The Green Chair Project

I’ve got something that you can do next Thursday, Oct. 6th.

A new blogging friend, The Tall Chick, volunteers with a local furniture donation project/program.

In her words, “I’m involved with marketing efforts for a local non-profit charity called The Green Chair Project.  They provide furnishings and home accessories to needy families in the Wake County area that have been referred to them by partner agencies, like The Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.  These families pay a small fee (or sometimes they’re sponsored by someone) and in turn they receive coordinated, gently used items to furnish their homes.  Most of these people are coming from very difficult situations, like homelessness or abusive relationships, and receiving these items are just part of their rehabilitation process.  The goal is to really empower them by providing beautiful items to them in a store-like shopping experience.  It’s not meant to make them feel like they’re getting someone else’s seconds, and the furniture really is beautiful and in GREAT condition….  And I can tell you from experience that The Green Chair Project’s showroom is nearly identical to a regular furniture store.  Very impressive.”

The charity is moving to a bigger, better location on November 1st, and it will be impossible for them to move all of the furniture and accessories in their warehouse.

**this is where you come in. . .**

They are going to be having a moving sale on October 6, 7 and 8.  But, on the night of the 6th, they’re having an exclusive preview sale.  For a $10 donation, guests will receive first dibs on TONS of beautiful furniture, plus they will have food from PieBird, wine, beer and other snacks / beverages at no-charge.

You can like them on Facebook to find out all the details.

This will be a great place to buy a few items to accessorize your home, or create and entirely new look in a certain room. And don’t be afraid of furniture makeovers. . .if I can do it, you can do it.
Here are photos of a major furniture makeover I did in the past:


and. . . .After! (for all the details about this project, see this post!)
So if you have an opportunity to check our The Green Chair projects’ Thursday Preview Sale, take it! You will be shopping for both your home AND a good cause! :)


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    Ahhh! If only I lived in your area! What a great cause and how fun it would be to browse. Still love your blog and I’m trying all your hair advice. I wish I was able to come get a cut from you! Indiana is a long commute for a hair appointment. I pass your blog along on Facebook to friends and repin you constantly! Keep up the good work.

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    Great job on that bureau! Love the white paint!
    That sounds like a really great project! I would go if I didn’t live in New England. 😛

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    I have a question! What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you recommend? Do you think the kind of shampoos/conditioners that I use make a big difference in the way my hair turns out?

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    I could not believe that is the same drawer. The transformation is really awesome. The Green Chair Project is a great foundation that helps provide furnishings and home accessories to needy families in the Wake County area. I support this organization 100%.

    office furniture nyc

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    I love the outcome of your project. You really did well in giving a great transformation to this cabinet. Anyway, it is also good to see a house with furniture, walls and floors that complement with each other very well.

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful project with us. Its great that there are people in the world who try to help the less fortunate with home make overs. It seems like they upgrade everything in the house from flooring to replacement table tops. This is a great cause and hopefully you get a big turnout.

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    I was able to accomplish a furniture makeover before, and I think it’s time to give it a follow up. By the way, painting the cabinet with a plain white paint gave it a stunning look. The cabinet looks like a brand new furniture after the overall makeover. This inspires me to do another small but useful DIY project.

    ~ Thanks ~

    Ann Johnson

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