French Braid Tutorial

Here is a video on How to French Braid Your Own Hair!
featuring: my bangs :)
Please comment with any questions or your own success story! :)
Close Ups:
french braid_
(pardon my roots. getting a touch up tomorrow:)   )
1. Don’t give up half way through if it doesn’t feel right. Wait until you finish to see where you “lost” the piece of hair.
2. Have a little bit of product in your hair. (example: hairspray)
3. Smooth out each section of hair as you go. You’ll have a cleaner look when you are finished!
Good Luck!
Here is the YouTube Link in case you have Blogspot video issues: How to French Braid!
Please feel free to share!


  1. Anonymous says

    I just found your blog and am SO EXCITED to finally figure out how to do some of these styles. Thank you!

  2. says

    I can’t get it to work! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong; I’m following all your instructions… I end up with a braid coming down the front of my head. It’s uuuuuber frustrating how incapable I am of doing anything to my hair.

    • Anonymous says

      I have had this happen before. Are you braiding it to the side? If you braid it to the side instead of holding it straight down it will not be a braid going down the front of your face. Sorry if thats not any help..

    • Anonymous says

      I’m SO irritated!!! I can’t french braid worth sh**. Ugh, I’ll never be able to do anything with my hair. I give up!!

  3. Run Jeni Jeni Run says

    I’m going to try this on my daughters tonight when they get home from school. I have been trying to french braid for years and always seem to fail :(

    • Tiffany says

      I start my French braids out just like a normal braid I start at the top of the head ( if you’re doing one braid down the middle) as close or far away as u want ur braid to start. Divide it into 3 sections. Start to overlap your sections just like you would a normal braid after overlapping that set the first time the second time when you start to braid scoop up more hair with the peice you are over lapping over the middle piece. Just continue to scoop and over lap, making sure you have it pulled tight enough… I hope this helps, don’t know if I explained it very well.

  4. Danielle Swanson says

    I absolutely love your hairstyles!! And am so excited that you have my favorite hairstyle that I’ve never been able to do, on here! The french braid. I watched the video, yet still can not figure out how you are doing it :/ What am I doing wrong?

  5. says

    I’ve been trying for the longest time to get the hang of this technique. Other tutorials I’ve watched go through it so quickly it’s hard to figure out what’s being done. This was perfect! I have a French braid in my hair, that I did, for the first time! THANK YOU!!

  6. says

    I’ve been trying to french braid my bangs forever…finally a tutorial that worked for me! Thanks so much, I was successful on my first try while watching your blog. <3 it!


  7. says

    Found your blog via Pintrest. I’ve always loved a good braid but my mom always had to do it for me, even at 32 years old! I decided it was time to take my hair in my own hands, literally. I could not believe that a 2 minute video could show me the way. After a few views, a bunch of practice braids I figured it out! I have naturally curly hair and don’t have short bangs so it took me longer to get the angles right, but I finally did. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and making the video. I’m so excited to go to work tomorrow, if only to show off my sweet new hair braid. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous says

    I’ve add this onto my favorites! I love how you actually show them. Thank you so much for all these videos! Keep them coming!! :)

  9. Jacquelyn says

    I’ve never been able to get this braid to work! After the video it worked! A little messy, but I’ll clean it up after a few more tries! THANKS!

  10. Alisha says

    I cannot figure out how to get my braid started at my part!!! It’s about to drive me crazy! It always starts about an inch away and everyone I see does it like you did and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

  11. says

    This is so cute! I tried it and almost hit it nail on on the first try. I work with kids and am always looking down so this would a stylish and good way to keep my bangs out of my face!

  12. Anonymous says

    I actually just did a french braid for the very 1st time thanks to you! I have really long hair and this bang thing is so cute and whimsical. Thank you!

  13. Anonymous says

    I LOVE THIS BLOG! Except my hair is shorter, and curly. I try to do all of your hairstyles but they dont work too well.. although, they all look FABULOUS on you!

  14. Anonymous says

    Love all your ideas… did the bangs braid today! Came out great! Can’t wait to try the other styles in your blog. :) Thanks for sharing.

  15. Anonymous says

    Love going on your site and seeing all of your hair tutorials! You are fabulous!! Love all of your cute ideas and videos really help a lot! You are great!! :)

  16. says

    Found you on Pinterest & did my hair this way today. Took two tries because I’m more of a hands-on learner but my hair looked excellent! Awesome tutorial!

  17. says

    Well, mine doesn’t look as good as yours, but I did it! I think you’re great! Thanks for all the tips and ideas!! :) I also found your bouncy curled under picture on pinterest and copied your hairstyle! Love it!!! :)

  18. Anonymous says

    I am literally THE MOST inept person at doing hair (or close to) and was able to [mostly] accomplish this – what?! I think with a little practice I’ll have it down. THANKS!

  19. says

    Love all the tutorials! You make it seem so easy! Guess I’ll just keep on practicing! I’m sporting your two twist look today! So far it’s the only one that I’ve been successful with! Lol

  20. Jaclyn says

    I have never been able to do anything neat with my hair until I found your blog. It is like a whole new world now! Thanks for breaking everything down into simple easy to follow steps. I was able to french braid my bangs first try!

  21. Anonymous says

    I love that french braids are back! I was in HS in the 80’s and we french braided our hair like crazy! For those of you having trouble, just think of it as you’re braiding. Don’t overthink! Every time you’re going to do a new “crossover”, you just need to pick up a little section of hair. It may make it easier if you lie the braid section down to pick up the new extra section of hair to braid over. Just a thought!
    I would also like to know how to get more volume!!!

