My thoughts on Clothes and Shopping

Coffee and Grits (and I’m not talking about breakfast)
I like shopping. So does my sister. And my mom. So we can do some serious damage when we are all together. And I don’t mean financial damage, I mean “the day is gone and we spent 15 hours shopping” damage. We are machines.
Over the years, I’ve learned a few things when it comes to shopping and buying clothes. One of them being, I could wear jeans, a white top, and grey wedges every single day. And I don’t really even feel bad about it. A good friend of mine once called me a chromaphobe, which is a person afraid of color. It’s sort of true. See photo.
<—-This is my idea of color blocking. grey. navy. not bright.
 So I’m learning.
I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve learned:
1. Decide what pieces are going to be your “investment” pieces.
For me, that’s jeans and shoes. I wear jeans almost every day. To work, after work, before work, weekends. It’s jeans. Always.
And shoes are very important to me because I spend so much time on my feet at work.
2. Buy for your body shape. 
I would describe my shape as pear. Therefore: skinny jeans ain’t workin’ on this bod. And I am okay with that! I wear a lot of flare and bootcut jeans to balance my shape. And if I want to wear a loose/flowy sweater, I should probably belt it.
3. If your house was on fire, and you could only grab 10 items of clothes, which ones would you grab? 
My answer would be: anything from J. Crew or Target. I live in Target shoes & tops, and J.Crew (oftentimes the Outlet) tops. Oh and a few of my purses from various outlets.
Continue to shop at these stores. And figure out which stores you should shop less at based on the clothes you would leave behind.
4. Don’t save outfits.
I would always “save” an outfit for the perfect day, but then I would never wear it. I had to save it.
Nope. Stop doing that. Just wear it! And wear it again! Often I think, “oh my gosh. people will notice if I wear the same shirt in 2 weeks. . .!”. Let me tell you this: They probably won’t. So wear it!
5. Take care of your clothes!
I have a tailor here in Raleigh that I go to who does a fantastic job with hemming my jeans. I’m about 5’5”, so regular jeans are too long for me and my little wedges. So I usually have all my jeans hemmed 1/2 inch. And then they are perfect.
I recently bought a pair of jeans from J.Crew. They are perfection. Best Jeans Ever. I wear them almost everyday.
But they were too long. I took them to my tailor (but I had nightmares that the building would burn down and my jeans would be gone forever. . .) and had them hemmed 1/2 inch. When I tried them on back at my house, I cried out. “I LOVE YOU JUNE!” (my tailor’s name is June). My cats looked at me like I was crazy.
Also, and my sister always reminds me of this, launder your clothes accordingly. Hang shirts to dry if you don’t want them to shrink. Then toss in the dryer with a damp cloth to get rid of wrinkles. Get a steamer, to steam sweaters with wrinkles.
Does this post make you want to go shopping? Me too. So I’m going tomorrow. With my fashionable sister. I might buy leggings. I know, kinda late on that trend.


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Crystal Seed says · 09.29.11

I am right there with ya on the shopping. I’m addicted, but the bad thing is, most of the time, I can’t afford it. I really need to get some fall shopping done. New jeans, some sweaters, and some nice work pants. (I can’t wear jeans to work except for Fridays) So, I’m hoping to like win the lotto or something so I can just go and splurge on everything that I need/want! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!

kinseymahan says · 09.29.11

I have a major issue with saving outfits! I’ve saved lots of things to the point that they literally go out of style. I’m talking tags still on, never worn saving. I’ve been trying to work on this, and my husband thinks I’m crazy for saving things (he’s the opposite–wears them immediately) so it’s getting easier. Great tips!

Melz says · 09.29.11

Omg Everything you wrote is exactly what me and my sister think! All this is so true! Thanks for sharing

Limelight says · 04.04.18

Same thing is applicable for me and my sister we both are shopaholic

Something Nice and Pretty says · 09.29.11

I’m the same way, I’m trying to work on the color blocking thing, I usually where the color one on top and the pants are dark on the bottom! I love my levi’s they seem to fit the best but I’ll have to try J.Crew!
My BFF and I usually shop till we drop!

