pretty Little iPad and iPhone

Well, the time has come to update my iphone and ipad cases for fall!

Grey + White. Can’t get sick of these colors! :)

My sister and I are headed to Chicago today (home). A family friend is getting married, I get to see my good friend Cass from my first college in Michigan, and we are going to spend some time here too.

I’m very much looking forward to it! And I’ve got a hair tutorial already set and ready to go for Monday!


  1. says

    Kristin: you painted a hilarious picture in my mind of Bobby pins flying everywhere! But I hate that you aren’t having success! Are you doing in in 2 steps? Secure one side, then bring the other side over and secure it (after twisting it).
    Try “x-ing” your Bobby pins. Do you know what I mean by that?

  2. says

    Thanks Kate. Even step one is a stretch for me. Keeping any of my hair tamed with a mere bobby or two is a feat. Now, let me say I am using drugstore ones. I’m heading to Sally today to get some industrial strength and we’ll see if that helps.
    Once as a bridesmaid, the hair stylist used 96 hair pins in my head to keep it all in control. That was also the 90’s so she probably used a whole can of hairspray as well.

    I’m not giving up!

  3. says

    This is so cute! Definitely going to have to try something like this because my case is on it’s last leg….and it’s from China. It would be so wonderful to have a case that I actually made! :-)


  4. Paige says

    This is SO adorable… I have just spent the past, I don’t know…. 2 hours looking at all of your hair tips!!! You’re freakin awesome. About to head to Target to get some products, and just ordered the Aquage Uplifting foam and the Kenra hairspray– can’t wait to try them out, as well as all the cute styles! Could you just pack up and move to Texas so you can become my hairstylist?! :)

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