Jersey Flower Tutorial

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Jersey Flower Tutorial
These little flowers can be added to so many things for a little extra pop! Pin it to a necklace, a t-shirt, a headband, and bobby pin, a purse, a scarf, etc. 
Here’s how to:
1. Cut a square of fabric. Mine is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches.
2. Fold in half

3. And half again

4. While holding the folded center of the square, cut an oval out.

5. Repeat at least 3 times and then lay the flowers on top of one another

6. Grab a few beads (these are from Michaels)

7.  Sew into the center of the flower

Here is a finished version!

Here it is pined on a necklace!

Try using different fabrics or an assortment of beads for the center! 


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Lindsay says · 08.17.11

So cute! I love the simplicity of this! Great job & great tute!

By the way, I am hosting my very FIRST link party and I would love to have you link this to it–

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.17.11

Lindsay: thanks for the invite!

Amanda Joy says · 08.17.11

Love how this came together with the pearls and glass beads. Great job!

Amanda Joy

Ty and Whitty says · 08.17.11

Thank you so much for sharing this is so cute. Thank you so much for linking this up to mine and Lindsays Party Show and Share! Come on over and visit and follow me.

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Stephanie says · 08.18.11

Cute! What fun necklace!

Betsy J says · 08.22.11

Super cute! What a happy yellow flower…

The Mitchell's says · 03.04.13

Connie Mitchell, March 4, 2013
This is just darling!! My YW will be making this for sure. You have made it look
so easy. Thanks for the great instructions.