Always, Sometimes, Never: Skin Edition

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It feels like a never ending stream of new and improved skincare products and methods, and while I love to try new things, there are a few things that have been consistent for me for the last little while. Below, I’m breaking down what I do, and don’t do, to my skin!


wash my face before bed – and I always wear wrist scrunchies so water doesn’t run down my arms!

moisturize after washing my face in the morning – I’ve been using PTR Waterdrench for months and love it.

apply SPF – I love Kosas Dreambeam or EltaMd

wash body in the shower

apply a lip mask before bed – the laneige lip mask is my favorite!


exfoliate with a gritty exfoliator – I’ve had good results with this one by No7. It has enough grit without feeling too harsh.

apply body lotion – I’ll switch off from using Kate Mcleod body stone, Lux Unfiltered Santal body lotion (not tanning lotion), or Ouai St. Barths

wear eye masks – I love the Wander Beauty ones!

apply a face mask – The Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask by Fresh is my all-time favorite.

apply eye cream (I tend to forget about this!) – Bobbi Brown Eye Base sits on my makeup vanity, I just need to throw it in my makeup bag so I don’t forget to use it.

apply self tanner to my body – read this post for recommendations and tips!

exfoliate body in the shower – I’ve been loving my Tree Hut shave oil and added the body scrub to my line-up recently.


dermaplane – I don’t like the way it makes my skin feel and I always deal with little tiny breakouts afterwards too!

apply toner – Mainly because it’s not a step I’ve ever committed to doing religiously.

get intense facial procedures – My sensitive skin is only proving to be more and more sensitive as I get older so intense facial procedures make me a little nervous!

botox/injections – I am completely neutral on this topic but until this point I have never done either of these things.

apply self tan to my face – I just rely on bronzing drops or bronzer applied during makeup if I want a glow on my face!


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Veena Pannu says · 10.13.23

Hi! You never use toner because you forget to or because you don’t recommend it!?

Erika says · 11.03.23

Those wrist bands are a great idea. I’m ordering some of those as stocking stuffers.