THE Rosemary Bread

Well this post has perfect timing. I’m fresh off of a delightful dinner with my friend Allyson who shared this yummy bread recipe with me! While I’m still trying to perfect mine, hers is always absolutely delicious.

Here is her recipe:

Rosemary Bread
(makes 2 happily rustic loaves)

1 packet dry yeast (2 1/2 tsp)
2 cups warm water
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. salt
4 cups flour
1-2 tsp. fresh Rosemary (plus some to top loaves)
2 tbsp. butter*
Kosher salt

Dissolve yeast in the warm water and sugar. Add flour, salt, and rosemary and stir until blended. Do not knead. Cover and let rise for 1 hour.

Pour a little olive oil onto your hands and separate dough into two. Round the dough as best you can, and place the bread onto a baking sheet with a Silpat or one coated with oil and topped with cornmeal. Cover again with a towel or plastic wrap sprayed with cooking spray. Let rise for another hour.

Brush each round with melted butter and sprinkle with Kosher salt and more rosemary. Bake at 425 for 10 minutes, and then reduce to 375 and bake for 15 more minutes.


Peel and roughly slice two cloves of garlic and add to butter, then melt in the microwave.  Brush on the loaves and bake as usual.  Oh my goodness.  It’s heaven!

Slice it into strips and dip it into the olive oil and cornmeal that’s left on the pan and it is likely to change your life.


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