  22. Kaitlyn says

    This was incredibly helpful! Haven’t been able to braid my bangs watching any other tutorial but I was able to do it on the first try watching this video! Thank you!

  23. Anonymous says

    I loved this! I tried it on my own hair and it worked and looked good! And trust me, I’ve never been good with hair…

  24. Anonymous says

    I am not that anonymous! Though my aunt and i have been admiring your great advice! I have this style of the french braid bangs in my hair now!I’ve been getting TONS of complements! More then 5! Ive seen pretty much ALL your videos! So thanks!!!

  25. Anonymous says

    I love this BLOG!!! I have been trying to figure out alot of these hairdos for long time so thank u soooo much. This is soo amazing. <3

  26. Anonymous says

    You have awesome hair. Thanks for sharing your tips. I am trying to let my hair grow out, and I was just about to give up and cut it all off when I found your blog. There is hope after all!!!

  27. Anonymous says

    For the first time in my life I don’t have long Crystal Gail hair. My hair is about as short as yours so I was looking for cute things to do. Tried this and loved it! Thanks for the great video, I am good at braiding but I need ideas!

  28. Whole Enchilada says

    I also found your blog through Pinterest. I love it. Any morning that I do not feel like doing my hair, i just pick a style on your blog for inspiration! and its a bonus that you are a Christian…i am too. You are so peaceful. I hope you blog for a long time!

  29. says


    First of all, I have to tell you how much I LOVELOVELOVE your blog. You might have saved my hair!! I basically only have two hairstyles: up in a ponytail or down straight. I’m fixing to cut my long hair so I saw your blog and got some great ideas I’m going to try.

    I just have one question: what do you do to your hair to have it colored the way it is? I get highlights, but I absolutely love your color. I’ve always been afraid to get it too light because I’m very fair-skinned, but the color you have looks fabulous. Since it looks like you also have fair skin, maybe the total blonde would work on me too. I really hope you see this & reply because I’d love to know before I go into the salon. I will even send you my email because I’m THAT desperate & sick of my hair:

  30. says

    I love this one! I do this when I work out so that my bangs aren’t in my eyes. I don’t think you needed a touch up but I’m sure by now you had 5 more hehe

  31. says

    One of my 30 goals before I turn 30 is to learn how to French braid- and after watching many tutorials, yours is the one that did it! Awesome- thank you!

  32. says

    Brilliant, i’m in the middle of growing my fringe and its at that stage where i can’t do a thing with it so this is brill x

  33. says

    Brilliant, i’m in the middle of growing my fringe and its at that stage where i can’t do a thing with it so this is brill x

  34. says

    Hello! I LOVE your hair styles and tutorials so much that I have just copied and pasted your web address to my FB page at Razor Sharp Image. I would love to be professionally associated with you, as I feel that we would have alot of viewers in common. My company is Razor Sharp Image and we design cute hair salon wear. Our web address is and we will definitely be checking back with you often and sharing your tips with our FB friends. Keep up the great work!

  35. says

    I was referred to your blog from a friend while trying to teach myself to french braid. I mastered it in only a few days! THANK YOU! I’ve also never been one to do much with my hair, mostly because I had no idea what to do – now I’ve got great looking hair all the time. Thank you so much!

  36. says

    Just came across your blog today and LOVE the resources you have here! I’ve always had trouble trying to french braid my own hair, and with a baby now, I’m reeeeeally getting sick of ponytails every day (I’m not willing to let him yank my hair all day long, and he’s not old enough to know any better haha!). Can’t wait to try this out :)

  37. says

    Thank you so much! I am a high school senior who’s mom still does her hair, so your tutorials are a lifesaver. I am trying to learn to do my own hair before moving away to college. :)

  38. says

    OMG! I saw this very style on Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars last night, and was thinking of asking someone if they knew how to do it…this very morning! Sooooo glad I found you :) Now…if only I can do it as well as you 😉

  39. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for your tutorials!! I can finally learn how to style my usually, flat, fine hair!! Went out and bought the aquage product for volume….hoping it helps me too :) -Katie

  40. Alyssa says

    You are awesome! First person who could EXPLAIN how to french bread. Im not a good learner from just watching people, but you explained HOW to. THANK YOU!

  41. says

    I learned from you to use a lot of mousse, i was just using the size of an egg. I also wasn’t drying my hair completely when upside down. I had flat hair, parted in the middle. After using that procedure my hair has so much volume, looks great parted on the side. i got a LOT of compliments on my hair the last 2 days. Thanks so much for your tutorial!!! My hair is cut like yours and the same length so it looks a lot like yours,AWESOME. lol

  42. says

    September 27, 2012 at 9:05 am Very useful video, So cute and i love the floewr idea! I am definitely having that hair when i’m a floewr girl do you think 12 is too old to be a floewr girl? Its just that my dad is getting married to somebody from a different country and they don’t normally have bridesmaids so they suggested me being a floewr girl Reply

  43. says

    September 27, 2012 at 6:34 am Thank you! My daughter has been reeqsetud to be the flower girl for her auntie’s wedding and I was just thinking of ways to do her hair for the event. I love the braid with the baby’s breath! Reply

  44. Lisa says

    Hi there!!! I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest!!! I am trying desperately to learn to French braid my hair and bangs. I have medium short hair. The tutorial video is gone!!! Would you at all be willing to post a beginners basic French braid tutorial. Especially how to start your bang against your head. I’m struggling!!! Also, where do you find aqua get?! Thank you so much!!

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