My Favorite Places to Shop

Soft Glow Makeup Look (with some new favorite products!)

In no particular order, here is a list of the retailers I browse the most often!

Old Navy – I look for basics here! Denim, simple tees, etc.

Target – I browse for anything here! Dresses, tops, etc. I typically don’t have much luck with their denim.

Everlane – I got a few pieces from Everlane last year and loved them! I’m always checking for new arrivals.

Gap – This is hit or miss for me, and lately it’s been a lot of misses. I look for tops and dresses here but don’t have much luck with denim.

Banana Republic – Love the reboot of this brand, they are now at much higher price points but make really beautiful clothes for dressier occasions. I feel like they finally found their footing, you know?

Madewell – You know this is my ride or die. I shop for everything here.

J.Crew – A bit on the preppier end, but I’ve found good denim and nice tee’s here! They also make great jackets!

Spanx – Their AirEssentials are the coziest clothes I’ve ever worn.

Amazon – I’m not as skilled as others in the Amazon shopping department but I’ve had good luck with a few brands that other Influencers have mentioned or from “The Drop” line!

Nordstrom – I like to browse for dresses, denim, and tops here. They also have nice accessories and bags! I get a lot of my shoes here too.

DSW – I have had great luck with footwear at DSW.

H&M – This is hit or miss for me, and I almost like shopping in-store better?! Sometimes the items don’t convey the same online.

Varley – I love their cozy sweatshirts and activewear.

Anthropologie – This used to be a top choice for me, but I feel like my style and their style direction are growing apart? I have good luck with dresses and more unique tops here!

Shopbop – I love to browse here but rarely find things. It’s more inspiration than anything else!

La Linge – Very much one of my favorite places to browse for inspiration. I love their dresses!

AYR – bought a long sleeve tee in two colors from this brand and LOVE them. Next up on my list is trying their denim.

Reformation – It’s not fully aligned with my style BUT they have some of the nicest dresses and their clothes are so feminine.

Evereve – I love how fun their clothes are. I look for unique items here, but not really basics.

Clare V. – lately I’ve been obsessed with their bags and accessories.


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Sharon says · 01.26.23

Such a helpful post! Some I have not heard of so will be sure to check them out.

Tanya S says · 01.26.23

This is so helpful! 💕

Mely says · 01.26.23

Had you ever try or I love this two websites for good quality, priced right and for basics clothes for work, casual or anything really. Let me know if you like them.

Cheryl Spruill says · 01.29.23

Curious if you still find things at The Loft. I recall you purchasing a few pieces but nothing recently (or I missed it). With a sale, Loft prices are great but their tees are my least favorite as they shrink and wear quickly!

Maude says · 02.04.23

It’s La Ligne.