3 Hair Things People Should Chill Out About

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One. It is OKAY to wash your hair every day. IT IS! Shampoo became the enemy a few years ago and since then we’ve been leaning heavily on dry shampoos (which are OK in moderation). But look at what products are super popular now? Scalp-care-focused products. I think the push to skip washing and load up on dry shampoo has landed people in a position where they need to do a bit of damage control on their scalp from years of not properly cleaning it.

Do you have you wash your hair every single day? No, you don’t have to. But pay attention to your own scalp, hair, and life routine. If you can go a day between washing, great! If you can’t? No big deal. Make sure you are caring for your hair, from scalp to ends, and you’ll be in good shape.

Two. Bond-Repair. Don’t get me wrong, bond-repair-focused products are great, but it is not the only option. Sometimes a classic hydrating hair mask is enough! And frankly, moisturizing masks do a better job of making your hair feel soft, strong, and durable, more than bond-repair masks do.

Three. Blow-drying your hair is bad. I was honestly skeptical when I learned that air-drying can actually cause more damage than blowing dry at low/medium heat. As it turns out, the water left on the hair for longer during an air-dry routine can actually disturb the inner part of your hair more than if you were to blow it dry. So load up on a heat protector and blow dry your hair as you see fit!


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Sarah M says · 08.07.23

This blog title made me LOL in the same way you and the jacket to the grocery store in 93 degree heat and the funny comment on stories made me LOL. Thanks for keeping it light and real with the belly laughs

Nicole S says · 08.07.23

Thanks for saying it! All of it. The wash your hair once a week trend needs to die. 🫢

Kristin says · 08.07.23

Nailed it!

Beth says · 08.07.23

All I can say is Thank You!!!!!!
Everything in this post, Thank You!!!!!

April says · 08.07.23

You had me at #1. Why do people freak when they find out I wash my hair everyday!? The older I get, the oilier my skin gets. I actually started getting acne in my late 30s, especially on my scalp. If I wash everyday, I can control the acne well and it’s no longer painful to brush my hair! When people freak about my daily hair washing and tell me I just need to “push through” the oily hair I’d like to… well. Maybe I’ll just tell them to chill and send them this link. LOL!

Linda Mae says · 08.07.23


Karen Goelz says · 08.07.23

Thank you!! My hair looks better when I blow dry it. I have never enjoyed dry shampoos! Your the best!!

Lindsay says · 08.07.23

Thank you for #1!! I have oily hair and have to wash my hair everyday and I have so many people that make me feel bad about washing every day and not using dry shampoo. I am going to share this blog post 🙂

Stacey says · 08.07.23

I LOVE this post! I am 44 years old and a former hairstylist. I was my hair every single day, blow dry it every single day. And I use a mask once a week. I also get highlights every 6 weeks. My hair is in great shape!

LeighAn Sebring says · 08.07.23

Ok. I’m a grammar slammer and your paragraph about “whether or not you have to wash your hair every day” has a verbiage issue in the first sentence.
Otherwise, great info! Every hair stylist I have ever been to says not to wash my hair daily because I’m stripping the oils. Nonetheless, I wash it every other day regardless and I do not have oily hair

Traci says · 08.13.23

Excellent info; thanks for sharing!

Also, ignore the self-professed “grammar slammer” who takes the time to nitpick someone else’s writing, then forgets to use a period after her own comment. 🙂

We all make mistakes and the rest of us appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this free content!

tmcc709@bellsouth.net says · 08.07.23

Can you recommend a good heat protector for fine thin hair.

Lucy Bisset says · 08.07.23

SING IT! This is the first time I have EVER seen anyone say these things.

I am a wash and blow dry daily with a weekly-ish light-weight moisturising mask. I have almost shoulder length super fine hair and I am a nurse in a hospital with no air-con. I need to wash it daily and my hair looks ridiculous if I don’t blow-dry.

This has been my routine for 20+ years. My hairdresser tells me, at every appointment, I shouldn’t wash everyday and in the next breath tells me my hair is always in great condition.

Veerinder Pannu says · 08.07.23

Point # three…..mind blown! Thank you for educating me! 🙏🏼

Karen says · 08.07.23

Thank you for this awesome information! I enjoy your posts!

Could you share your thoughts regarding “curly hair method” and how to care for naturally silver hair? It’s really hard to find products that don’t turn my silver to a yellow color. I know sun, hard water, some products, and heat tools all have a part in adding yellow. I just never thought it would be such a struggle after quitting the dye and going with my natural color. My hair seems more fragile so I’ve been letting it air dry after adding product to enhance my curls. Thank you!

Susan says · 08.07.23

The blow-dry vs air-dry thing is blowing my mind!

Liz Bernal says · 08.07.23

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about hair. I especially appreciated you acknowledging that we can all care for our hair in a number of ways.

Angie says · 08.08.23

#3 has me shook. Since working remote for the past 3 years I have almost always let my hair air dry. I have never heard this and appreciate you sharing!

Paula says · 08.08.23

Hi, Kate!

I’m one of those that washes my hair once a week. I’m trying to grow it out – it seems to get to a certain length and then stops growing. It is the longest it has been and it seems to be pretty healthy! I don’t use a lot of heat on it. I use Bumble & Bumble shampoo, Bumble & Bumble heat protectant, ect.

My question is when I do wash my hair, it feels plastic-y. It doesn’t not feel clean, it just feels like plastic. Why could this be?

Kate says · 08.08.23

You may want to consider working a clarifying shampoo into the mix! Or doing two shampoo’s back to back with the Bumble & Bumble!

Paula Ehrhardt says · 08.10.23

Is there one you recommend? I’m restocking this weekend!

Nikki says · 08.09.23

Thanks for all of this! Is there a heat protecting product that you recommend?

Lesley says · 08.10.23

Thank you so much – I wash and blowdry my hair most days and I’m so OVER people (including hairdressers) telling me not to. Not advising… telling. If I airdry, I look as though I’ve had an electric shock. Fuzzball to the max. I condition every time and use heat protectant. And thank you for the reminder about hair masks – something i should use in my routine more regularly than I do.

Chill out indeed – there are bigger problems in the world than how often (or not) someone shampoos/uses a hair dryer.

Gina says · 08.13.23

My hairdresser just told me to stop using my bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner. She explained I wasn’t hydrating my hair enough, and my hair isn’t damaged, so I’m actually not doing myself any favors using those products.

Deidre S says · 08.29.23

I’m so happy to have came across this article. I worked hard to get my hair on a schedule of only washing a couple times a week. However, I’ve lost a lot of hair over the past couple years. Now, I wonder if it has something to do with the dry shampoo and not cleaning my scalp everyday.