links + small things

links + small things

I’m so happy we are into March! Just one step closer to summertime!

My sweet cat has been at an animal hospital all week after having a radioactive iodine treatment done on Monday. We did this to treat his hyperthyroid disease. I’ve spoken with the vet a few times and he has shared that Grits is doing well, but still in isolation until his levels are down at a safe rate for moving to a less isolated room/space.

I feel *terrible* for the length of time he is required to stay there, but it’s protocol. I sent my Lake Pajamas robe with him to snuggle with since he sleeps with me every single night. I hope he feels comfortable on it!

Beyond being a little mentally preoccupied with Grits, I also had an emotional day at the dentist on Tuesday. I really like my dentist and the hygienists, I’ve just developed quite strong dental anxiety in adulthood. I had to have 2 teeth bonded that were chipped and they attempted to do that without numbing me (which I approved). As it turns out, the drilling was too much for me to handle and I burst into tears. Then numbed me up and then I was good to go!

There is another tooth I want to have bonded and now I know to either require numbing or pop an anti-anxiety pill before I go to that appointment!

Beyond these things, it’s been a nice week and I’m looking forward to hosting my parents for a little visit this weekend.

Old Navy makes some of the best field jackets and this pretty cashmere color would be great in the spring.

I bought this dress on Amazon recently and it’s a win! It’s a LINED WHITE DRESS which is somehow hard to find.

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed:

Kate Strickler @NaptimeKitchen

Urban Decay All Nighter – best setting spray!

Tread Tray – great to place on top of the handles of the tread to create a desk area.

Amish Country Popcorn

Ottoman Sweater

Birkenstock Sandals

Wardrobe Therapy – I’ve worked with this service twice (both times with @CandaceMRead ) and highly recommend! No need to be local!

Clip-On Phone Light

Thanks to the success of the @TheSavedCollection closet sale, I was able to make a hefty donation to @FoodBankCENC !


Charlotte Tilbury Blush in Pillowtalk Pink Pop

Diane Bobbi Pins – the only Bobbi pins worth owning!

Linen Dress from Banana Republic

Cotton Poplin Skirt from GAP – very cute and easy skirt to throw on when the weather warms up.

Structured Cotton Tank

White Cotton Dress

Dolce Vita Sandals

Kids Maxi Dress


Rare Beauty Blush – I love the color “happy”!

Spanx AirEssentials Crew in Fawn

Cutaway Tank – my favorite style of tank to wear under a sweatshirt or long sleeve for a pop of crisp white at the collar.

Blaxx Elastics – the best clear elastics!

Great Hair Dryer for under $100

Bright Lipstick (color “reef”) – the coral lipstick I can’t quit.

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Jennifer says · 03.03.23

Regarding dental anxiety, check if your dentist administers nitrous oxide (laughing gas). It was a huge benefit for me when undergoing some big dental work several years ago. You are awake and can take direction, but it relaxes you so you just don’t care what is going on. It’s not a narcotic, so you can drive, go back to work, and do whatever you need to without having to get a ride or schedule recovery. I had to have some other work done more recently and switched dentists because my earlier one didn’t offer it.

Brenda Kilbane says · 03.03.23

I’m so sorry to hear about your cat! Our guy Rocco had to have the i131 treatment last September. He had to stay two nights and it was awful!! But the treatment worked and he is back to normal! I have found he’s gaining weight and am trying to take him off dry food as it really isn’t species appropriate and can lead to future problems. He’s happy, healthy and we’re so beyond ecstatic he is better. Update when Grits comes home! Best name btw. Take care and all the best to Grits!

Summer says · 03.04.23

Hi Kate! Hope your sweet cat recovers well! My beloved kitty (who is almost 17) has hyperthyroidism as well and just recently started medication. Would love to hear an update on how your cat does with the treatment. Love your blog. 🙂

Marni says · 03.04.23

My cat had the same procedure 5ish years ago. She is now 15 and runs the house. Sending you healing vibes❤️

Diane says · 03.07.23

Hey Kate
I’ve been a hygienist for decades and totally get the anxiety.I myself am that way more and more as I get older.When I was trained on nitrous it was my first experience with it and my first thought was why don’t more people do this? It’s great since it leaves the body as soon as you breathe a little oxygen. It’s also perfect for kids That said, you should totally take an oral anti anxiety med if you are more comfortable with that. Also some offices don’t offer nitrous. Good luck!