Lindsay says · 09.29.11

Great tips! I hate to admit it, but I do have a couple of ‘save’ outfits. You have inspired me to just wear them. Thanks friend, wonderful post!

Annika says · 09.29.11

Im a huge supporter of not “saving” outfits! I think everyday has the potential to offer you an excuse to be ute and/or dressed up, so be girly and take advantage!

Nicole-Lynn says · 09.29.11

Great tips.. I also love J. Crew, and I always SAVE outfits! Hilarious! 🙂

sstone says · 09.29.11

I completely agree about the flares! Best invention ever!

Stephanie says · 09.29.11

Now I just wanna spend money,I don’t have, on some cute outfits!!
Don’t you love JCrew? We have an outlet by us and I could just buy everything in it.

NicoleM says · 09.29.11

Thanks for sharing this. I just found your blog recently and LOVE it! I look forward to reading it everyday. You remind me a lot of myself- same coloring/clothing style etc. When I read about your husband’s unfortunate experience with your Jetta (after I knew he was all right) I actually started laughing b/c I used to own a Jetta and had to give it up when baby #2 came along. It was such a sad day- I took pictures of it and everything. That’s when I knew that I liked you 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your hairstyle/clothing tips- and keep them coming!

The Holmboe Family says · 09.29.11

I am the same way about color. My friends give me a hard time for always wearing black! What brand is the shirt from Target? Love it!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 09.29.11

The Holmboe Family: It’s Mossimo. 🙂

genelle says · 09.29.11

You look great! The classic styles are always what I lean towards and I get nervous about buying trendy things.. what if i hate it in a year!

The saving outfits tip is my favorite; guilty as charged!

Anonymous says · 09.29.11

You should participate in the pleated poppy’s “what i wore wednesday (wiww) if you don’t already! LOVE your hair tutorials (keep them coming, please)! I have been inspired to grow my short bob out into an just tipping the shoulders, layered do. Thanks for your great stories, fun photos, and most of all awesome hair.

Joy says · 09.29.11

great post! just realized you are from Raleigh. I’m from Greensboro! exciting!

Ashlee says · 09.29.11

Kate, I love your blog! I am new to it but You are truly my inspiration. I tend to be really critical of myself and how I look. I need to STOP IT! I love that you are comfortable in your skin and you own it! Thanks for the clothing and hair advice. You are great!Keep your amazing posts and everything coming! Love reading what you have been up to!
Ashlee, here in Utah!

Savannah says · 09.29.11

I love these tips and am very guilty of saving outfits! Happy shopping!

Libbs says · 09.29.11

great post! What are the jeans from jcrew that you like? I found a pair from the Banana outlet here and wear them all the time. Need a new pair. Thanks!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 09.29.11

Libbs: they are the flare jean. they are WONDERFUL!

Reply says · 09.30.11

I alwayssss save outfits and then regret it. I need to stop doing that!

Deb says · 09.30.11

You come by the ‘saving’ thing naturally. I used to do the same thing. But now I wear and don’t ‘save’. To many times I’d ‘save’ and in 2 years the outfit went to Goodwill and I never wore it! Celebrate today and wear what you want!! Isn’t that what Stacy and Clinton would say???

lauraleigh80 says · 09.30.11

I want to come up there and shop with you! 🙂 You look beautiful in this picture, by the way. You remind me here of Julie Bowen!

Nicole says · 10.01.11

I live about 40 minutes outside of Raleigh…have you been to the H&M at Crabtree? All I can say is LOVE! Wish I got up there more often but I don’t. I love your blog and have tried several of your hair tutorials. Have a great weekend and happy shopping!

Beyzanur says · 07.10.14

I’m not sure whether I like the dress or the plftroam sandals more. Aimee, you’re looking awesome! Love the outfit from top to bottom including those aviator sunglasses. Looking great… hitting the beach in style!

Graciela says · 07.21.14

This dress screams you. Totally undasrtend why you got it in both colors (or even two sizes bigger). I’m so jealous of your beautiful long legs. |

Hillary Schafer says · 10.08.11

Ok, girl!! No need to be a chromaphobe! Check out the latest collection from CAbi ( For Fall 2011, the collection is this awesome blend of muted hues with some hints of bold color.

