The Essential Drapey Blouse

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I’m here for the silky blouses this season!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

There are so many ways to style them which makes them a wardrobe staple. I personally love a neutral-toned blouse with blue jeans, but a pair of black jeans would also work beautifully! And don’t skip out on adding a belt. I love this one from Anthropologie.


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MA says · 10.19.23

Love this look! Pant link?

Allison Holker says · 10.19.23

So you donated the EXPENSIVE dining table and chairs and sold the Home Goods cabinet?! Unless we see a picture of the Habitat truck taking that table, you are a liar. As usual.

Kate says · 10.20.23

…and you’re here because??? You don’t seem to like me, between calling me a liar and inventing where things are from, so why would you continue to spend your time investing in me so closely? Seems like a you problem.

Jennifer M says · 10.20.23

I need those shoes! Please provide details if possible.

Kate says · 10.20.23

They are from J.Crew! They aren’t the most comfy thing that I’ve ever worn, just FYI

Amy K says · 10.21.23

I love this look! The pants are so flattering! I just started following you and I love it all! Thanks for making me laugh and sharing all of your tips! You’re amazing! (And what the heck is up with that comment below?!? I just have to shake my head at the haters and move on. Not worth a second thought. So sorry there are people like that in the world.)