Help the Kitties!

The TV babysitter

If you’ve met me, you’ve heard me talk about Alley Cats and Angels. They are a local cat rescue that goes above and beyond simply rescuing cats and adopting them out. They focus strongly on top notch medical care, general well-being for the cats, and socializing the cats (which we have personally seen makes a huge difference in how well a cat adjusts to a new home). Just look at how happy our cats are:

Our first Alley Cat Biscuit (who we had to put to sleep in december 2010 due to a rare terminal illness that she inherited when she was a feral(stray/wild) kitten). She was a sweet little girl! 

Gravy. Who is a lot like me. 

They were best buddies!

Gravy adjusted well to the post-Biscuit addition: Grits

My sisters 2 Alley Cats, Milo and Otis, and the black and white tuxedo named Peepers was her foster cat. 

Who needs babies?

There are no words.

Couch Potato.

I could go on and on but I’ll get to the point:

They have been hit hard by a lot of unexpected medical/surgical expenses foremergency and non-routine care and surgeries this year. 

So, they are hosting a cash raffle! For only $5 dollars (just skip Starbucks one day) you can purchase a ticket that will put you in the running to win! Here are more details:

please contact me or if you have any questions or want tickets! 


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Jessica says · 09.17.11

As a fellow cat mommy of 4 wonderful balls of fluff, I am in love with those pics of your kitties. I am currently housing 2 on my lap lol!
Seeing kitties hurting or in need totally breaks my heart. I cant bear to think of any cats with out a wonderful loving home… I want to adopt them all and then just stay home loving each of them 😉 We support local shelters here in MO!

Anonymous says · 01.01.12

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