You’ve got to try the Ponte knit pieces!!! They take your wardrobe to a whole new chic factor. My favs? The bootcut ponte trouser. Its comfortable for carpools and errands but looks wayyyyyy more put together than sweats or mom jeans. Yikes.

Anonymous says · 11.28.11

I wanted to share this, I am 5’1 and have a horrible time with any type of pants. (they are always too long) I am not sure if your town has a Maurices or not but they now offer Short and extra short in their pants/jeans. I have to buy the extra short. Their website is if that would help anyone who has issues with being short and length of pants.

Jess says · 12.27.11

I discovered your blog a couple of months ago via pinterest and I love all of your tips on hair styles! (My friends are very jealous over the hairstyles when I sport them) I just came across this post and wanted to comment on the fact that I am TERRIBLE about not wanting to “waste” an outfit… but after reading this, you’ve inspired me to stop saving my outfits and wear them already! And if I come up with something really cute, like you said, I can always wear it again 🙂 Thanks Kate!

Sydni says · 01.25.12

Where do you recommend finding a good pair of jeans for a reasonable price? I don’t like skinny jeans either but it’s getting harder and harder to find a good pair of flare/bootcut jeans!

Lexie says · 01.27.12

Sydni, try American Eagle Hipster flares. They’ve got a wide leg to balance out hips or height (which I have both of) and they’re about $40, less when they’re on sale, which happens often.

LisaLou says · 03.04.12

Thanks for the blog post Kate! It was very good advice! I always try to take such good care of my clothes when washing/drying/ironing. It really does make all the difference! I wish more people realized this, clothing really is an investment! Keep up the good work! 🙂

David Hudson says · 05.08.12

Nice smart look such a nice and beautiful outfit really awesome.

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River Sand says · 06.04.12

This looks so neat and I can’t wait to make some of these. I’m thinking a thick rope or something instead of cutting the bottom off I like long shirts. My biggest issue is I always use me mom’s sewing machine and I moved away and haven’t gotten my own yet.

Beth {Design Your Dwelling} says · 07.03.12

Hi Kate! I was just reading through some of your previous posts via the suggestions. This is a great post and I love your theory on “Saving” outfits. Thanks for calling it out there and encouraging all of us to look and feel our best!

Anonymous says · 08.19.12

Hi Kate! Just wondering if you are going to post some fall outfit ideas with boots??? I love your outfits-very cute and put together.


Ash! says · 09.29.12

You just set me free! I have been obsessing about color, skinny jeans for fall but every pair I tried on looked HORRIBLE. I feel like you and I are similar in shape so if you don’t feel the need to rock ’em then I won’t either! I amngto return to my safe world of dark denim and snuggle up!

Ash says · 09.29.12

That was “am going to” not amngto 🙂

Sarah C says · 11.01.12

I love your blog! You remind me so much of myself… if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you would check out my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks! the web address is

marisaporter says · 11.10.12

This is a really fantastic post and makes me smile! I wear my mossimo Target camis DAILY. Layered. And that’s about all. In the winter I add a sweater.

Ramzan Ali says · 02.15.14

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Connie says · 03.22.14

Toss your hang to dry items in the dryer for 5 to ten minutes, remove, shake, hang to dry. No wrinkles! Even though my scrubs are really clothes, I shake them right out of the washer, hang to dry. No wrinkles! I am not ironing scrubs.

Someone Critique says · 04.11.14

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Reply says · 07.02.14

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Amruta says · 07.10.14

hi! love the website. not sure where to give sutseggions so ill do it here. i visit multiple times per week to view all the new stuff, but for older posts i have to click the older posts’ button a million times. you should sort the pages by numbers so i can skip all the way to the beginning and start from there! gotta see ALL the funnies ))

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Sydney Theriot says · 08.03.14

I love my neutrals! Color with me comes in small amounts like jewelry or shoes but other than that I don’t think I need anything else drawing attention to me lol. (I’m LOVING the cat paw coming from underneath the door! I teach kindergarten so my day is very similar)