Game Changer

Have you had Via yet? I think I tried a sample of the vanilla flavor a long time ago and I wasn’t terrible impressed. Besides, I was trying to enjoy Americanos instead of high calorie latte’s. 
And then I went to starbucks and they were pouring Caramel Via into tiny starbucks shot cups at the register. So I tried it.
Then I bought it. 
I considered buying 2 packs but I held back.
1 pack to start. 

It is delicious. Not too caramel-y, not too strong, and just perfectly cold and refreshing. And I also thought to myself, “Wait. . .fall is coming. . .I’m not going to want cold drinks in the fall” and the I remembered I live in NC and fall doesn’t start until LATE November AND I probably will empty this pack by the weekend. 

So what I’m trying to say is go buy it. And you will understand when you take the first sip. 


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    I’ve tried the Via Iced Coffee and I too wasn’t impressed. Maybe next time I should grab some via caramel (caramel is my fav!) and try it out!!

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